Dundee United 1-0 Celtic


Celtic were careless in possession throughout this game but it would be wrong to suggest it was a lackadaisical performance, if anything the champions were hurried in possession when a bit more composure and patience was required.

The Dundee United goal came as a result of poor defending.  United won a corner on Celtic’s right which was taken short before the cross came in.  Scott Robertson met the ball 7 yards from goal and placed a header into the corner of the net giving Fraser Forster no chance.

Celtic enjoyed the majority of possession throughout the game but failed to make anything of it before going behind, however, Kris Commons soon sparked into life.  On 29 minutes Gary Hooper knocked the ball down to Commons who fired in a shot which was deflected wide.

Commons then fed Hooper whose shot from 25 yards was spilled by Pernis in the United goal.  The final seconds of the first half should have led to a Celtic goal.  Commons’ shot from outside the box was saved by Pernis but United could not clear the chance and when the ball broke back to Commons he fired a cross along the six yard line which Anthony Stokes completely missed with an empty goal in front of him.

The second half was most notable for the procession of ineffective cross balls Celtic threw into the Dundee United box.  With Charlie Mulgrew playing in central defence his delivery from wide positions was badly missed.

Tony Watt replaced Stokes at half time and immediately stirred things up, forcing Pernis into a good save from a header soon after the break.  Within a minute he forced another save which Pernis could only parry.

While Mulgrew was missed on the wing he twice blocked shots which could have put United two ahead.  MacKay-Steven crossed for Jon Daly who was denied by Mulgrew while late in the game the Celtic defender halted a Jonny Russell effort.

Gary Hooper put Celtic’s best chance of the game inches wide after Kris Commons (again) linked play to set him up for a shot inside the box.

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  1. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    They cant ditch their debt before the end of the league as its Vlads bank. It may make sense for them to move paper in preperation of FFP ..dont laugh. There previous years books are poor in that respect.



    Hell Hell

  2. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul67 –



    A weakened team lost a meaningless match having already skated the championship.



    I’ll have that any time ahead of nail-biting run-ins and hoping someone will do us a favour by beating the Huns.



    Congratulations Celtic – runaway league winners 2012.

  3. Snake@1500



    It doesn’t matter. Other things are more important this week



    All too true. The next week will determine whether Scottish football lives or dies



    I have a feeling i will be watching my last ever game in Scottish football next Sunday

  4. Paul67:



    Hoopy Birthday to you.



    On today’s performance. A lapse in concentration for the goal.



    Overall, as the stats. will not lie we had all the possession but no cutting edge. Although we were unlucky with a couple of efforts. Perhaps if Izzy and Lustig put in better crosses it may have been a different result.



    Pluses today, young Tony Watt equipped himself. It was also good to see young Dylan get on.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Steinreignedsupreme-don’t agree it was a weakened team mate,at least 9 regulars.We didnt move the ball quickly enough,probably as the pitch was terrible.HH

  6. Clashcitybhoy on

    Paul 67,


    Are your bonus incentives linked to TV deals?


    Just wondering cause there’s a lot of it about …allegedly :-)

  7. so it seems killie, hearts and dundee united favour newco; so much for the “arab spring” from the gang of ten



    I hope celtic stand up for what’s right next week otherwise I won’t be back

  8. PR Exercise, to show how competitve our SPL is, supposing we lose the Huns, Aye Right !! we were going through the motions.


    Awerabest PJ

  9. borderlandbhoy on

    just hoping celtic board have something up their sleeves when the spl/sfa bend the laws and rules to save der hun


    i would absolutely p*ss my pants if they announced that newco were getting immediate acceptance into the spl and we slapped them with resignation papers on sporting integrity grounds


    c’mon the board do the PROPER thing



  10. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    My mate who is a major Hun was down yesterday being wined and dined by D&P…



    tells me there are twists and turns ahead. Liquidation certain with a queue waiting to buy Newco…

  11. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Brines ineptitude knows no bounds. After his display V Aberdeen in the 4 all game couple of years ago he should have been booted out of the football. Prob got a brown envelope tho!!



    Pity Lenny didnt have a Rottweiler in the dugout when Brines was finger waggin him.It cld have bit it off. Poor dog wd probably die from the poison!!

  12. Enrico Dandolo nicked my Crusade on

    obonfanti1888 on 6 May, 2012 at 15:07



    I wouldn’t believe anything MSM are saying. They have been exposed as liars and chancers.


    I heard a US congressman once say, that he would take all the freebies and ‘bribes’ that lobby groups would give him and then very happily vote against them next day. :))))




  13. It would be wrong to say it was a lackadaisical performance?



    I am genuinely sorry to disagree with you Paul67, I think that was the ultimate lackadaisical performance. But hey ho what do I know. End of season training game against a team that had something to play for. If that had been a game that meant points on the board the team would of been fired up and won easily against the Govan goalshippers.

  14. borderlandbhoy on

    any club who vote them in are no better than them


    and they ARE the grounds that should be boycotted


    feel very strongly about this


    it may not be fair on our players but it will damage the coffers of the parasites we share a league with


    have meetings behind closed doors then want our hard earned cash to keep them afloat, f*ck them



  15. Mancini made a substitution to allow Toure to play further forward. The BBC quotes these reactions from City fans:



    Stuarty Meyer on Twitter: “De Jong for Nasri? Does Mancini know they need to win, not draw?”



    Travis on Twitter: “De Jong on for Nasri? What? Adam Johnson usually performs against tiring teams. Get him on!”



    Just shows that managers know a thing or two.

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