Dukla, the tragedy and opportunity of the east


Celtic went into the home first leg of their European Cup semi-final against Dukla Prague at 1-1.  Two second half goals from Willie Wallace added to Jimmy Johnstone’s opener were enough to ensure a British team would eventually reach the final of Europe’s premier tournament.  The return leg finished goalless.

The clubs met 14 years later in the Feyenoord Tournament, when two first half goals from Murdo McLeod secured a 2-1 win.  Since then, European football has been robbed of its meritocratic principles, which allowed talented clubs a route to the top, no matter how rich or poor their domestic TV contract was.  Nowhere has been so brutally robbed as east/central Europe.

The 1960s-through-80s saw teams from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia and Poland regularly dominate clubs from Scandinavia, south-eastern Europe, France, and occasionally, all comers.  Eastern Europe remains one of the world’s most productive areas for developing talented footballers, but even the average ones are stolen for a pittance while still in their teens.

In the 60s, Dukla were a genuine leading light in the game, producing seven of the Czech team who collected runners-up medals to Pele’s Brazil in the 1962 World Cup, with peerless midfielder, Josef Masopust, picking up the European Player of the Year award that year.  They would have fancied their chances against Celtic in ’67.

Where great tradition and sporting affection exists, so too does commercial opportunity.  The people of east/central Europe just need to figure out how to harness it.  Uefa are Europe’s maker of competitions.  Their job is to establish the structures which allows great and successful sport to take place.  A modern-day Jules Rimet is needed.

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  1. Everyone gets a clean slate when a new manager comes in.



    Derk, I hope you make people eat their words, and I know most would happily do so if it means Celtic are strengthened.

  2. bournesouprecipe on




    Most Celtic fans will have seen Derk in the flesh much more often than Ronny, – he has to find out, and judge his players on his own opinion. Maybe Boeriggter will get second season syndrome *with some luck *

  3. Commons is No oan His Game…



    He needs tae Get with the Program..




    So Far..it is a Ding dong Struggle..



    We are Spinnin oor Wheels… Dukla ur the Mair Dangerous..although , they are not getting much of the ball.



    We bettah .. get Act together..








  4. 15 mins gone and Dukla had a good break thru on FF – put wide,



    Some sharp passing but also some wayward passes. Izzy to the fore but Derk (again) anonymous wide right


    Very atmospheric/rural/family setting for a game. Surely not D.P’s ground? This venue, reminds me of August 24, 1983 in a League Cup tie away to Brechin City. Celtic won that match 1-0, with Jim Melrose scoring the only goal of the game.

  6. Saw derk in his first game for Celtic and i was impressed.



    Are the hoops too heavy for him to carry? Maybe so because i think he can play. So too do many ajax fans.

  7. Delaneys Dunky on




    Unfortunately not bro. Earning my beer money for Benidorm next week, wi a shift in Stevenson tomorrow. Mr Winklepicker has assured me that the Ayrshire wrong wans will all be in the North of Ireland tomorrow. Will therefore, wear emerald green and white to work. :)

  8. This team will pose a good test of how the players are settling in to Ronny’s style.



    Nice to win but just smooth out the wrinkles Celtic.



    Botox CSC

  9. RobertTressell


    17:34 on


    11 July, 2014


    What channel is the game on?




    RT If you are good at quizzes you are a …….


    what letter does iPad begin with……


    Gordon Smith wears a …….

  10. Boeriggter is Playing






    ..he jist pit in a Failry Good Cross..



    He is Doing Fine.. so far…




    Like Ah said.. Ronny Needs a RIGHT WINGER..



    So.. Today it appears that Boerrigter is being givin a Chance tae Fulfill that Need..




    Yes.. We Certainly Need a RIGHT WINGER…




  11. Istanbulcelt on

    Wouldn’t it be great if Celtic played every third day….forever. I’m getting used to this!

  12. 24 mins – Stokes shot from 16 yards stopped by keeper



    Izzy best player by a street – KC playing false CF role – and a bit sluggish too

  13. 27 mins – Dukla almost on target as Celtic defence exposed near 6 yard box



    Still 0-0 … and still no Derk !!

  14. Celtic ,ur Pushin thur Luck..



    Fraser ,is Daeing Great in keepin that Luck Goin..






    Like Ah said..



    We ur no getting that Final Pass tae wan o oor Ain guys..



    It is galln..



    Stokes, keeps .. Breakin up Oor Attacks.. because of his Cavalier Mis ..PASSES.




  15. Flats down one side of the pitch and some lads are getting skooshed hinging oot on the ground floor flat porch/veranda – nae hoops amongst them.

  16. This is the clubs own camera bod..



    Game probably wouldn’t have been on CTV otherwise.



    Cuttingthemsomeslack CSC

  17. This is the least enjoyable of the bounce games so far, nothing at all to recommend it.

  18. Istanbulcelt on




    17:48 on 11 July, 2014



    This is eerie with no commentary




    Aye there is…..

  19. Delaneys Dunky



    17:45 on 11 July, 2014






    Hoi! Less of the Olde. ;)))





    Ok, next time I use the, Wise, word and that will seem a lot older when you start to think deeply about it. Olde stays, unless you insist on me using Wise. Your choice G thang. :))

  20. Young O’Connell,is Playing very Well.




    He is a Real Steady Eddie..



    Yes, this Kid is a Real find..



    Kayal.is playing a very steady game ,tae..



    None of oor Players ur Hitting the Highlights..though



    Ah know it is Jist a Practice game..



    But.. Ah hope oor Final Pass.. gets Bettah..



    That is Why oor Attacks ur Breaking Doon…



    Celtic, hiv Hid the Bulk of the Game..’



    But…if ye asked me..



    Ah wid tell ye that Dukla.. Look the Far Mair Dangerous In front of Goal..



    Fraser, Has Saved oor Blushes . a Few Times..




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