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  1. Majestic Hartson on




    Enjoy the win and look after yourself 👍🏼






    Jeezo Tom McL,



    I hope you’re not working today 🥴 Sounds like you had a smashing night though 🥳🥳

  2. Congratulations to Ange ,all his back room staff also all the players on winning another league title ,hopefully we will add good players to our squad this Summer,and just to end my usual moan (but I just want what’s best for Celtic) another goalkeeper is a priority Joe gives me the jitters at times ,anyway Hai Hail the Celts are back we’re we belong ☘️☘️🧤🧤

  3. Drambowiecelt on

    Thank you Celtic……Whit a season Championees…………………









  4. TBH, after some of the fiascos in our CL qualifying campaigns in recent years, I thought we’ve never hear ‘Zadok the Priest’ belting out again at CP.



    Looking forward to it.

  5. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    David66/ Norrie et al



    Just catching up here on CQN and seen your posts.


    Got really pissed off with soccer for a while after the Madden fiasco and the


    blatant bias on show for all to see.


    That came after a situation at our young loons football club.


    If you remember I posted about the two big Sudanese lads whom I tried to get


    on the straight and narrow after they asked me get them back into soccer as


    they said “ Mick we need it “


    Absolutely the best I’ve seen here in Oz, everything was good they were training


    hard and then, both turned up late one night drunk and with a slab of


    Jack Daniels and our committee went mental, rightly so with all the younger kids




    Long story short, I got them back on board again on the proviso they took counselling


    which the club would supply but needless to say they never showed, now I’m hearing


    horror stories of bad situations they are involved in.


    So sad, I resigned as coach and I now stick to line marking and any other multitude


    of jobs needing done at a soccer club.


    Now after the Celtic lifted another league title I’m reinvigorated, the wee mhan and


    his mates will be all hooped up and headed to South Melbourn’s game on Friday


    night, think it will be a record attendance for Ange’s old club, wear the Celtic colours


    and you get free entry.


    Think the whole Celtic family in Victoria are headed there lol.


    Me ? I’m headed down to rebel town for a title party weekend, I think I’ll be wrecked


    and Paddy Mac said he’ll make sure my glass is never empty…that will cost me 🤪🇮🇪


    H.H. Mick

  6. Larkin1907



    i thought it was a good article..


    Postecoglou has been a welcome addition to the scene on umpteen levels. His refusal to berate referees, patronise opposition managers or delve into the kind of small-time soundbites that Old Firm managers can lapse into is to his credit. Postecoglou keeps himself very much to himself, including within Celtic’s training complex, but there are endearing tales of kind acts in the background that paint the Australian in a positive light.



    Postecoglou, who having arrived from Yokohama F Marinos has transformed the atmosphere around Celtic and flown past a Rangers team not at all weakened after winning the league. This, moreover, amid a Celtic squad rebuild.

  7. BOGNORBHOY on 12TH MAY 2022 10:01 AM



    Where is that ORIGINALLY from? I found it fantastic.

  8. LARKIN1907 on 12TH MAY 2022 10:23 AM



    Is that the same article to which Pic was referring?


    I ask because the link you provided is a perfectly fair and positive article but I didn`t see any of the quotes to which Pic referred.

  9. Now that we know what Ange CAN do, anticipating what he WILL do, is so exciting. We are re-booted and the re-build has just begun… that’s even more exciting. Looking forward to the Motherwell game……after last season, who’d have thought it? HH.

  10. I don`t know if anyone responded to my query last night but why did we KO 15 minutes earlier than everyone else at such a vital time of the season?

  11. On another note, it would be good to see both old and new faces at CQN Corner before our final game.

  12. Celtic FC SLO








    Bit of additional good news




    have now dropped their plans for a parking exclusion zone around Celtic Park. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this process, all the hard work has paid off 🍀

  13. McPhail Bhoy on

    Hot Smoked


    I don’t know the answer to your question, but like everything else with Sky and Scottish football, they decide when we play and that’s the end of it. Was there something 19th tier English football friendly they wanted to show afterwards and squeezed our game in?

  14. MM – That’s sad to hear about you and the 2 bhoys.



    You can only try mate.



    Dont let it get you down and you seemed to have bounced back anyway.



    Life is to short and if we cannot help young people who need some help and guidance what are we about.



    For every 1 that slips through the net I am sure you have helped loads more.



    Hail Hail Amigo and stay strong.



    D :)

  15. Hot smoked



    It was because they new we’d be celebrating and wanted to make sure we could still get home at a reasonable time.



    It’s all about Sky – they had Leeds kicking off at the same time as us but Wolves at 8.15

  16. JHB on 12TH MAY 2022 10:56 AM



    ……after last season, who’d have thought it? HH





    No you anyway!

  17. Tom McLaughlin on



    Jeezo Tom McL,


    I hope you’re not working today 🥴 Sounds like you had a smashing night though 🥳🥳



    No work for me. I’m retired.



    Yes it was a helluva night.




  18. HOT SMOKED on 12TH MAY 2022 11:01 AM


    On another note, it would be good to see both old and new faces at CQN Corner before our final game.



    Rumours of a Garry Postecoglou huddle are sweeping most forums of Scotlands champion,maybe before,maybe after j.will keep you in pic.🤣




  19. Tom McLaughlin on

    Only down side of last night was the sectarian song about Jimmy Bell. My heart sank when I heard it.



    My son said it was heard loud and clear on TV. Disgraceful.

  20. Hot Smoked



    Not sure if it’s the article Pic was referring to but it’s a fairly decent write up.



    The BBC have even got a few decent ones today.



    It’ll be back to business as usual pretty soon I’m sure



    Hail Hail

  21. Earlier this season, maybe even this year, after playing Celtic, Tam Courts stated that Dundee United had given game time to fifteen players who were either part of or who had come through young player development at Tannadice. Incredible if true. Now his team have just qualified for Europe for the first time in ten years, and if results go their way at the weekend, they play County we play Motherwell, they could end up fourth in the SPL. At a time when both Hibs and Aberdeen headed in the opposite direction. Gave us a run for our money last night too. Once again shows, it is all about game time for aspiring players, beit O’Reilly at MK Dons or young Levitt on loan from Man Utd. Or Abada. No other way of developing as a player. Credit to the Arabs.

  22. L07 @ 10.23



    EM — even a stopped clock is right twice a day.


    He is a sour faced limited ability erse wipe type of guy.



    The article itself if full of tortured / mangled prose taking a trip around the houses of all the secondary issues we have rather than dealing with the primary element of this season’s SPL championship — AP taking the club by the scruff of its neck and making onfield performance central to who we are.



    Very little about the players he has brought in and the level of performance that they have delivered — just punching bruise stuff about ML who has very little do with this season.



    Therefore as an article to celebrate our winning the league the article is crap — forced / partial / slanted.



    Shows how far the Grauniad has fallen that they think he is good enough to report on the SPL for them.

  23. CM @ 11.51



    Hope you have a tin hat handy — the casual racism crew will be onto you in a flash.

  24. HOT SMOKED on 12TH MAY 2022 10:46 AM


    BOGNORBHOY on 12TH MAY 2022 10:01 AM



    Where is that ORIGINALLY from? I found it fantastic.



    It is pretty good , I copied and pasted from @Angeba 11 Twitter account ,who I think was tamsellicsons n new account , as for the original sorry can’t track it down

  25. CM @ 11.51 Part2



    The DU set up seems to be working overtime regarding bringing young players through the ranks — he is probably trying a wee bit too hard with all the 16 year olds / bit of a competition to see who is the youngest debutante — so it proves that it can be done.



    They might have been plooky youths but they were credible senior footballers



    Geography might be an issue — would love to see DU B team in the Lowland League to give us a marker to judge ourselves against.



    We need to play more football.


    We need to play more football in front of big crowds.


    We need to make the youth / reserves work harder with regular competitive games.



    U18’s / U19’s / U20’s.


    B Team


    P/head Juniors.


    We need to get a focus back into our youth / development structure.


    Blaming the big clubs is not an answer it is just an excuse.

  26. That Daily Rangers true form always taking us down when we Celtic win ,Streets closed to Celtic Fans causing trouble up in Dundee,Between them and the Sun are the reason I chucked them years ago .

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