Dukla, Vojvodina, McNeill, Gallacher and a marathon


I remember the 10th anniversary of Lisbon.  The BBC marked the occasion with a memorable documentary and on the exact anniversary, Liverpool won their first European Cup, against Borussia Monchengladbach in Rome.  Celtic had just won the double, which would turn out to be Jock Stein’s last trophies.

We had little to celebrate on the 20th or 30th anniversaries, but the 40th anniversary was marked appropriately.  For the first time, I felt we correctly defined the achievement of the Lions, not just for becoming European champions, but for pivoting Celtic’s history away from mediocrity to spectacular success.

The 50th anniversary will be the final big celebration, nothing like this will happen again.  The groundswell you see from the fans, in particular on the 67th minute of each game, is unique to this year.

All of this leaves you and me with a question, do we let the anniversary pass us by as just another night on the calendar, or are we going to mark the occasion in an appropriate manner?  It has to be the latter.

For me, this means doing what I can for the Celtic FC Foundation.  I’ve signed up for what will be my first marathon, at Stirling, four days before the 50th.  It is five weeks on Sunday, and if I get a move on, I might get to Celtic Park to see the second half of our final league game of the season.
Stirling marathon
I know most of us are not in a position to take on a project like this, but maybe you can support me along the way, the next five weeks will be difficult.

On a related note, I discussing the Dukla Prague semi-final at Celtic Park with my Dad, which happened 50 years ago this week, and he emailed me the notes below, on that night and on the Vojvodina game.  We should tell each other as many stories as we have from that era.  Here’s Martin42’s:

“50 years is a long time in football and sometimes our memories become a blurred, however that game will always loom large in my memory, as will the last few minutes of the quarter final tie v Vojvodina Nova Sad, to give them their full name.

“For the life of me I cannot remember who scored the 1st goal that night.  1-0 down from the first leg, we needed to score 2 goals and keep a clean sheet to go through to the next round.

“I will always remember the tension around the whole stadium as we won a corner and Charlie Gallacher trotted over to take it.  I am sure the whole stadium was thinking the same as me, that Charlie and Billy had done it before in the Dunfermline cup final in 1965, and that they could do so again.

“The wait seemed to go on for ages but at last the ball came over, as straight as a die, to the forehead of our centre half and then into the back of the net.

“The duo had done it again, Charlie and Billy, 2 of the most important goals in our history.

“As for the home tie v Dukla Prague, we have spoken about it often, and you probably know my memories as clearly as I, so what I will tell you is about the break into my butcher van. That was the only time I used the van to go to a game.

“I always went to the midweek games with Thomas and John and we would to in via the Hamilton Road and Gallowgate but that night I went to the hospital before the visiting time to see your mum and then went straight into the game.

“We parked on the London Road and ran all the way to the ground, watched the game in a state of frenzy, and walked back to the van in a mind state that you will know when you think of Boavista.

“Policeman were standing at the van when I reached it and found that the back doors had been forced open, and the inside trashed.  My knives and chopper were stolen.

“Back down to earth with a bump, well for a wee while anyway.  Just had to face the consequences when I got home, clean up the van and mop up 2 or 3 trays of smashed eggs.

“At the end of the day, alls well that ends well and the football was more important that night than the mess and theft from the van.”

I’m not looking forward to the work I need to do for this marathon, but this occasion requires a significant gesture.  For lots or reasons you’ll understand.

You can sponsor me here, money goes straight to fund the important work of the Foundation.

Thank you.

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  1. Good morning friends from a damp underfoot but bright and broken clouded East Kilbride.

  2. KEVJUNGLE 2.02,


    IF…BIG IF….I’m reading your post correctly, are you seriously suggesting that 30,000 Celtic supporters would desert Celtic and Brendan, IF/WHEN The Hun/SEVCO FINALLY get their just deserts and are totally oot the game ?



    I can not and will not agree IF my reading of your post is correct ?


    IF THEM get booted oot completely from fitba ( fingers crossed), I would argue that Glasgow Celtic would have other Leagues ( EPL) and TV Companies ?…queuing up to invite us in ?


    Celtic would ( especially if joining the EPL), have to try and EXTEND Celtic Park, to meet demand for the Celtic fans.


    Just my opinion.


    I know how this works KEVJUNGLE, about Celtic and THEM needing each other, and all that crap….I have never bought into that, and I never will.


    I would love to see it put to the test, as it wasn’t enough to demote THEM to the lower leagues, as that wasn’t the appropriate punishment despite what their vile support claim.


    Celtic and the Football World would benefit…in fact SOCIETY as a whole would benefit if these hun hordes had no where to go every feckin week….except shoplifting with their mankie kith and kin.


    “Hinging is too good fur these Peepil”



  3. BT



    The third ‘do’ is actually ‘doo’ :-)






    You’re welcome sir.






    Brilliant time just on the way to the airport now. I hope you’re keeping well.

  4. Good Morning from a dull Glasgow.


    Ain’t much happening…apart from WW111.



    Who would you prefer NOT to be stuck in a lift with if you had the choice……………………Kim Yung….Donald Trump………………………..or Dave feckin King ?



    I think I know how this vote may go ?



  5. Neil Lennon & McCartney at 4.45 on Page 5. A quite brilliant read, thanks for the copy and paste. Personally, Lennox and McGrain have always been my 2 heroes.

  6. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    Big Jimmy



    I would prefer NOT to be stuck in with any of those reprobates. but with Dave King, I could at least thank him for all he’s done for the famous Glasgow Celtic!



    The other two, neither has made much of a contribution to the grand old team!




  7. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    JOBO BALDIE on 15TH APRIL 2017 8:24 AM



    Thank you ~ I thought it was a great interview. that had to be shared.



    I wonder if either, or both, of your heros could be persuaded to come on to CQN for a wee chat?




  8. Bright but chilly in darkest Lanarkshire. The gym beckons, boxing training this morning . I await a late fitness test on the good lady to see if her cold has gone and allow us to feast at La Lanterna this afternoon.


    I also have to go and protest at some nutters in town today. Take care everyone. HH

  9. Mountblow tim on

    Good Morning CQN



    Had a great night out with the family last night at the Barrowlands


    Charlie and the Bhoy’s fantastic



    A heid like a stair heid this morning and still buzzing



    Just going for the bus back up to St Andrews



    Hail Hail




  10. A wee change for me this week and it’s a return to the Pollock Parkrun. Same distance but hillier and busier. Only ran this one 6 times in the last 12 months and only broke 22 mins once, and only just.



    So, must run….

  11. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    What a week at the Celtic Australia road show, well thats what


    it said on the t shirts they gave to all the bhoys and ghirls at the


    Celtic academy up at the goldfields of Ballarat, and i must say


    that anybody who didn’t know about our club certainly must do


    now, our coaching staff sent over from Glasgow were a real credit


    to us all and not just for their professionalism but their constant


    praise of players past and present when explaining tactical moves


    was a real eye opener although they must have been exasperated


    when asking questions about the team, the wee mhans arm was up


    and down like the roof of poxydome in a high wind , eventually they


    said to him ” we know you know the history so what about anybody


    else ” :-))


    I know the coaches will now be looking in to CQN so a big thank you


    from me and i asked you to send some of the pictures of the course


    especially the ones taken with a drone looking down on a sea of green


    to PAUL 67 at CQN to let you ghuys here see what our club are doing


    here in Oz, as you all know i’ve been a critic in the past on here


    regarding the taking for granted of our overseas supporters i can’t say


    that now and i’m overjoyed, so to our coaches Kevin, Peter, Zander and


    Andrew the drone driver well done you’ve done our club proud and i


    know you’ll be just as good when you all go to South Australia this week


    in Mount Gambia.


    Now you all know i like a wee tale especially if it concerns how people


    become attached to our club and our week at the academy was another


    one of those strange little stories that tugs at your heart, after we had set


    up our tent in the campsite and the wee mhan had his flags placed just


    where he wanted, out he went with his hoops on and a ball, after a few


    rainbow flicks and keepuppies another lhad appeared with the tartan


    top on and Rogic on the back, he told us he was with his mum in a tent


    as well, so our little Celtic Jamboree was starting to gather momentum,


    his mum told us she was an Aussie and met a mad Scottish Celtic fan


    married him and had been to Celtic park and Aberdeen to see the team


    play and the passion had passed on to their 12 year old son, her husband


    had passed on a couple of years before so when they heard about the


    academy coming they were determined to be there and take pictures of


    her bhoy in the Celtic academy for her Scottish family as she put it, but


    money was in short supply so after they payed the course they borrowed


    a small tent and never having camped before were very apprehensive


    but needless to say they had the time of their lives.


    Right i’ve gibbered enough, just one little thing i promised Peter the coach


    i would not mention the fact he nearly never got into the country because


    of the condition of his passport which looked as though it had been through


    a meat grinder so that little secret will stay between me Peter and his dog LOL


    H.H Mick

  12. The Power of Christ.



    I’ve said it before on CQN.



    Sometimes you are vulnerable, none more so than when you are in yer bed and Sleeping.



    I’ve been attacked twice, each Time I called out (in my Mind) and said I Believed that Jesus died and was Resurrected – this gets the evil out of the place pronto.




    Good wee read that for the layman to understand what’s going on, I particularly like this bit….here’s was me thinking they were all zombies:)))




    “These appear to be zombie shareholders, which many may wish to link to those with a previous interest in running the club. Whoever is behind them, it’s a weird presence on the share register of a company which is now in a lot of hot water.”




  14. Can any of you good people recommend a pub in Newcastle-upon-Tyne to watch the game tomorrow?



    Thanks Bhoys n ghirls

  15. KevJungle @ 2:02 said :



    “Apathy ghosting in at the back post…..



    Or, we’re only one more hun administration away…..



    fae the reappearance of our old pals…..



    30,000 empty seats…..”



    Where is the evidence for the aforementioned apathy, Kev?


    With the title already won, we had a very enthusiastic, near full – house for the visit of Kilmarnock in our last Home game. Do you believe they were there to celebrate the fact that we were so far ahead of Sevco?



  16. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Tyneside Irish Centre


    St martins bhoy who used to list in here is a member of Tyneside Celtic supporters club



    You will get them on FB

  17. Doing fine m8.



    Dad seemed to think an amalgamation of Supporters Clubs happened from the North East of England.




  18. weebobbycollins on

    If there is to be a nuclear war then I hope it doesn’t happen until after 10 in a row…

  19. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    I know the Coventry bhoys and Liverpool bhoys used to travel to together and the Tyneside club pick up Malorbhoy now and again



    With everyone back they may not need to share buses now

  20. A waiting list.



    Thats what you want to hear.



    I’m hoping the CL (if we get there) prices will be more than Reasonable.



    No need, No Real Need to bump up ST prices, unless to mitigate Failure to achieve CL qualification.

  21. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Wee Jimmy


    Hot smoked



    I could not agree with you more ….. And the sooner the better … they really are Scotland’s Shame, and how the Scottish Establishment failed to recognise Ming’s ‘plan’ for bleeding Sevco dry is beyond me ….but seriously amusing….. sit back and enjoy

  22. MOUNTBLOW TIM on 15TH APRIL 2017 8:55 AM



    “Just going for the bus back up to St Andrews”



    Up there next weekend and looking for best pub to watch the semi-final – any recommendation?






  23. AULD TAM on 15TH APRIL 2017 9:28 AM



    Irish Centre on The Gallowgate. In the shadow of St James Park, next to Chinatown.

  24. BT and Gary –



    Thanks for that. Was at Newcastle v Leeds last night and in a bar before and after and my nephew just told me the Irish Centre was across the road from the bar.



    Great stuff as usual from CQN.



    Hail Hail

  25. Goooooood morning CQN


    Only another day to wait for


    the Celtic :-)


    Melbourne Mick, you and that BRTH can sure brighten our days with your stories – enjoy Easter Mick


    Brilliant story earlier as well on the buzzbomb


    Posted his yesterday and will repeat as brilliant wee video/song for Easter I got from 67Heaven


    (RoyC, can add to his compilation:-))






    Hail Hail


    Hail Hail

  26. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    One Day in Lisbon — Part Three



    The Estadio Nacional lies in parkland and the entire complex and area has the feel of a University facility.


    As I start to climb the hill I can’t help but think of Luis and his talk of revolution, oppression and dictatorship. On this February morning, there is the smell of cut grass, birds are singing in the trees and the sun is shining in the sky. There are few cars and little noise and so it is hard to imagine a population living in fear and abject poverty.



    As I walk, I think of how my surroundings are not dissimilar to the entrance to Stirling University with its grassy campus, lake and general peace …….. except Stirling doesn’t have a space ship in its midst!



    Nor, to be honest, does the Centro Desportivo Nacional do Jamor have a space ship, but the site in front of me somehow makes me think of one.



    What I am looking at is a parkland, trees and some strange looking things that stick up into the sky like a spaceship’s legs, as if the craft had landed on its back with the legs sticking straight up.



    Of course, I recognise them instantly. What I am looking at are the unique floodlights of the Estadio do Jamor, or The Estadio de Honra (The stadium of Honour) as it is sometimes called, however to us it will always be The Estadio Nacional.



    The Jamor sports complex is the largest sports complex in Portugal and it features an international class running track, Olympic swimming pool, golf training centre, Faculty of Human Kinetics, full sports training centre, tennis centre where ATP events are held and, officially, the Stadium of Honour for football and athletics. There is also a canoe trail, open plan grassy areas and general parkland where several sports can be practiced.



    This is a place where anyone can come to walk, run and just participate in sport.



    Work started on the stadium itself in 1939 and it was officially opened on “Portugal Day” (10th June) 1944 by the then Council president, and the now despised, António Oliveira Salazar.



    I have covered thousands of miles in my lifetime watching Celtic at home and abroad, and that journey has taken me to many foreign shores, but in over 50 years on the planet this would be the first time that I have visited the stadium where we lifted the big prize and changed football significantly.



    Coming from Glasgow’s West End, I have frequently passed by The West of Scotland Cricket Club in Hamilton Crescent where the first ever International Match was played and, there, I always feel a wee sense of history about the place.



    Celtic park has a sense of history all of its own, as do places like The Bernabeu, The Camp Nou, Wembley and other great stadia.



    However, on this walk up the hill I am suddenly gripped with a real sense of history and emotion. I feel it coursing through me and I have thoughts of my dad, my grandfather Joe, my uncle Jim, Aunt Agnes, Charlie Tully, John Quinn and many others who are all gone now yet who were here, on this spot, in May 1967.



    And then, suddenly, there it is.



    There is the stadium, and the pitch, and the dais where big Billy lifted the trophy, and the track around the field of play, and the goal posts ……… and I can see in my mind’s eye the guy with the kilt, the guy with the handmade Jock Stein shirt, and the line of endless green and white buses which took thousands and thousands of ordinary Celtic fans up this hill to this exact spot all those years ago.



    And, now, here am I. Staring through a gate at an empty football stadium, feeling all emotional and for some reason extremely proud, happy but with an uncontrollable tear running down my face.



    And at that point I have a simple set of questions running through my head:






    Who comes to visit an empty football stadium with no museum, coffee shop or other kind of attraction?



    Who, in their right mind, does such a thing?



    Exactly why are you here?



    Deep inside, I know why.



    After a moment or two of just staring through the gate, I walk on towards the administration block beyond the stadium where I hope someone has arranged access for me to actually go inside this holy place.



    I know that the stadium manager cannot see me today as he is busy elsewhere, and so when I enter the administration block I am faced with a security guard.


    The man concerned immediately reminds me of an extra in an early Clint Eastwood movie.



    He is thin, has a receding hairline, pencil moustache, a weather beaten Latino complexion, and a significant gap between his two front teeth.



    I try to explain the reason for my visit and that I had arranged to come here through the stadium manager.


    The guard seems to speak no English but he just smiles and says “Si …. Si” and then “Entrada….. entrada” and waves me back outside and points me towards a small path.



    He stays in the doorway of the administration block and I begin to make my way through what looks like a small garden towards another block of buildings with cars parked outside.



    I am almost beyond them when I realise these are the dressing rooms, and behind the grilled shutter I am standing next to is the tunnel leading to the pitch itself.



    I carry on up the path and almost without warning I find myself standing inside the Estadio Nacional.



    I climb the stairs immediately to my right and head up to that tallest vantage point and I can see why this stadium is barely used for major matches. Time has stood still here. The toilet blocks and the concourse have not been modernised and the whole place would not meet modern Uefa standards but by God that gives the place a unique charm and quaintness.



    The sense of history is touchable and is all around me now.



    I spend ages taking some photos and just wandering around making my way round to the dais area.


    When I get there, I find that you can’t get into that area because it is glassed off and no doors are open to allow access.



    So, here I am on this alter, this pantheon of history and football, and I can’t get to that final spot where Billy lifted the big cup.



    I have a small rucksack on my back and have my fingers looped into the straps as I walk about trying to figure out if there is a door or something that I have missed that would let me on to the platform.



    Then, I hear voices. I am not alone up here. Someone is in the area where I want to get to. I climb down a few steps away from the building that houses the platform , and can now see through the glass partitions.



    There, in full view, are five figures ………. And every one of them is wearing a Celtic strip!!



    A young guy spots me, sees my green and white jumper, saunters over and stands above me on the other side of the glass partition and says:



    “Do you want a hand climbing over this fence, old yin?”



    To be continued …………………..

  27. What’s all this about earning a fortune from working at home? Aye right.


    Anyway. Training done, and the Mrs has passed her fitness test, so it’s La Lanterna for us this afternoon. Looks like I will be on the rattler before the SDL numpties attempt a demo out here, shame as I usually enjoy a circus parade.


    Take care everyone. HH

  28. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    To the families and friends of those 96 souls who needlessly died at Hillsborough , my thoughts are always with you .



    That Kelvin McKenzie of the sun for his article after the disaster and his article yesterday about Ross Barkley, is reprehensible .



    Its also the anniversary of our semi final aggregate win against the team of the century at Hampden in 1970 and of Scotland being unnofficial champions of the word in 1967.

  29. Huns now considering a choice between Celtic winning 10 in a row and Nuclear war. Rock, hard place and all that.

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