Dukla, the tragedy and opportunity of the east


Celtic went into the home first leg of their European Cup semi-final against Dukla Prague at 1-1.  Two second half goals from Willie Wallace added to Jimmy Johnstone’s opener were enough to ensure a British team would eventually reach the final of Europe’s premier tournament.  The return leg finished goalless.

The clubs met 14 years later in the Feyenoord Tournament, when two first half goals from Murdo McLeod secured a 2-1 win.  Since then, European football has been robbed of its meritocratic principles, which allowed talented clubs a route to the top, no matter how rich or poor their domestic TV contract was.  Nowhere has been so brutally robbed as east/central Europe.

The 1960s-through-80s saw teams from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia and Poland regularly dominate clubs from Scandinavia, south-eastern Europe, France, and occasionally, all comers.  Eastern Europe remains one of the world’s most productive areas for developing talented footballers, but even the average ones are stolen for a pittance while still in their teens.

In the 60s, Dukla were a genuine leading light in the game, producing seven of the Czech team who collected runners-up medals to Pele’s Brazil in the 1962 World Cup, with peerless midfielder, Josef Masopust, picking up the European Player of the Year award that year.  They would have fancied their chances against Celtic in ’67.

Where great tradition and sporting affection exists, so too does commercial opportunity.  The people of east/central Europe just need to figure out how to harness it.  Uefa are Europe’s maker of competitions.  Their job is to establish the structures which allows great and successful sport to take place.  A modern-day Jules Rimet is needed.

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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    The countries of the world granted Israel the right to be a nation in 1948.In the newly constituted U.N.,56 nations voted.10 abstained including U.K.






    SOME of the countries of the world…………………………..



    The voting figures below.


    Republic of Ireland was not a member.


    Stalin voted in favour.U.K. and 9 others abstained.



    How many nations are there? 170,180?


    Not an utterly representative vote,then?



    In any case,what resolutions of the League of Nations,the previous “world body” are observed today?




  2. Morning all. Brightening up here. Maybe a good day in the offing.



    The Final of the World Cup should, of course, be a very good day for football. Hope the game lives up to that. Fancy Germany but it would be great if wee Lionel really turned on the magic.

  3. Thunder Road on




    Perhaps the attention it had has dropped with the close season, holidays and the world cup?



    Or perhaps apathy?

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    The second sentence is mine.



    “The countries of the world granted Israel the right to be a nation in 1948.”



    In the newly constituted U.N.,56 nations voted.10 abstained including U.K.

  5. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    The Singing Detective Demands The Resignation Of Campbell Ogilvie


    09:17 on


    13 July, 2014





    Keep the facts coming.


    Neither side of the divide is “pure as.”

  6. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    This “Mam sittnig” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be :))))



    a couple of hours sleep does them.



    On the plus side I get a chance to go to my old church (Holy Family) for mass this morning.



    Mam” how can you have pals you have never met??????? on that thing(laptop)”



    Me “Iv’e met some of them mam”



    “Aye but what about the ones you hivnae met”



    ” hmmmmm, Celtic Mam”



    “ahhhh OK you are all Celtic fans, now I get it ”



    “Well nearly all mam” :)))))))))))))))))).


    Till later all


    I said I would light a candle for a few peoples mams, it will be lit for them all:)))

  7. Nice to see Don Cowie joining the Wigan tartan army and not “snubbing” a move to the Huns.



    Guess there’s only one club who receive snubs then?

  8. ‘The countries of the world granted Israel the right to be a nation in 1948.’








    And I suppose similarly you could argue that the German people elected the Nazis (they had as much a mandate as most democratic governments) so Hitler should have been allowed to just get on with it.

  9. I see there was some discussion about Joe McBride earlier. He hasn’t been overlooked on CQN. I have mentioned him regularly, as I believe that he (and his goals) gave the Lions the confidence to become the great team they were. Joe is the best Celtic centre forward I have had the pleasure to watch bar none.

  10. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on




    08:35 on 13 July, 2014






    Give my head peace ya monkey hun ye.

  11. Does anyone know if there any programmes on Radio Scotland which are not hosted by John Beattie?



    Now in charge of this morning’s news programme at 9 o’clock.



    And to think that they tried to get rid of Gary Robertson and this guy in on 7 days a week.

  12. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Before I go, my sister in law and her man (he disnae bother with football now) :))))



    Were in celtic park for a meal and brought me a signed photo home.


    it was of them with one of their hosts it read simply To Big P**** signed Joe Mcbride.



    We didn’t recognise him they said, but thought you would.



    They were taken aback by my delight:)))))))))))))))).



    “I have been asked to name the best Celtic centre-forward I’ve ever seen play and the man I choose may surprise you. He’s Joe McBride. …. He was a tremendous headerer of the ball and could take a half-chance on the ground. And his heart was in the right place!”


    Jimmy McGrory

  13. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on




    have a great day and let somebody buy you a drink for a change :)))))))

  14. 16 roads


    Germany v Argentina


    The final of the Righteous





    Away and gies peace

  15. Ellboy - I am Neil Lennon, YNWA. on

    Loathed to enter a political conversation on a football blog but picking sides on this whole Palestinian Israli conflict helps no one and is why troubles still exist today. As outsiders looking in we should not be pointing the finger of blame to one side or the other but encouraging the two sides to come together. Which is why choosing a side helps no one! Both sets of peoples deserve their own land/nation, deserve security & deserve peace under their own flags. Unfortunately their are entities who will not recognise the others right to exist and until this changes their will never be peace. Attitudes need to change and not just inside Gaze, Israel and the wider Middle East but within our support too. By all means sympathise with whoever you wish but displaying hatred for one set of peoples or the other as many do on this blog towards the Isarali’s only adds more fuel to this very delicate issue.




  16. Ellboy - I am Neil Lennon, YNWA. on




    08:35 on 13 July, 2014



    If tomorrow Israel laid down its arms how long would it be till the Arabs destroyed it. If the Arabs laid down their arms their would be peace tomorrow. Methinks you need a history lesson or two. But what really ticks me off is your sanctimonious assumption that in your pro Arab positions you speak for Celtic or all Celtic supporters .Celtic has been a big tent , a tolerant club for generations and I resent you hijacking its good name for your own personal political positions . You do not speak for me, the club, or many of its supporters. I am sure we share a footballing philosophy of the way the game should be played and our love of the club . But Our politics, domestic and world views are likely black and white. Leave them outside my club.





    Agreed with this.




  17. So the day of the final arrives. Brazil’s failure has soured the tournament from the home fan’s point of view – and it leaves many of us who have watched the great sides over the years wondering where it all went wrong.



    Neymar, and occasionally Oscar, apart, has there ever been a Brazil side with such a lack of flair? Have there ever been so few capable of a long pass or a good shot? Has there ever been a worse striker than Fred?



    Today’s match could be a classic. Germany have a good balance of defence and attack. They are solid yet also capable of the quick counter and have lethal strikers. Argentina are also solid and they have Messi. This could well be his moment to make the difference.



    My prediction? 2-1 Argentina with Messi for the winner.

  18. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jobo, I thought the game at K Park would be sold out by now.



    I went up there about a month ago to make enquiries about tickets. I was told they weren’t on sale but they took my details and contacted me when they went on sale.



    I know Iain King is no longer involved withthe EKFC team and is a bluenose sports reporter, like most of them but he e emailed me to thank me for making an enquiry about tickets. I replied saying the staff at K Park treated me courteously and that I would be contacted when the tickets went on sale, which they did.



    He got back to me expressing his delight that I was dealt with well and the club’s aim was to be community based and make people welcome. I have to give him credit for replying to me and his gratitude for appreciating the way I was dealt with.



    Williamf, people who don’t agree with Israeli policy are not anti-Jewish. Not all Israelis are Jewish, our very own Beram Kayal isn’t which is blatantly obvious.



    Anti-Israeli deaths are highlighted more than those committed by the Israeli government and armed forces. The media run scared of Israel’s influence. A few years ago when the aid ship was stormed by Israeli commandos there was footage of them shooting at the crew. The BBC were contacted by the Israel embassy to complain about the footage and later that night, edited footage was shown where no commandoes were shown as firing but being fired upon.



    Israel/Palestine needs a lasting peace but as long as each has an agenda against the other whether deserved or not, it won’t happen.

  19. Morning all.



    Bit fragile this morning after the Cqn Ayrshire Tims day oot yesterday – too much Guinness.



    Excellent day and managed to catch the last train!



    A big thank you to PFayr, ger57, Angelgabriel, ayrshirtim, Troontim and special guest BMCUW’s dad!



    Happy birthday to oldtim.




  20. The Battered Bunnet on

    Re U20s versus EKFC



    Game goes ahead next Saturday, 19th July at K Park.



    A few tickets are still available via http://eastkilbridefootballclub01.businesscatalyst.com/announcements/tickets-for-celtic-game



    Match yesterday versus Clyde was a sell out, and a decent game. Expect the same next week.



    New EKFC manager Billy Ogilvie replaced Iain King last month, and has brought in a number of new players. Looking pretty tidy for the season ahead.



    Anyways, a few tickets still available, £6 and £2 concessions. Be quick.

  21. My friends in Celtic,



    Apologies to anybody who does not agree, however here is a sobering observation from the perspective of an ordinary Celtic fan in a very, very well lubricated Benidorm.



    Well the 12th has passed and the slime can drift into society again. Here in Benidorm it was no different. The brothers with different mothers were out in force.



    We can rightfully argue about the fact “Rangers” are a dead club until the cows come home, but the reality was staring me in the face yesterday. A fire sale with the “New Rangers” tops ensured they were out in force with all of their bigoted repertoire.



    Disgraceful scenes as per the norn. Has anything changed in the real world ?



    This is the reality we are about to face next season : Sectarianism, bile, trouble etc. etc. etc. In short the same old, only much more vindictive.



    At the moment they are an irritant in a wider UK population of > 65 million, however if Scotland was so daft to vote for “independence & freeeedomm” with a population of 5 million they would be like a rash.



    Forget flawed economic or social arguments for the time being, why would we self impose that on ourselves.


    I have absolutely nothing in common with these peepil apart from geography so to make them much bigger fish in a much smaller pond is crazy.


    Talk about Turkey’s voting for Christmas.



    So my fellow Celtic fans who are undecided; wake up, pinch yourself and take action to prevent us all sleepwalking into a nightmare.


    Be aware, be very aware the cork cannot be replaced.




  22. “It would be my greatest sadness to see Zionists (Jews) do to Palestinian Arabs much of what Nazis did to Jews.”


    ― Albert Einstein

  23. Billy Bhoy 05 on




    10:13 on 13 July, 2014


    Morning all.



    Bit fragile this morning after the Cqn Ayrshire Tims day oot yesterday – too much Guinness.



    Excellent day and managed to catch the last train!



    A big thank you to PFayr, ger57, Angelgabriel, ayrshirtim, Troontim and special guest BMCUW’s dad!



    Happy birthday to oldtim.






    Delighted to hear you had a smashing day out and that Pat was there. He


    downs a pint quicker than anyone I have ever seen

  24. I’ll freely admit my sympathies are with the Palestinian people. These are one people who never persecuted the Jewish people and lived along side them for centuries in peaceful co-existence. Europe’s and particularly the Nazi’s persecution was one of the most shameful and horrible periods of World History. My heart bleeds for what the Jewish people suffered during that period. Unfortunately it was the Palestinians who suffered the backlash for this period and the Jews having suffered so much themselves are now the ones inflicting the suffering. A 2 Nation solution with secure safe borders for each is the ultimate solution. However Israel is continuing to build illegal Settlements on already fragmented Palestinian territories which is making any solution impossible to achieve. Israel is not achieving anything in killing a few hundred more Palestinians and wrecking what meagre infrastructure is left in Gaza. They are simply radicalising Muslim youths all over the World and ensuring that we will all be inflicted with another generation of terror.

  25. greenpinata



    I feel sorry for benidorm. And I hate the hate-fest and all that it entails.



    But I wouldn’t accept as a definite that a yes vote would of itself increase the problem and prevalence. Nor however would it guarantee its decrease.



    HH jamesgang

  26. Greenpinata


    10:31 on


    13 July, 2014



    Gutter politics to play the sectarian card ref the independence debate



    If you don’t mind i will quite happily read, listen and interact with the economic, political and social debates. i suggest you do to! the world and Scotland looks a lot better above the gutter

  27. bournesouprecipe on




    He’s a left winger, and Ronny did say earlier we needed wide men so I’m filing it under quality rumour :-)

  28. The Battered Bunnet –



    When I went into the bar formerly known as Legends last night there seemed to be about 50 tickets available behind the bar. Looking forward to it. Will there be a 2.30 gazebo?

  29. Happy Birthday to Old Tim could’nt have chosen a better date World Cup Final Day ,hope all your bets come good today.fiil yer boots.Hail Hail Hebcelt