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  1. Talking of Harry Hood.



    A couple of months ago my 6 year-old grandson Harry asked if there was ever a Celtic player called Harry. I told him the story of Harry Hood.



    A few days later my son told me Harry was getting ready for school and started singing “Harry Harry Harry Hood. Harry Harry Hood”.



    I was a proud Celtic grandad.

  2. Great result and, by all accounts, display by Celtic – well done Ange and the bhoys.



    Will catch up on CelticTV later…



    The song debate arises…



    Seems like it was the mild form of Roamin in the Gloamin…



    The one I remember started…



    Roamin in the Gloamin with a hatchet in my hand…



    If you’re okay with these songs fine.



    But don’t get offended by the old firm songs you don’t like…



    … the bad boys called me a tarrier.!?



    … those bad boys sang “the famines over, why don’t you go home.!? ”



    Live with it, both sides of the old firm are sectarian – it’s the nature of the beast.



    In the meantime smart, reasonable ghuys will just enjoy the Ange~ball thank you very much.



    Hail Hail

  3. AN TEARMANN on 5TH DECEMBER 2021 11:20 PM






    Ta for the reply and the Harry hood experience.



    I just remember him scoring lots of goals.








    I remember the final that year with Dundee and big tam lifting cup,seem to recall that was a sleet and rain filled day.beat 1-0 in final








    I was there too. The coldest, most miserable conditions I can ever remember for a football game. The sleet came down all afternoon. Everyone from the terracing crowded into the Rangers End which had a cover. I can still remember a solitary Celtic fan remained in the Celtic End throughout. An unbelievably bad day all round. 🤣

  4. Mikey Johnson is a good young player who needs more games to up his fitness,he comes in for some unfair criticism which doesn’t help,so leave him be,he will come good ,as for James Forrest seems he lost a lot of confidence,but hopefully he will come good he is to good a player ,so the message from me is as long as they wear the hoops they should be encouraged not discouraged when they cross the white line.

  5. Back to Basics – Glass Half Full on 6th December 2021 9:28 am


    From last night – well done to Mrs Quad on successfully completing a 50km run.


    Absolutely astounding.


    Many years ago, I did a 50km run so can fully empathise with her.


    Just about managed it without incident too …


    … although the petrol tank warning light did come on a few kilometres from the end.



    BACKTOBASICS – brilliant LOL.



    TOSB – thanks for that sir.



    I’m relaying all yr good wishes to her as she’s pretty shy about recognising her attainment. Cheers Lhads!

  6. I think that most contentious refereeing issues will be addressed with the introduction of VAR – that seems to be the way of it down south



    All the talking & sniping problems we have at present are of course fuelled by TV/Streaming companies and an army of pundits. With VAR conversely the media immediately becomes the solution.



    I for one will be glad to see “a degree of certainty & finality” that VAR will bring and although some issues will still be raised, they should be at a very much reduced level.



    Notwithstanding, there will be some on here who will swear that VAR viewing is taking place in assorted Orange & Masonic lodges dotted throughout Glasgow & Lanarkshire.

  7. Looks like Jota is out for some weeks – will certainly miss the final – we need Jamsie to up his game

  8. onenightinlisbon on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 6TH DECEMBER 2021 10:02 AM



    The lyrics are not unintelligible unlike your good self.

  9. Great Post Tontine Tim.


    We were brilliant yesterday, and all I wanted to do is talk about the Team & the Football.


    All the complaining & hand wringing about the song book is going to achieve nothing,


    Why worry about something you can’t change, I understand people wishing it was different, personally I wish it was different, there are a host of great songs out there.


    Mid game, the Football is magic my heart is soaring & someone starts whinging about the Song Book, post game it’s more of the same.


    When things are quiet & there is eff all to talk about, then by all means have your debate about the Song Book, but when we have just witnessed a great Show by the Celtic , then talk about the team & the Football.

  10. Don’t usually confer with posters that state “I can put *angers cheating behind me as their PUNISHMENT? of being sent to the lower divisions ALLOWED Celtic to get 9 in a row” (what utter pish)


    But JHB your post @ 10:51 about posters on here stating that VAR being decided IN an OO or Masonic lodge! I don’t agree about them being decided IN the lodge but there’s a helluva good chance that they will bedecided by members of said organisations

  11. Watching my team from 7500 miles away on Sky and BT streams I must admit that Sunday has been the most clear I have heard our away support in full voice. Whether I agree or disagree about the songs, is here nor there but my point is about the clarity of the songs on the tv.


    Don’t normally watch the currant buns but as Sky are showing it I will listen in to check if microphones are given same prominent positions considering both sets of fans are on the same songsheet.




    After last season its starting to be enjoyable again getting up at 02:30 to watch the Best Team in the World. ” Glasgow Celtic” HH

  12. Sunday Mail, 18 March 1973









    Police protection had to be given to Airdrie referee Bobby Davidson after the Celtic – Aberdeen Scottish Cup quarter-final at Parkhead yesterday.


    He was escorted to his car through a crowd of almost 200 some 30 minutes after the game by six policemen. A police car followed him to the Glasgow boundary.


    The 40,000 crowd at the game had exploded in fury in the 61st minute when the 44-year-old FIFA referee ordered off Jimmy Johnstone following an incident with Aberdeen left-back Jim Hermiston –WHICH HE DIDN’T SEE.


    Beer cans rained down on to the field from two sides of the ground, fans spilled on to the track, and the police made a number of arrests as they charged into the trouble spots.



    Ambulancemen were busy treating fans injured in the heat of the moment, many struck by flying objects. The game was held up for three minutes.



    The remarkable scenes were sparked off by linesman Jim Renton of Dunfermline who indicated an infringement by raising his flag.


    The referee spoke to the linesman, then called the two players before him. He booked Hermiston and then told Johnstone to go off.





    Johnstone hesitated for several moments, then ran from the field, leaving a mini-riot behind him.


    It is the fifth time in his mercurial career that Johnstone has been sent off. Last time was six years ago—against Racing Club, Buenos Aires, November 1967.


    Hermiston and Johnstone were clearly seen pushing at each other with the ball away. Hermiston was seen to pull at Johnstone’s jersey, then the little winger retaliated.


    I understand that the referee’s report will show that Johnstone was sent off for deliberately kicking an opponent, though there was a veil of silence on all fronts last night.



    The Glasgow Herald – Monday, March 19, 1973


    Week of intense excitement is in prospect


    By Ian Archer



    Scottish football follows a Saturday of controversy with a week of constant animation. A little glory awaits some one at the end of a period when the excitement will be continuous.



    On the pitches at Airdrie, Aberdeen and Ibrox, even at normally sedate meetings in Glasgow, important and tense issues will be decided. Celtic, Hibernian, and Rangers all take the strain and public interest will be awakened almost by the hour. Duty compels me to rise early and unwillingly to fly to Yugoslavia while honesty compels me to admit that this is rather like leaving the theatre just before the villain is going to be denounced.



    Celtic will occupy our minds. They go to Aberdeen to replay their Scottish Cup quarter-final and again Bobby Davidson will referee the match and again, most likely, Jimmy Johnstone will play. Pittodrie is certain to be the most intense arena of all this week.



    Johnstone, I understand, was sent off at Parkhead not for any spoken word but for an action seen by the linesman and construed by the referee to fall into the category of violent play. Jock Stein yesterday covered the incident with a grand display of non-communication and so no further fuels were added to an already explosive situation.



    The Celtic manager has another worry. Kenny Dalglish, that important cog in the team, hurt his ankle on Saturday and already appears to be doubtful for the replay, a match that would well decide if any of those major trophies are to stay in the Parkhead boardroom at the end of the season. Dalglish’s absence could be noticeable although the other injured players – Hay, Connolly, and Hunter – are all likely to be fit.



    One will hope from a distance that this replay can be conducted in the spirit of the Scottish Cup rather than in another overcharged atmosphere. In the debate over Davidson’s decision and Johnstone’s attitude, I would add only one fact – the Celtic winger has not been sent off in Scotland since 1965.

  13. One for the billy collection, a headed goal not as well known or maybe as celebrated.






    1973-03-21: Aberdeen 0-1 Celtic, Scottish Cup Replay


    Match Pictures | Matches: 1972 – 1973 | 1972-73 Pictures | Forum




    And so onto Pittodrie on the Wednesday night for the replay; Johnstone despite his sending off, played (the rules were different then – you had to appear before the Referees Disciplinary Committee) but Dalglish missing with calf injury. McGrain, Connelly and Hunter had also picked up knocks but recovered.


    In the draw for the semi-final the winners would go on to meet Dundee at Hampden.


    Celtic stayed overnight before the game in a hotel in Carnoustie in order to prepare.


    One of big Billy’s glorious headed goals.


    Attendance: 33,465. Receipts £8862


    Hibs lose 3-0 on the night against Hadjuk Split in the UEFA cup quarter finals.


    On the previous night Celtic Reserves played a challenge match against Stirling Albion at Annfiled and the game finished 2-2. The Celtic team was Connaghan, J. Davidson, Watt, McNamara, McDonald, Callaghan, McCool, Franchetti, Hancock, White, Lynch. The Celtic scorer was Franchetti with two goals.