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  1. CaddingtonCommon on

    Excellent performance. First class entertainment.


    Buther’s non red card epitomises everything that is wrong about Scottish referees bias towards Celtic.


    A man and his dog could see that shocking tackle was extremely dangerous and punishable only by a red card. Spoiled the game for me.


    Drop those songs btw.


    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe

  2. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Imagine how frightening we’ll be when we start taking a higher % of our chances! Ange is doing an incredible job.

  3. “United got beaten by poor decisions from the officials’ – Robbie Neilson fumes




  4. i don’t normally comment on any songs , however , roamin in the ‘ still getting belted out these days, is just wrong and makes me cringe.

  5. onenightinlisbon on

    Great performance, we will only get better.



    Songbook is a disgrace and an embarrassment, consign it to history.

  6. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Hart- 6 (nothing to do)


    Starfelt- 8 Blotted copybook with loss of concentration and yellow but otherwise solid


    CCV- 8 Solid as ever


    Taylor- 7 OK, needed the game


    Juranovic- 7- Solid but crosses poor


    Forrest- 4- Didnt contribute before HT withdrawal


    McGregor- 9- MOTM. Total Dynamo.


    Turnbull- 8- Would be higher but for the wasteful misses and infuriating set pieces


    Rogic- 8- What a goal. Class act when on it.


    Johnston- 6- Few nice touches at start but pretty unproductive


    Kyogo- 7- Great movement and worth ethic. Couple of great chances squandered.


    Abada- 6- Contributed more than Forrest but poor final product other than cut back for Scales goal


    Scales- 7- Lovely movement inside and controlled strike for the goal. Ange will like that from a full back.


    Bitton- 8- great ball for the 3rd goal and solid in possession.



    Onwards and upwards. We will have tougher tests but that was great- training ground pace and no significant injuries- hopefully JF ok.

  7. Away support — need replaced.



    Songbook is a disgrace .


    Self indulgent attention seekers.


    Nothing about the club until the 83rd minute.



    Gun lovers / Burton’s Commandos / military groupies — nothing about football.


    Identity politics in all its glory.

  8. Big Tams the man.



    Brilliant goals by Turnbull and Scales.



    Could have and should been a lot more.



    Well done The Hoops!!🍀🍀🍀

  9. one of the best team performances this season so far , but JF not mobile enough needs to get a bigger pair of shorts can’t run in the small size he currently wears, how long do we persist with DT wasting corner and free kicks, surely we have someone anyone better than him also his passing is poor and very timid , great to see Scales getting involved and scoring.


    as someone said earlier 3 but should have been 10, we need to get more clinical.

  10. We definitely hsd chances to make it “doublefigures or close to it, but what an outstanding game by Benjamin Siegrist.




  11. onenightinlisbon on

    Looking forward to the transfer window, Ange will improve us further.



    As someone who stood in the jungle and sang many political songs, they were of their time and served a purpose. That time has gone. The next generation of supporters should be brought up with songs about the club.

  12. Songbook is fine. Keeps it real. If it causes Daphne Broon et all to be clutching their pearls I aint bothered.



    Good to hear Piling on the Agony as well.



    “Ah, but…”



    Didn’t want to disappoint you.🤣

  14. Well I got it wrong today that was easy , only complaint we should have scored 6 or 7 . I had a fear about our midfield , unfounded as they were great and well in control . Our final pass in the 18 yard box could be better we can’t go on not taking our barrowload of chances . God how can I find faults with a performance like that , I would just like us to take the chances our play deserves

  15. If it causes Daphne Broon et all to be clutching their pearls I aint bothered.



    Ernie……take a bow……brilliant

  16. Two players that can’t be trusted on January 2nd….Forrest and Turnbull…hopefully some of the Kyogo’s pals will be up to speed with our play…Great result, could and should have been more…another tricky one successfully negotiated…..Well done Liam Scales ….



    Excellent performance. First class entertainment.





    Buther’s non red card epitomises everything that is wrong about Scottish referees bias towards Celtic.







    Good to see CalMac getting in the ref’s face about it though.

  18. Didn’t see the game but great comments,hope to watch on you tube.



    Dundee Utd. is always a difficult fixture.

  19. So much for injuries ?



    Pulled the chair closer to the TV when the funereal like Sky tones set in from the early one way traffic, Celtic’s best SPL performance for many’ s the day in a full sized shed blitz of Tannadice. Mikey Johnston relieved of his burdensome super sub role, had a decent game that will stand us in good stead now that we know Jota could miss out on most of December. Greg Taylor’s return on the left gave us natural balance, missed with Juranovic on his wrong foot, Tony Ralston’s selection could only be taken by injury, but the side effect may be Juranovic on his proper side.



    CCV and Starfelt could have played in slippers, such was the sheer Celtic dominance in a procession the Tayside club or the travelling Celts haven’t seen since Tommy Burns Thursday. Chance after chance fell until Tom Rogic’s dance to open the scoring with his vintage best. David Turnbull did another dance worthy of Johan Cruyff, and it was game over before half time and popular manager AP had shown his philosophy backed up by pro’s and our professionalism.



    The second half couldn’t be a repeat of the first and the only quibble was missed chances including the ones maybe avoided when the support wouldn’t give the ball back for fun. No failures, though James Forrest still feeling injury might need to be used sparingly in the seven remaining December games. Calum MacGregor was again immense in midfield and Tom Rogic like Tony Ralston is best under AP than any previous manager. Liam Scales has plenty of presence in the jersey and his finish, will help what could be a long successful career.



    Celtic to stay tucked in, what a boost the January window and decades of financial superiority could be?



    M.O.M Calum MacGregor

  20. 3sy




    we do not and never have seen or heard criticism of the rancid symbolofacorrupt union fc.



    If you don’t like the song book turn yir telly doon.




    The song book was more crass back in the day.


    Then again, just as now, like then



    Who or what determined a good Celtic song was the bigot.the snide or not one a Celtic fan.




    So sing it loud Celts.






  21. Burton’s commando songbook — keeping it real?


    Not a chance — it is the “Good Old Days” for wannabee provos and physical force junkies.



    Embarrassing that the same faces turn up every two weeks to live out their grandfathers imagined lives.


    File under ego trippers and wasters — does it encourage the team to try harder?


    I don’t think so.

  22. Ange said on Radio Scotland that he wants players in early in January, when asked about the 3 Japs….didn’t deny we are in for them

  23. That was playing Football The Glasgow Celtic way.


    It cold have been any score, we seemed to be creating chances every 5 minutes.



    The Cribs,


    Shocking tackle on Turnbull, probably cant be a retrospective red as he got a yellow but it was a Red all day long.


    3 or 4 non Off Sides Flagged at the bidding of Crawford Allan.


    Number of missed chances.



    Apart from that it was a pure joy to watch.


    If the Rogic goal was scored by Ronaldo it would be viral by now.


    Delighted to see Scales get a run and top it off with a goal. he pulled a second along the goal line but no one to knock it in.


    Hope he gets a chance to show if he is good enough.


    I reckon the European game is an ideal opportunity,

  24. The refs a Tim so what ,it’s a red card all day long ,as for them embarrassing songs ,and what has the Queen got to do with watching Football,a lot of ignorant fans go a watch football nowadays.

  25. Ernie, we have a massive Protestant Support following the Magical Celtic.



    That ditty is offensive to so many Celtic supporters, I didnae realise how many Protestants follow Celtic.



    I know you want things to have an edge, especially as controlling is high on any/all Governments agenda but that sonic wisnae right.



    Superb by Ange and the Bhoys.

  26. A fine game.


    The interesting thing for me is that Juranovic was not as impressive as Ralston usually is. Maybe it will come with time. Maybe not. I think it will be an interesting competition for a start. Lack of a threat down the right as most of the play goes down the left. Juranovic didn’t link too well with either JF or Abada but perhaps that will come with experience. Perhaps not. Surprised to see Greg Taylor back and thought he was fine, better than Jurnaovic at left back as he offers more down the wing. But MJ is not Jota. I thought MJ was okay but he can’t light up a game the way Jota can. Great goals.I thought everyone was okay but there’s a tiredness that’s obvious at time with poor passing and lack of concentration. A good European team would have given us a lot more trouble. Playing in Scottish football is definitely limiting although it is nice to be winning most of the time.

  27. I’m still nervous at 2-0 these days. But really there’s no need to be. We are handling the ten minute spells teams seem to be getting against us until things settle again.



    I wondered if this is a fitness issue but we are also finishing games more strongly than opponents so I don’t think it is. Perhaps a case of other teans choosing a time to throw the kitchen sink at us and they end up out of steam because they’ve spent the first 65 or 70 minutes chasing the ball?



    Rogic on current form is better than I’ve ever seen him. He seems to have found a burst of pace over five yards too. Hopefully the sports science guys are having an effect.



    Turnbulls best display of the season. I didn’t think Rogic and Turnbull worked I the same team but the last couple of games have proven me wrong.



    All round very very dominant display. Big Starfelt really growing into it. Jura is no Ralston bit solid enough!!!! Who’d a thunk that? 🤣

  28. There is a coach called Thomas Grønnemark who makes a measurable difference to the effectiveness of a team’s throw-ins. Individual players throw the ball longer (Andy Robertson went from 19 to 27 metres) and ball retention increases massively.


    Why we don’t employ him or an acolyte is a mystery.


    Meanwhile we often have many more corners than the opposition, but our scoring record is abysmal. Can we not coach the team better? We don’t have much in the way of aerial threat from our forwards and our centre-halves have only scored 2 league goals all season.


    Do we practise attacking corners at all? Is Turnbull chipping the call to the goalie or first defender really our best option?

  29. Garngad to Croy on

    Excellent result and performance, I thought Mikey did well , looks like he is getting to know how Ange wants to play football.

  30. glendalystonsils on

    It looks to me that James Forrest is not going to rediscover his imperious form of old anytime soon – if at all .


    Abada likewise , although his form dip is to be expected . His clumsy touch to allow the DU keeper to prevent the 4th goal kind of summed up where he is at the moment compared to his early promise .


    Mikey Johnston was a bit of a mixture but at least there were more good bits than we’ve seen in his previous appearances from the bench .