Dukla, the tragedy and opportunity of the east


Celtic went into the home first leg of their European Cup semi-final against Dukla Prague at 1-1.  Two second half goals from Willie Wallace added to Jimmy Johnstone’s opener were enough to ensure a British team would eventually reach the final of Europe’s premier tournament.  The return leg finished goalless.

The clubs met 14 years later in the Feyenoord Tournament, when two first half goals from Murdo McLeod secured a 2-1 win.  Since then, European football has been robbed of its meritocratic principles, which allowed talented clubs a route to the top, no matter how rich or poor their domestic TV contract was.  Nowhere has been so brutally robbed as east/central Europe.

The 1960s-through-80s saw teams from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia and Poland regularly dominate clubs from Scandinavia, south-eastern Europe, France, and occasionally, all comers.  Eastern Europe remains one of the world’s most productive areas for developing talented footballers, but even the average ones are stolen for a pittance while still in their teens.

In the 60s, Dukla were a genuine leading light in the game, producing seven of the Czech team who collected runners-up medals to Pele’s Brazil in the 1962 World Cup, with peerless midfielder, Josef Masopust, picking up the European Player of the Year award that year.  They would have fancied their chances against Celtic in ’67.

Where great tradition and sporting affection exists, so too does commercial opportunity.  The people of east/central Europe just need to figure out how to harness it.  Uefa are Europe’s maker of competitions.  Their job is to establish the structures which allows great and successful sport to take place.  A modern-day Jules Rimet is needed.

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  1. petec


    17:50 on


    11 July, 2014


    They are nice windows in those houses.




    That’s a rerr veranda for watchin the gemme.

  2. Great quote from George Clooney today about the Daily Mail’s fabricated story about him and his fiancée.



    “There is one constant when a person or company is caught doing something wrong,” his statement began: “The cover-up is always worse.”



    He has obviously read today’s Record as well then.



    Big George is a Tim CSC




    17:56 on


    11 July, 2014





    What do you make of that building behind The Wall?









    And there was thinking “thon wall” came down on the night of 9th November 1989.

  4. petec


    17:56 on


    11 July, 2014





    What do you make of that building behind The Wall?




    Looks like a thatched roof with solar panels….that’ll no catch on…catch light aye.

  5. Passes are too slow or they’re lightning quick.



    A few of our players have just narrowly avoided get crunched as they try to pass while under pressure.



    Cut the grass CSC


    Times like this you miss Archie Mcpherson..



    ….on 2nd thoughts…..

  7. Fairly poor show so far. Izzi,s got to work on his crossing. Nae flair in this team so far Hail Hail Hebcelt

  8. Greeninbingley


    17:57 on


    11 July, 2014





    It’s on the GeekiToupee channel?




    That’s the very one,my good mhan.

  9. Istanbulcelt on

    Syd Negakev



    17:58 on 11 July, 2014



    Is this Dukla’s training ground maybe?







    No, the game’s in Austria!

  10. Delaneys Dunky on




    On reflection, Olde stays. :)


    When you see the young man play, you will join the Kojo & DD, Paul McMullan fan club.

  11. bournesouprecipe on

    If you can watch that ‘Camera Work’ for 90 mins you’re a better man than I am.



    Gunga Din CSC

  12. Celtic dominating possession but creating no chances against a massed defence. Dukla have had more chances on the break. No outstanding performances. Virgil good as usual, O’Connell looks promising.

  13. Istanbulcelt



    OK, that explains it, thanks!



    I hope they know what “Can we have our ball back please” is in Austrian then.

  14. I love the way they transfer the video footage from mobile phone to mobile phone, so effortlessly.



    Sky, ye can Ram (and it is obvious the Ram is the inspiration behind, welll….) it, this is a lot more like being there.