Duffy: “What goes on behind the scenes”


“Not many know what goes on behind the scenes”, Shane Duffy’s words on Instagram as he said his goodbyes to Celtic yesterday.  Arriving a year ago as a 28-year-old international with years of English Premiership experience, he looked like the ideal addition to the Celtic squad.

Whatever ailed Shane to prompt Brighton to move him on, a year in Glasgow, much of it in isolation away from family and his kids, did nothing to help.  His parting sentiment alludes to some of his challenges has endured off the park.

If footballers would only be machines, nothing like this would happen.  Competitions would resolve in a manner the aborted European Super League would approve.  Shane was physically fit and desperate to be a winner at Celtic but still came off the rails. You can bookmark him for a reflective piece when his career is over, I expect he will tell a familiar tale of the toll life’s pressures took.

Yip, still no news.  No, not a good sign.

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  1. Tony Rome 9.45 no3


    used to play 5s wi kev and 8 others bèllahouston early 80s.good lad🖒




  2. Tony Rome


    fine wee run of sounds there :-)


    am away furra listen




  3. The Leicester result really surprised me tonight, although they have lost almost half of their home games this season.



    What is the ‘lack of home fans’ effect in the EPL – well it is quite dramatic. The all time percentage for away wins is 28% – In 20/21 with no crowds it is 45%.



    Quite remarkable really – apart from anything else, Covid must have been a bonanza for the fixed odds bookies.



    So is there a crowd dimension to the outcome of our league…..sadly not – we were just a poor second.





    Celtic 66%


    *Rangers 100%





    Celtic 50%


    *Rangers 66%



    As comprehensive as it is disappointing.

  4. An Tearmann on 7th May 2021 10:08 pm



    Tony Rome 9.45 no3



    used to play 5s wi kev and 8 others bèllahouston early 80s.good lad🖒









    Hi Big Mhan



    I followed the band around the Glasgow circuit in their pomp. Absolutely loved them.



    Best one in the Grand Ole Oprey before he supported Rod Stewart at Celtic Park.



    A guy that was with me just stood in the middle of the floor and had a slash never seen so many posers on the run in my life. I managed to get one of my cd’s signed. He was a ringer for my ex brother in law fae the Drum.




  5. Weird one today, walking down an obscure residential street in G12 and i bumped into the fella that sits behind me at CP. Haven’t seen him since March last rear. He was surprisingly philosophical about this season, we’ll be back he said, don’t worry. Said his two boys have taken it really badly however. In a strange way it was reassuring but also made everything feel a bit more real. Hopefully we can take our seats again soon.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Re Michelle Mone, I’ve never been a violent guy,but if I met her I would probably need restrained, the way she spoke to my son,in his first job at M&S in Silverburn a few years ago…….an absolute tramp and a bully, who forgets where she came from.

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    This line from the statement-


     ‘we are not able to make regular public comment’




    It’s Howe’s gardening leave


    conditions IMO, he will have loyalty bonuses,which may include Bournemouth going back up to EPL, hopefully he will have been working away in the background for a couple of months.

  8. Bada


    i think you are right there,at the end of contracts lots of resolution issues need to be ironed out.That may be with EH or 1 of his team.



    ‘unable to make regular public comment ‘



    irregular even? :-)







  9. Rest in peace John Sludden who passed away today at the age of 56.



    John was one of our 4 ‘S’ signings who played for Scotland under 15’s at Wembley. Scotland won 5 4 with John scoring twice as did Paul McStay.



    John was in our team who won the 1982 Glasgow Cup final Ibrox. Both us and the now defunct club played their reserve sides. Great game with a Celtic team who played with great heart and attitude.



    After leaving us , he played for numerous clubs including Ayr United and Killie where he is held in high esteem by both supports. Tommy signed him for Killie to help them get promoted through the leagues. John joined fellow ex Celts , George McLuskey and Billy Stark.



    John was also a Celtic youth coach before becoming East Stirling coach before moving to the Juniors.



    Another person taken from their family too young.

  10. squire danaher on

    TURKEYBHOY on 7TH MAY 2021 11:19 PM


    Don’t know why so much angst,Howe is the next manager.






    Bit of a bold assumption if you ask me.

  11. An Tearmann , I hope you are well.



    I’m not sure if anyone had previously posted about John’s passing away . He was also one of Neil Mochan’s nephews.



    That Glasgow Cup Final at Ibrox was some game , John’s joy , like all his team mates after the match was brilliant . Him and Jim McInally were giving it Laldy as was John Halpin who ran up the tunnel waving a tricolour at the home fans in the enclosure.

  12. An Tearmann , I forgot to add , John was from the Falkirk area like the late Brian McLaughlin.

  13. Turkeybhoy! 1119 ! thanks bud for confirming Eddie Hope ( Howe ) is our manager!! will sleep easy tonight with that confirmation! ps any information when it’s announced! asking for a cple of friends

  14. I played at a decent enough level, semi pro, enough to know a few things. There’s nothing worse than a manager that cant spell things out for you in terms of direction, except a manager that asks of you what you’re not capable of. Preston at Clyde, Wallace at Dumbarton springs to my mind. My janny at Primary school had better coaching instinct and instruction.


    Take Duffy. There’s a guy that had played his career defending a plethora of attacks. Aerial combats, cleaning up, sweeping.


    His pièce de résistance? Bootin or heedin the baw away from the danger area.


    What eejit at Celtic came up with Duffy as a solution to our necessitating ball carrying central defender possessing a deft pass?


    Square peg, round hole.



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