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  1. “Despite the coronavirus regulations and the prohibition of gatherings, our officers were faced with a very difficult set of circumstances as many thousands of supporters gathered to celebrate across a number of different venues.



    β€œOur priority was public safety and this included reducing the risk of disorder, road safety and effective crowd management among the complexities of a vociferous crowd. This included established crowd control measures to prevent serious disorder in multiple areas and protect the public.



    β€œAn appropriate policing response was in place throughout the day and officers continually engaged and encouraged compliance with coronavirus regulations.”



    Summary – we bowed to the mob.

  2. Gorbalstam- Exactly.



    When pointed out that people could loose their lifes he retorted “yeez are just jealous” πŸ˜‚



    I ended up leaving the group chat as I then got told by my good lady to watch what I’m posting as to not upset him as he has been in trouble before.πŸ˜‚ Incidentally I left after giving him a piece of my mind the TWAT.



    I still have 3 staff off with a similar incident a few weeks ago and 1 is serious.



    My wife works in a school and everyone else has to mix with these morons in their workplaces.






    D :)

  3. So wee Nic dodges the presser and Swinney congratulates the Huns again . .



    β€œ The deputy first minister turns to yesterday’s events in Glasgow.



    Mr Swinney congratulates Rangers on their success and thanks all the fans who celebrated at home and followed the rules.”



    My blood is boiling at those corrupt arseholes in Holyrood today.