Dukla, Vojvodina, McNeill, Gallacher and a marathon


I remember the 10th anniversary of Lisbon.  The BBC marked the occasion with a memorable documentary and on the exact anniversary, Liverpool won their first European Cup, against Borussia Monchengladbach in Rome.  Celtic had just won the double, which would turn out to be Jock Stein’s last trophies.

We had little to celebrate on the 20th or 30th anniversaries, but the 40th anniversary was marked appropriately.  For the first time, I felt we correctly defined the achievement of the Lions, not just for becoming European champions, but for pivoting Celtic’s history away from mediocrity to spectacular success.

The 50th anniversary will be the final big celebration, nothing like this will happen again.  The groundswell you see from the fans, in particular on the 67th minute of each game, is unique to this year.

All of this leaves you and me with a question, do we let the anniversary pass us by as just another night on the calendar, or are we going to mark the occasion in an appropriate manner?  It has to be the latter.

For me, this means doing what I can for the Celtic FC Foundation.  I’ve signed up for what will be my first marathon, at Stirling, four days before the 50th.  It is five weeks on Sunday, and if I get a move on, I might get to Celtic Park to see the second half of our final league game of the season.
Stirling marathon
I know most of us are not in a position to take on a project like this, but maybe you can support me along the way, the next five weeks will be difficult.

On a related note, I discussing the Dukla Prague semi-final at Celtic Park with my Dad, which happened 50 years ago this week, and he emailed me the notes below, on that night and on the Vojvodina game.  We should tell each other as many stories as we have from that era.  Here’s Martin42’s:

“50 years is a long time in football and sometimes our memories become a blurred, however that game will always loom large in my memory, as will the last few minutes of the quarter final tie v Vojvodina Nova Sad, to give them their full name.

“For the life of me I cannot remember who scored the 1st goal that night.  1-0 down from the first leg, we needed to score 2 goals and keep a clean sheet to go through to the next round.

“I will always remember the tension around the whole stadium as we won a corner and Charlie Gallacher trotted over to take it.  I am sure the whole stadium was thinking the same as me, that Charlie and Billy had done it before in the Dunfermline cup final in 1965, and that they could do so again.

“The wait seemed to go on for ages but at last the ball came over, as straight as a die, to the forehead of our centre half and then into the back of the net.

“The duo had done it again, Charlie and Billy, 2 of the most important goals in our history.

“As for the home tie v Dukla Prague, we have spoken about it often, and you probably know my memories as clearly as I, so what I will tell you is about the break into my butcher van. That was the only time I used the van to go to a game.

“I always went to the midweek games with Thomas and John and we would to in via the Hamilton Road and Gallowgate but that night I went to the hospital before the visiting time to see your mum and then went straight into the game.

“We parked on the London Road and ran all the way to the ground, watched the game in a state of frenzy, and walked back to the van in a mind state that you will know when you think of Boavista.

“Policeman were standing at the van when I reached it and found that the back doors had been forced open, and the inside trashed.  My knives and chopper were stolen.

“Back down to earth with a bump, well for a wee while anyway.  Just had to face the consequences when I got home, clean up the van and mop up 2 or 3 trays of smashed eggs.

“At the end of the day, alls well that ends well and the football was more important that night than the mess and theft from the van.”

I’m not looking forward to the work I need to do for this marathon, but this occasion requires a significant gesture.  For lots or reasons you’ll understand.

You can sponsor me here, money goes straight to fund the important work of the Foundation.

Thank you.

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  1. fairhill bhoy on

    Is it just me, or did the sporting goalie just ever so slightly pull his right hand back there:-)))

  2. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I have read on here about the recommendations of La Lanterna, Mrs GFTB mentioned we are going into town for holiday stuff in next few weeks and that means the three of us go for a bit of grub, usually if Italian it’s La Vita or Cafe Roma, I said what I had read on here and she checked the Internet and said she fancied La Lanterna for a wee change……am a bit scared of change but will give it a go :-)

  3. GFTB


    Do be you wont be disappointed, the only down side for me is it can feel a bit cramped when its busy, never had a bad meal there.

  4. Big Jimmy(from earlier).



    “I would love to see it put to the test, as it wasn’t enough to demote THEM to the lower leagues, as that wasn’t the appropriate punishment despite what their vile support claim.”






    Rangers weren’t demoted. They died. The basket of assets of the dead club bought by Green applied to join the SPL, were rejected, only thanks to supporters threatening not to renew season tickets, and then were allowed into the lowest tier of the SFL.



    A recent court finding in favour of Corals who refused to pay out thousands of pounds to a punter who had bet Rangers to be relegated in season 2011-12 was further confirmation of this.



    As Ernie Lynch said earlier, the failure of Celtic to point stuff like this out, and stand silently by as such shite as the Continuity Myth flourishes, is the reason people like me won’t be paying twice to watch a rigged game.

  5. Gerry, the only winner is charity here.



    We are just enjoying having a week of pitting our dubious football knowledge against others and having a bit of banter about it! :-)



    Really enjoyed having my wee niece Sophie – 1 and tearaway Ethan -5 doon from Kinlochleven. Keeps you young, if knackered :-)



    Roy C if about, as it’s Easter can i have Roll Away the Stone by Mott the Hoople?




  6. AURORABOREALIS79 on 15TH APRIL 2017 6:54 PM



    TONTINE TIM on 15TH APRIL 2017 6:42 PM



    No disrespect meant to you but Evangelical Preachers are in large part of the worlds troubles today.



    *I know they advocated the vote for the trumpet based on his alleged pro life stance. true tae his word he cancelled financing tae planned parenthood but that was only tae leave more money for his tax cuts tae the rich.

  7. JNP. & BT.



    No issues with either post. I passed on my compliments to the chef today and the staff appreciated my feedback.


    I am a fussy bugger and quite happy to let a restaurant know when they have let me down. My good lady has often left premises when she knows I am about to perform a live critique of a restaurant.


    I am not a food snob, far from it, just hate being taken for a fool. I am very happy to pay top dollar for good food and equate good service in the same way.


    The food today was excellent, classic Italian food. Not fancy, fussy or pretentious.


    I will take that that all day long.


    TOOTING TIM contacted me earlier about LMCBHOY ‘s request.



    Fine for me,great idea,and I know fine well how to get there,but trying to find the details online to let LMCBHOY was a bit more difficult than I expected.



    Mainly because some of the details didn’t c&p the way I expected.









    I found entirely by accident this absolute gem. IMO,it’s well worth a look.




  9. GFTB



    My dear wife was in La Vita last week and had a lovely lunch. Great value for money she said and my daughter agreed.


    Today, the dear wife , told me that the quality of food was better than La Vita. She knows her food, she had no idea that today’s bill was a fair bit more than La Vita. We did have a bit more drink right enough.


    Over to you..,,

  10. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Dessybhoy 19.07



    I love my grub and both sisters are great cooks and I would try anything, but when it comes to eating out I usually go to the same restaurants and order the same food, if I find I place I like too scared to go elsewhere …… pathetic :-)






    Beating you would mean more than winning GFS :-)



    Quite happy am one competition in front, obviously Jobo/CRC do a great thing for Shay, it’s great to be a wee tiny part of it



    Hail Hail

  11. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    I enjoy Amore and we have gone there on many occasions with the grey brigade pre CL matches but La Lanterna. Is the place to go with the wife/partner for a good intimate meal




    Unless you meet PF and end up on the grappa

  12. Gerryfaethebrig.


    I’m agreeing with J.McCormick.


    My wife was with me on Wed, trust me she can be difficult, thankfully she doesn’t lurk, she thoroughly enjoys La Lanterna, I know I’m safe there.




    You should be a food critic. In my opinion, you summed it up very well.


    Dessybhoy, at the risk of sounding sycophantic to all, you have nailed it too, the cramped bit is valid.


    Art of War.


    I don’t want to leave you out, Roy C was on last night, he left early, as in his words, the place was dead.


    Hail Hail.

  13. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Just saw Motherwell scored four today – get in there !!!!!!



    (My Goals for Shay pick)










    FFS,yer nae stranger tae new company,you hit a Hootenanny knowing no-one. And yer worried about a different restaurant?



    Take that smashing lass of yours to a place highly recommended.



    Study the menu in advance or listen to opinions on here and elsewhere,that way you can study the menu in situ and order like an expert.



    Sit back,enjoy. Lap it up. Yer never too shy to enjoy the best.

  15. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    A great big “THANK YOU !!!!” to HEBCELT from me and Wee BGFC for his excellent efforts in securing a couple of tickets for me and Wee BGFC for the game in Dingwall tomorrow.



    This means me and the Wee Mhan can enjoy the beautiful drive up north in a much more relaxed frame of mind than usual – and looking forward to meeting OldTim in the vicinity :-).



    Hail Hail – and we are now both off to the vigil mass in St David’s Plains – should be a long one tonight – two new converts joining the parish.






  16. Jimmynotpaul- thanks for the heads-up. I will go and find it and post it for y’all.



    BGFC – good to hear that Hebcelt has sorted you and the wee mhan out. CQN in harmony. Enjoy the drive and game.

  17. Right, had a breather back home with just a couple of Sambucca to settle the stomach.


    GFTB, get your backside down to La Lanterna.


    Over and out for tonight, got 6 weeks of bevvy to catch up on and still have to do a 5k tomorrow after Mass.


    Small matter of a Sunday lunch to plan and cook as well.



  18. BGFC. and Wee BGFC.


    Delighted you both are sorted for tickets.


    Without a doubt my favourite away ground in Scotland.





    I’ve spoken to Marspapa, he has asked me to tell you that he has been really busy of late. He said he might get on later.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!





    Yer bringing that lad up well,mate. Congrats,and enjoy tomorrow.



    Btw,I was out for a sesh wi yer pal’s brother,Ian,last week in Oxford. Must breed Celtic-daftness there.



    Back in the day,I usually got the tickets for me and my mate. And my Dad,if he had the day off,and my Uncle when he was home from the Gulf.



    He did enjoy letting me decoke his car every few months when he came home,but he came home just before Christmas 87.



    And his idea of a decoke was to batter his motor to The Flying Horse in Barrhead,give him and my Dad time to sink a few,and then repeat to CP,asap-where we were meeting my bestie,across from Embra



    Guess who only had three tickets?



    And listened to it on the radio cos he was driving?



    I’d do it all tomorrow too.

  21. FAIRHILL BHOY on 15TH APRIL 2017 7:44 PM


    The reason BT asked you to e-mail him, has been answered in my last post to you.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  22. Gerryfaethebrig on

    BMCUWP 7.29



    I would drink with anybody (this has been proven :-)



    Food is far too important….. Next time when we head “into the town” I think La Lanterna will be visited, will pop in first to try and book a table then spend hours of walking about shops, with hopefully a wee bit of grub at the end of my shopping shift






    Your post earlier about point scoring was so right……both families suffered through a fatal accident, but let others try and glorify a tradegy….. No more from me, gives the idiots exposure



    St. David’s Plains is one of my Sisters Parish.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  24. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jimmynotpaul, was Paddy playing for Cumerauld against Clydebank today?

  25. fairhill bhoy on

    I can remember watching Barry fighting pedrosa in the woodchurch civic centre,remember when council telly was the best:/)))

  26. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Gerry, a guy who works in our place worked in the kitchen (on a part time basis ) in La Lanterna for years.



    One of the reasons he stayed for so long was because he got a free meal each night he worked and it was the best meals he had ever tasted.



    He worked Friday and Saturday nights there for about ten years. He told me john Greig dined there a lot but don’t let that put you off.

  27. THETIMREAPER on 15TH APRIL 2017 7:07 PM



    2-0 City. The boy Sane absolutely world class!






    Citeh ‘s approach play was outstanding in the first half, with only a poor final ball or finish,plus another stonewaller penalty denied, stopping them finishing the game by half-time. I can see that was rectified in the second 45. You’re correct about 21 year old Sané.

  28. Evening All,


    I find myself stuck in Manchester tomorrow at the time of the game, can anyone recommend a pub that will favour us over the EPL.


    I looked on Celticbars.com butif you followed that for Cologne, you might well be disappointed.

  29. Gerryfaethebrig on

    BGFC 7.32pm



    Miss GFTB asked to go the vigil but when I explained it might be longer than a normal mass she said, stuff that we will go to 10am the morra, also have two converts all through lent, some of us take it for granted but when two grown ups choose their faith it’s quite humble, I used too moan about mine (probably still do) anyway as many others have said WeeBigGeorge has a father that is actively showing him Celtic, never went to a game with my dad but he defintely gave me Celtic…



    BigGeorge/Wee Big George….enjoy watching the hoops tomorrow, love reading your stories of trying to get tickets, Radio Scotland in reference to the lottery winners with Partick Thistles training ground had a phone in thing asking what would you do for your club if you won the lottery, obviously mine would be buy a box for family & friends but also get one of those fancy tickets that gets you 2 tickets for every away game (no ballot needed) my tickets would go to Plains for big & wee George :-)

  30. fairhill bhoy on

    LENNYBHOY-in your last post to me you never mentioned BT,so I’m a wee bit confused

  31. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Dallas 7.55pm



    Nothing would put me off my grub :-)



    Going to try and stay up late tonight (after 10pm on a Saturday)



    Best of luck to Ricky Burns tonight, am not the biggest boxing fan but Ricky is defintely one of the good ghuys …..