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  1. CELTIC: Hart, Taylor, Starfelt, Giakoumakis, Carter-Vickers, Oโ€™Riley, Maeda, Hatate, McGregor, Forrest, Juranovic.


    Subs: Bain, Jullien, Bitton, Ajeti, McCarthy, Rogic, Johnston, Ideguchi, Ralston, Welsh, Dembele.




    Big Wavy, probably because 5 will get kicked off the park. ๐Ÿ™„





    Just spotted that thug Butcher is playing for them so guess youโ€™re right sadlyโ€ฆ..





  3. Jullien on the bench – will he get his second run out of the season?



    Maybe if we are defending a narrow lead with 15 to go and Utd are focusing on our Achilles heel with crosses into the box.



    Anyway, first up, the narrow lead, please.

  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    No Abada either. Was hoping he was coming in to form.



    When AP talks about trying being competitive, I hope theyโ€™re not booting lumps out each other.

  5. BRRB



    I will only get upset if the “we only sing when we are winning” mob start their entitled pish.



    The game lasts 90 plus minutes.



    The team deserve our support for the duration.



    “We don’t care if we win lose or draw” ………….my arse!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Hope you are good Big J!

  6. I expect Jota and Abada are carrying injuries OR the Boss thinks they need more rest.



    I’m not expecting anything sinister.



    Well not until I see the Sun headlines in Tesco’s tomorrow.



    Relax ghuys!

  7. bigrailroadblues on

    Phil, I know that fine. Hope all is well in the frozen North. ๐Ÿ˜‚. Gerrintaethum Celtic!!!!

  8. Go to work Celtic


    And do your best for us and each other.


    God bless.







    Nice one Ange shows how easy it is beat me naming a team


    You are the man ๐Ÿ‘



    HH Ange




    Pretty sure I told this story years ago, however……….



    Last century I worked for a big insurance company and as was usual was sent on a course every now and again, to improve product knowledge, management skills and stuff.



    The courses were held in London or Ipswich usually.



    Anyway, I check into the hotel on the Sunday night (the course starts on Monday) and ask if anyone else from the company has arrived.



    Yes Sir, Dixie Deans is in room no whatever.



    So I unpack and go knock the door.



    A wee wummin opens it and I say sorry I was looking for Dixie Deans.



    “That’s me” says she.



    The course was great too!

  10. I don’t drink during the week unless we have a game, so being out of Europe has a plus side for my health, although it does Tesco’s profits no good.



    So, a wee glass of Laphroaig, poured, with a wee jug of water by it’s side.



    The question is, should I wait until kick off?




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  12. Cmon the Celts !


    Pitch looks decent.


    Would like to see Ideguchi get a run at some stage

  13. What’s the craic with covid and footballers now? Testing wise and declaring it? Depending on what sources you trust prevalence is very high at present. Inevitable that we will lose a few players now and then.



    Just wonder if it still has to be declared as I don’t hear of any football covid absences any more



    Whatever is keeping Jota and Abada out I hope it is just precaution

  14. “BIGRAILROADBLUES on 14TH MARCH 2022 7:19 PM


    Ffs the Garngad ruffian is on noo too.๐Ÿ˜‚”



    Watch it you. I was born in the Garngad! I left it at the age of four to attend University……well, eventually rather than immediately . Hair splitting.




    I would say that I am usually quite logical but when Celtic are playing, I am also a bit worried that we might lose even when logic says we are very likely to win. I feel as though the Hun support are just the opposite.



    1-3 tonight. Giakoumakis 2, O`Reilly 1.

  15. PHILBHOY on 14TH MARCH 2022 7:19 PM



    No, you should NOT wait until KO. Get started now :-)

  16. `I am also a bit worried` should have been `always`. I mention that just in case anyone thinks I was attaching my feelings to some other poster :-)

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