Dukla, the tragedy and opportunity of the east


Celtic went into the home first leg of their European Cup semi-final against Dukla Prague at 1-1.  Two second half goals from Willie Wallace added to Jimmy Johnstone’s opener were enough to ensure a British team would eventually reach the final of Europe’s premier tournament.  The return leg finished goalless.

The clubs met 14 years later in the Feyenoord Tournament, when two first half goals from Murdo McLeod secured a 2-1 win.  Since then, European football has been robbed of its meritocratic principles, which allowed talented clubs a route to the top, no matter how rich or poor their domestic TV contract was.  Nowhere has been so brutally robbed as east/central Europe.

The 1960s-through-80s saw teams from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia and Poland regularly dominate clubs from Scandinavia, south-eastern Europe, France, and occasionally, all comers.  Eastern Europe remains one of the world’s most productive areas for developing talented footballers, but even the average ones are stolen for a pittance while still in their teens.

In the 60s, Dukla were a genuine leading light in the game, producing seven of the Czech team who collected runners-up medals to Pele’s Brazil in the 1962 World Cup, with peerless midfielder, Josef Masopust, picking up the European Player of the Year award that year.  They would have fancied their chances against Celtic in ’67.

Where great tradition and sporting affection exists, so too does commercial opportunity.  The people of east/central Europe just need to figure out how to harness it.  Uefa are Europe’s maker of competitions.  Their job is to establish the structures which allows great and successful sport to take place.  A modern-day Jules Rimet is needed.

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  1. My Dear Corkie…



    The Greatest Crime Of The Twentieth Century…



    Was The Murder Of Sixty Million Russian Christians….



    And The Virtual Destruction Of The Russian Orthodox Church…




    By The Zionist Bolshevik Regime…



    Following Their Armed Coup In 1917..



    Which Overthrew The Legitimate Parliament/Duma…



    Following The Earlier PEOPLE’s REVOLUTION…..



    The Zionist Bolsheviks Then Went Against Established Parliamentary Policy…




    And Made A Unilateral Peace Deal With The Germans….





    Which Allowed The German Army To Transfer A Million Troops From The Eastern To The Western Front…..



    Intensifying And Prolonging The First World War……



    And Causing More Allied Casualties….




    Neither Ernie Lynch Nor SFTB Have Explained…




    Why There Has Never Been Any Acknowledgement…



    Of This ‘Crime Against Humanity’…



    By The Guilty Parties….










  2. Many, many Hoopy returns to Oldtim, the 2nd CQN’r I ever met but the first one to buy me a drink! Enjoy your day young yin!

  3. billybhoy



    Yes it was a most enjoyable day.



    Met Pat and Troontim for the first time. Knew all the others.



    Hoping to meet up again soon.




  4. ellboy – i am neil lennon, ynwa.



    09:56 on 13 July, 2014





    Sorry but i disagree , i hate to see civillians killed no matter their nationality, religion or race .. Hardly surprising that since the palestians sarted losing their land in the late 40’s that armed resistence would follow and according to UN law thats their right..defending yourself from occupation isn’t a crime.



    The israeli army are no better than the nazi army and also the british army who deployed their justice in many towns and villages throughtout the world.



    Sad thing is even if Israel do halt the airstrikes the stealing of palestinian homes will still continue.



    Existence is resistence in palestine.



    The worlds a disgrace.. Corrupt leaders voted in every year and same mistakes happen time and time again.

  5. jamesgang & lionroars67,



    Thank-you for your responses, however I did apologise for any persons holding differing views right at the beginning of the post.



    However I stand by the content and its outcome 100%.



    Many good Celtic men on here may have a valid viewpoint that ” what do you expect in Benidorm” It will never affect me. However Benidorm today, Bearsden tomorrow.



    When we have spent much of the morning debating the Middle East crisis, I feel something that will directly affect Celtic Football Club and its supporters has the right, indeed deserves to be aired. With the inevitable consequences.




  6. In ither news…………….



    I’m hearing from my mole in the council that not only are Subo, Roderick and Ms Benedeti kicking off the Commonwealth Games at Paradise but that …….


    ………and I quote………….



    ” Charlie an’ The Bhoys will be doing the warm-up session and the Wolfe Tones will be doing the grand ole finale…”



    Just wait till the currants get a whiff of that………






    (Glasgow’s Green’n’white!)

  7. Oldtim67



    Happy Birthday – you olde rascal.



    Large one of those ‘juniper concoctions’ awaits you at the next BV meet!




  8. greenpinata



    A noted your ‘apology in advance’ and appreciated it Sir.



    It wasn’t necessary in my case cos you def didn’t offend me. And I know many on here and many good Tims and non Tims share your concern.



    You may be right. We may well never find out. Me I just don’t think I could say definitely either way that it would def increase or diminish the in yar face prevalence of bigotry.



    It would create a new power dynamic. How that evolves over time and impacts on sectarianism would be p for grabs to a large extent IMHO.



    Yours in Celtic



    HH jamesgang

  9. Morning All, a big thanks to all who attended the wee Ayrshire do yesterday. Had a great time. A special mention to young Mr G, BMCUW’s da. A true font of knowledge and wisdom! He truly is the Oracle. Who needs Google! It’s just a shame you didn’t pass such great wisdom onto you’re boy ;-)


    Anyway, the lamp posts in my street are still standing so I must have been reasonably sober when I left. Makes a change from last time.


    Finally, many happy returns to Oldtim, have a great day mate.




  10. greenpinta



    8000 at walks and parades last Saturday, now that’s what I call a minority of folk in Scotland por cierto.



    Of course it was “New Rangers” Tops they are a “New” club supported by the “old Clubs” fans por cierto.

  11. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Old Tim, happy birthday.



    Neustad, just scrolling back through yesterday afternoon’s posts. My condolences on the loss of your dad. May his soul rest in peace.

  12. Skwer sausage and bacon on a roll X2. Nothing smells so great, tastes so good and is so bad for you.



    HH jamesgang

  13. 10.31 Greenpinata



    ‘flawed econ and social arguements’


    Wow-.apologies Greenpinata


    You believe Westminster figures?…the people (Darling & Brown) whose policies created Gideons ‘in it together'(bankers too) austerity!! Labour doing Tory spade work again


    Re the orange order a handy little bunch of fascists.to have to pollute fear in our society.The OO will be used by the state to protect it.but their power is weaning and numbers collapsing, they denote what is wrong with the union,amateurism, shoddyism and no insight into themselves


    Any comment bout deals and shennanigans with the labour party and the OO? There must have been one or two pre snp govt


    Esp bout lanarkshire and the lothians.or does the one sided memory kick in



  14. Golfing again. Break 100 and I get beer with my dinner ;-)



    Enjoy your afternoon.

  15. Ellboy,



    I couldn’t agree with you more. Much of what passes for political/humanitarian debate on this site, sadly, imo, takes little or no account of often very complicated situations, e.g. I have heard little or nothing of the persecution of the ancient Christian communities of the Middle East, which has gone unabated and, too often, unremarked on because it is carried out by the likes of Hamas and Isis.

  16. Kilbowie Kelt will vote YES on

    Many Happy Returns, Old Tim.



    You won’t be getting a lot of birthday wishes from guys who envy your relative youth & vigour.


    It’s no wonder that the sages tell us that youth is wasted on the young.


    To be fair, they had obviously not come across your good self.




  17. Looking back at the moon howlers conversation about their first game vs the huns


    but Im having some problems, I seem to recall it was in the early 70s at ibrox



    we won 2-0 and the huns invaded. it was also a new years game (i think) but cant find details of it in the wiki celtic site



    also remember lennox scoring too. who can help?

  18. Som mes que un club on




    I listened to John Beattie on Radio Scotland the day NFL left so as to perhaps get the “latest and breaking news” from the national broadcaster.



    He was to type, like the rest of them.



    “He was a fiery character”, “Brought a lot of attention to himself”, “He was no angel” all the usual stuff we have all read over the years.



    He was immediately put in his place by, I think, Graeme Spiers (I stand corrected) who correctly, informed the listeners that he was nothing like the personna that was afforded him.



    He was polite, articulate, great person to be around and knowledgable.



    I think Beattie grunted and moved on to the next story.



    That was enough for me.

  19. An Tearmann


    11:39 on


    13 July, 2014





    “The OO will be used by the state to protect it.but their power is weaning and numbers collapsing, they denote what is wrong with the union,amateurism, shoddyism and no insight into themselves”




    i remember as a youngster in clydebank the scum had a march and around 10,000 to 20,000 were there, nowadays its around 25% of that total. Still too many though!

  20. OldTim67, May today bring you everything you wish for and tomorrow a little more.



    Hoooooooooooooppppppyyyyyyy Birthday, ya auld rascal.

  21. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    The first game v the huns I was at was the 1979 Dryburgh Cup final, we lost 3 1. Cooper, Jardine & Polaris scored for them with the Buzzbomb scoring for us. A lovely sunny day ruined by their triumphalism. My parents had banned me from games against them until I was 18.



    My second was in 1981, when the Govan Stand was ‘unofficially’ opened as we beat them 2 nil with goals by McAdam & MacLeod. The were absolutely rotten on the pitch, one of the worst they have ever been and we won in a canter.



    Unsurprisingly ra berrs didn’t take to kindly to the result and there were a number of attacks by the horribles on Celtic fans which were watched by the polis but done hee haw about it. .

  22. Tamrabam



    That’s cos 25% of a toley still smells like a toley!




    HH jamesgang

  23. 2014 and the openly bigoted, secterian orange order are still allowed to close down roads .. Spout their bile and all the other carry ons that go with the walks.



    Just cant get me head round it.



    Looks like nxt saturday demo in london will be at 10 downing street in support of palestine. Goodluck to all involved.


    And a very fond BON VOYAGE to



    THE BARCA MOLE and his esteemed better half.



    See ya in October,bud. Wi any luck.

  25. Tallybhoy & ayrshirtim



    It was great to catch up with both of you and many other CQNers yesterday.



    Although I left early, 4 hours of pint quaffing had taken it’s toll. I should have taken ayrshirtim’s advice and stayed clear of the strong Belgium lager.



    Anyway it was a great day and at least I managed to stay awake on the train home.




  26. FourGreenFields on

    Happy Birthday to OldTim67 , hope you have a good day and all your bets come up :-))

  27. The James Gang


    a quaint little pointer about the qualities of a partial jobby


    another subtle poster quite recently compared them to a jobby with glitter on top



    Rabbie Burns disnae know what he has missed


    and McGonigle isnae in this league either

  28. Tamrabam


    I have those memories too.my area used to have 7 now its 1band .there used to be vast numbers but a few things have happened them.


    Life is just to busy and has passed em by.


    Commerce-time is money and if your in a jam due to a walk it costs.i bet sales drop as people avoid ‘walk’ areas


    The majority of people involved or ex membership left due to policy differences (politely put)since the peace agreements were signed.internecine squabblin over which terrorist org to follow meant their next generation shunned them.


    Interesting topic rho mate but I look to our own diaspora to be forward thinking, learning and building all the time.the very stuff the oo hasnt done!


    HH :-)