Dukla, Vojvodina, McNeill, Gallacher and a marathon


I remember the 10th anniversary of Lisbon.  The BBC marked the occasion with a memorable documentary and on the exact anniversary, Liverpool won their first European Cup, against Borussia Monchengladbach in Rome.  Celtic had just won the double, which would turn out to be Jock Stein’s last trophies.

We had little to celebrate on the 20th or 30th anniversaries, but the 40th anniversary was marked appropriately.  For the first time, I felt we correctly defined the achievement of the Lions, not just for becoming European champions, but for pivoting Celtic’s history away from mediocrity to spectacular success.

The 50th anniversary will be the final big celebration, nothing like this will happen again.  The groundswell you see from the fans, in particular on the 67th minute of each game, is unique to this year.

All of this leaves you and me with a question, do we let the anniversary pass us by as just another night on the calendar, or are we going to mark the occasion in an appropriate manner?  It has to be the latter.

For me, this means doing what I can for the Celtic FC Foundation.  I’ve signed up for what will be my first marathon, at Stirling, four days before the 50th.  It is five weeks on Sunday, and if I get a move on, I might get to Celtic Park to see the second half of our final league game of the season.
Stirling marathon
I know most of us are not in a position to take on a project like this, but maybe you can support me along the way, the next five weeks will be difficult.

On a related note, I discussing the Dukla Prague semi-final at Celtic Park with my Dad, which happened 50 years ago this week, and he emailed me the notes below, on that night and on the Vojvodina game.  We should tell each other as many stories as we have from that era.  Here’s Martin42’s:

“50 years is a long time in football and sometimes our memories become a blurred, however that game will always loom large in my memory, as will the last few minutes of the quarter final tie v Vojvodina Nova Sad, to give them their full name.

“For the life of me I cannot remember who scored the 1st goal that night.  1-0 down from the first leg, we needed to score 2 goals and keep a clean sheet to go through to the next round.

“I will always remember the tension around the whole stadium as we won a corner and Charlie Gallacher trotted over to take it.  I am sure the whole stadium was thinking the same as me, that Charlie and Billy had done it before in the Dunfermline cup final in 1965, and that they could do so again.

“The wait seemed to go on for ages but at last the ball came over, as straight as a die, to the forehead of our centre half and then into the back of the net.

“The duo had done it again, Charlie and Billy, 2 of the most important goals in our history.

“As for the home tie v Dukla Prague, we have spoken about it often, and you probably know my memories as clearly as I, so what I will tell you is about the break into my butcher van. That was the only time I used the van to go to a game.

“I always went to the midweek games with Thomas and John and we would to in via the Hamilton Road and Gallowgate but that night I went to the hospital before the visiting time to see your mum and then went straight into the game.

“We parked on the London Road and ran all the way to the ground, watched the game in a state of frenzy, and walked back to the van in a mind state that you will know when you think of Boavista.

“Policeman were standing at the van when I reached it and found that the back doors had been forced open, and the inside trashed.  My knives and chopper were stolen.

“Back down to earth with a bump, well for a wee while anyway.  Just had to face the consequences when I got home, clean up the van and mop up 2 or 3 trays of smashed eggs.

“At the end of the day, alls well that ends well and the football was more important that night than the mess and theft from the van.”

I’m not looking forward to the work I need to do for this marathon, but this occasion requires a significant gesture.  For lots or reasons you’ll understand.

You can sponsor me here, money goes straight to fund the important work of the Foundation.

Thank you.

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  1. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on 15th April 2017 12:16 pm



    Strangely enough, that is on my list of “to do” things and something I want to speak to you about.



    I will message you or call you ….. or better still just go for a pint!

  2. weebobbycollins on

    Melbourne Mick…Although I understand your and many others’ sentiments, I’m still not swayed that it would achieve anything positive. It really is up to Celtic (PL) to deal with this…and the fans via non purchase of offending media. Regards.

  3. Melbourne Mick on




    Thank you for continuing the debate and i admire your stance on it


    but in my opinion we’ve always been on our own and no amount of


    little keep the timmy’s reading articles will convince me otherwise


    and now in this age of internet when people are not so gullible and


    led by the nose through the msm with fake news, why not ban them?


    they are an irrelevance.


    H.H Mick


    P.S i remember wee Bobby playing when i was a child and i always


    thought how can a person smaller than me be playing for Celtic. LOL.


    H.H Mick

  4. Melbourne Mick on

    O.k ghuys looks as though you are all out on the p…h so my turn


    tomorrow at the biggest and best Celtic club in Oz.


    H.H Mick

  5. I’ve said it before, Liverpool Echo, Manchester Evening News want both their teams to do well and report impartially on both teams in their City. Media in Glasgow not the same, a bunch of Huns with typewriters (if they are still use them!!)

  6. Personally, I can’t understand why Celtic still let “newspapers” like that banned by Everton the run of Celtic Park. They have obviously chosen their demographic and it is not us. They show us no respect whatever. Indeed, they constantly go out of their way to print negative stories about us, many of which are figments of their “journalists'” fetid imaginations. Why accommodate them?

  7. If Sevco beat Thistle today , then they, Sevco, are a better team than many on here say they are. I don`t think Sevco will win.




  8. Thunder Road on 15th April 2017 11:38 am








    Id say most of us remember a point in time in our lives when something sparked inside us and inspired us to take something on and i can see those people taking a collective spark and some inspiration from the spirit of the bhoys over there at that time.




    Funny enough last night I came across minutes of the first CQN live meeting of like souls who were fed up to the teeth with obvious bias in the game. It took place at O Neils in Jan 2010.



    Note of first Meeting of CQN Bloggers on 23 January at O Neil’s Bell St Glasgow.



    Attending: Auldheid, Mark McGee’s Eyeliner, Terry O Neil Snr & Jnr.


    Apologies: The Boywithwaferthineyesl: Estadio Nacional: Rogue Leader, Parkheadcumsalfordl, Seanbhoy



    The agenda was:



    1. Introductions


    2 TFS


    3. Video Review Panel/SFA/Refs


    4. Old Firm disassociation


    5. Celtic Trust Open Meeting/Communication


    6. Feedback to CQN


    7 AoB i.e any other business



    Had I kent then wit ah ken noo…….

  9. It appears that I am not the only person who doesn’t like that horrible creature ” Kim Yung Lookalike” Scottish Tory Leader Ruth Davidson……….



    From the Evening Times Rag today,



    Glaswegians have never been known for mincing their words, and this couldn’t be more true this weekend after an unmissable banner criticising Ruth Davidson appeared in the West End of the city.



    Folk in the city have been so riled by the Scottish Tory Party leader this week for backing the tax credits rape clause, that to say they’ve said what they really think would be the understatement of the year.



    The banner reads: ‘RUTH DAVIDSON IS AN EVIL WEE S****BAG’.



    An image of the banner was posted onto Twitter by user Kenny McIntosh who said: “This is legit up in the West End of Glasgow.



    Evening Times:








    88 is indeed a magic number,canny get much better than that. I hope you prove me wrong wi 89,90,91 and a whole lot more!




  11. Bobby Lennox statue for saltcoats update on Clyde just now.



    Well done those bhoys who campaign and raised the funds.

  12. FRANKMARKER on 15TH APRIL 2017 3:40 PM


    Saints 0-2 Dons -Scobbie og



    *nae surprise there, you could have put yer hoose on that one, giving sevco favours 2 weeks in a row.

  13. Blantyretim


    Tyneside No 1Celtic Supporters Club pick me up all the time, of which l am forever grateful to be a proud member of

  14. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Hope Lenny stays with the cabbage’n’ribs next season, their a


    perfect fit.

  15. onenightinlisbon on

    Just switched on BBC score programme. Then switched it of as first comment was “First stop Ibrox”….. Surely the Hibernian game much more important?

  16. Right now, Sevco might be the second best team in Scotland. We must approach our Cup game with that possibility in mind. I am sure Brendan and the Bhoys will; I am not so sure the Support will see it that way .




  17. Hot Smoked



    Next week is the biggest game of the season. We need to show them every respect and work our arses off. Defeat is unthinkable.



    Patrick Thistle the only SPL side who haven’t taken points from Sevco.




    SHurely Shum Mishtake,they have the Manager Of The Year in waiting,running them.

  19. I did say last week,that we have to be very careful next week.Miller has scored regularly against us.Garner is a thug,who gets away with near murder.I am supremely confident,but I was the last semi as well.The result today,or even last weeks,does not impress me.As I said,these teams,or their managers are stuck in a 5 year time warp,playing against the name,not whats on the park.If we are anywhere near our best,its easy.


    Thats the rub.We have seen a few mediocre performances,although winning.


    The manager,and Broony,will,I am sure have them fired up.

  20. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Cathedral View 4.03pm



    Bobby Lennox statue, think it’s been giving the go ahead in his home town Saltcoats and people are organising it, Radio Clyde mention it often



    Delighted for Neil Lennon & Hibs, will be strange for Neil to be in the opposition dug-out at Celtic park next season, probably strange for Kris Commons when he comes back as well with the Hibees (that’s just my opinion :-)

  21. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    TURKEYBHOY on 15TH APRIL 2017 5:03 PM



    If we turn up with our game face next week we will destroy the


    hun…..no matter what the bent officials get up tae.

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