Duffy: “What goes on behind the scenes”


“Not many know what goes on behind the scenes”, Shane Duffy’s words on Instagram as he said his goodbyes to Celtic yesterday.  Arriving a year ago as a 28-year-old international with years of English Premiership experience, he looked like the ideal addition to the Celtic squad.

Whatever ailed Shane to prompt Brighton to move him on, a year in Glasgow, much of it in isolation away from family and his kids, did nothing to help.  His parting sentiment alludes to some of his challenges has endured off the park.

If footballers would only be machines, nothing like this would happen.  Competitions would resolve in a manner the aborted European Super League would approve.  Shane was physically fit and desperate to be a winner at Celtic but still came off the rails. You can bookmark him for a reflective piece when his career is over, I expect he will tell a familiar tale of the toll life’s pressures took.

Yip, still no news.  No, not a good sign.

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  1. I quite fancy that Big Canadian Born Burd who is the JT/Co Leader of ” The Greens” in Scotland….Lorna Slater.



    I love her accent, Brains and sexy smile.


    Whit are ma chances ?





  2. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    When Conor numb nuts McGregor buys a large stake in us the right wing takeover will be complete.



    Greedy Pete can retire to his Tory lair waffling on about ‘Celtic values; safe in the knowledge he’s succeeded in ripping them asunder.

  3. Morning



    Moderation in moderation surely.



    Sorry if thats been used before which it probably has.couldnt stop myself.😁

  4. Saw a recommendation for a knasher-basher on Nextdoor.



    ” Over in the southside, I had private dentistry done with Dentistry on The Square”



    Has the Lodge installed a new type of initiation ceremony?


    Asking for a friend.



    Hail! Hail!



  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    SIONNAIGH on 10TH MAY 2021 12:54 AM


    Congratulations to Hibernian and St Johnstone reaching the Scottish Cup Final, 2021. May the best team win on the day.






    Good one Sionnaigh.



    I’d echo that sentiment.



    From memory this provides each club with an opportunity to become the second most successful club in Scotland in the last nine years.



    Celtic way out in front with c. 20 trophies?



    Quite a few on 1.

  6. In ither news…………..



    as much as I like the boul’ Conor……………and I do think he’s a phenomenon……



    but, but….slow news day………..





    Unrepentant Fenian Clown !




  7. ….also hearin’ rumours that Leyton Orient are abooooot tae pounce oan Stevie G…….




  8. Adi – I posted something similar last night.



    A fecken disgrace if true after winning 1 title.



    I would hope when we rest our title back next year the same courtesy will be given to us.



    D :)

  9. On the KKK having an un- official party in the centre of Glasgow on Saturday this week, why would they want to do this??



    Why not shut of streets around Ipox and have the party there or is it a case of wanting to inflict pain and suffering on the whole of the city?



    I think I know the answer….



    If intelligence is out there which it is then Strathclydes finest will be all over it I’m sure…… NOT



    D :)

  10. Adi – Technically no. Unless its an organised event like Liverpool last weekend.



    Where everyone gives their details etc. But that aint going to happen.



    D :)

  11. onenightinlisbon on

    Huns will bring chaos once again to the city centre. Let them get on with it. See how they put a positive spin on it …

  12. spikeysauldman on

    once they’ve finished with george square, they’ll (be allowed as usual) to attack the merchant city, oneils, connollys, mchuills

  13. squire danaher on

    BANKIEBHOY1 on 10TH MAY 2021 11:30 AM


    Sleekit huns, whit they like?






    To be fair, if they’re posting their intentions a lover Hun cyberspace, they’re not being particularly sleekit about it.



    No doubt the usual round of polis selfies will follow.

  14. Perhaps Celtic fans could have some form of public gathering along the Celtic way to let the board know just how much all their efforts are appreciated.

  15. ive been reading that several posts from yesterday have been Deleted by The Moderators….



    None of mine, cos Im a good Bhoy !



    However, I fear that they may be a ” Moderator CULT” on the Rise ?


    Only joking Mods !






    Where the £350 MILLION a WEEK that the Unionist/Tories PROMISED THE Nation/The NHS as soon as we left the EU ?


    Funnily enough NONE of the usual Unionist Posters on here have dared to answer that SIMPLE Question….I wonder WHY ?

  16. I wonder IF Lorna Slater of the Green Party in Scotland would ever fancy me if she met me….Probably not…but I still love her sexy Dimples.


    Give me a Call Lorna Darlin…and lets see how it goes…I can be as GREEN as you want me to be…



  17. IF the Hun mob all meet up at Ipox and/or George Square this week…or ANYWHERE else En Masse..


    they will be BREAKING THE LAW…due to Covid Rules and illegally gatherings surely ?


    Police Scotland…do your duty…



  18. So what happened in the Tunnel after our recent loss ?


    The same Tunnel whereby a European team player was assaulted


    The same area, whereby a St Johnstone player was racially abused recently


    Is it the same individual that has been abusive towards


    Rod Stewart and Dermot Desmond ?


    A bit of a pattern being seen, is there not ?

  19. timmy7_noted on

    ernie lynch on 10th May 2021 11:39 am



    Obviously just those who live locally and actually attend matches eh?

  20. timmy7_noted on

    NorrieM on 10th May 2021 11:53 am



    No idea we’re all at the back of the bus with Peter and Dermot, don’t want to rock the old firm boat.


    Nice and quiet well behaved the way they like us. Particularly quiet and with open wallets.

  21. onenightinlisbon on

    Our board have been shown to cowards of the first order many times over the years. Back of the bus? We are not even on it.

  22. Story might be true but dont trust Jackass’s intententions.Broony prob wanted it kept quiet

  23. ERNIE LYNCH on 10TH MAY 2021 8:23 AM



    No manager yet.



    No referendum yet.



    Are we being strung along?



    no.ernie just allowing those in power to decide.


    you dont have any power towards either discourse.let democracy rule.