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  1. Cha is not a footballer. Shouldn’t be anywhere near a Celtic jersey.



    Hopefully the signing of Lustig sees Cha moved on in January.

  2. celtic *o* lennon on

    Vmhan♣ who Supports Neil Lennon says:


    4 December, 2011 at 12:21



    Hopefully as at ICT we havent conceded before midfield is stiffened. 4-2-4 does my blood pressure no good ;-)

  3. My prediction for today is hard fought first half with us winning by 2.



    I also predict that if the win looks safe we get a dodgy decision in our favour. They need something to “even up” the “Old Firm” get the rub of the green rubbish.



    I’m pretty certain that if we got a penalty like that cheat won yesterday the papers would have 4 page pullouts on our decisions.

  4. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Backed Stokes to score first and 3-1 to the Hoops….50/1! Also took 12′s for 3-1.



    Mon the Hoops



  5. Huge big puddles at the side of the road.


    Why is there never a Hun with his pit bull terrier on the pavement.



    Better still a Hun, pit bull terrier and their dog.



    Cmon the Bhoys

  6. just awoke from a heavy night on the sauce – seen the team



    Cha? where did he come from again? plenty of goals in this one – over 2.5 goals 1/1 – months wages being invested on that!!!!

  7. VMHAN @ 1221



    Got to agree with what you say.



    A ‘midfield’ which has Samaras wide on one flank and Forrest wide on the other leaving Kayal and Wanyama to do the hard work has me worried. To describe this line up as lightweight is an understatement. We so often struggle, especially away from home, when we play 2 physically weak wide men in what is basically a 4-2-4 formation.



    To win the game you have to win the ball and I’m not sure how Samaras and Forrest begin to go about that particular task.



    I hope Celtic prove us wrong but I foresee a nervy 90 minutes ahead.



    Fingernails at the ready.

  8. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Broon should be starting instead of JF. Hope the wee man proves me wrong and plays a blinder.




  9. havent seen their game from yesterday but i heard the interview Chick done with Danny lennon after



    Chick was trying to ask about the penalty without mentioning the word dive (so i know its a dive already) Lennon just comes out with it “its a dive.” “disgraceful decision” chick nearly chokes on his microphone!!!

  10. Lads every celtic supporter must do their all in our power to protect the green brigade after reading the article below.



    They attack the green brigade because they steel the limelight and show the fans up govan way up and they can’t handle the green brigade keep the team going.



    Any outsider looking at at the celtic support must see some sight with the huddle and the establishment can’t handle this.



    Do the police need to ‘smash’ the Green Brigade?Posted on Sunday, 4th December 2011 by Joe McHugh



    It’s almost a throw-away line but startling in many ways. According to an un-named piece in today’s Scotland On Sunday: “Privately, the police have admitted that it is their intention to “smash” the Irish Republican, Marxist Green Brigade. They are willing to go to extreme lengths, in terms of their use of survelliance and a wide range of extraneous powers, to do so.”



    Whether this is wishful thinking on the part of the author or the feelings of Strathclyde Police the motives are pretty disturbing. Given recent developments it can only be a matter of time before the group of fans that brought ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ and ‘In the Heat of Lisbon’ to Celtic Park are blamed for the eurozone crisis and the lack of salt and grit for the upcoming and unexpected cold snap.



    Sure the Green Brigade have overstepped the mark at times but there is more than enough current legislation to nip that sort of chanting in the bud. Why the police wish to ‘go to extreme lengths to smash’ the Green Brigade should be a matter of concern to all Celtic supporters.



    In a city riddled with crime and drug problems it would be presumed that the overstretched police resources could be better used combatting those real issues rather than attempting to smash a small group of football supporters who make their presence very public.



    If the police have issues with the Green Brigade there is a very easy way for them to deal with it. At every Celtic home match they’ll be found in and around section 111 where their chants and songs generally lived the ground up.



    The article on Scotland on Sunday comes ahead of a UEFA disciplinary meeting over alleged illicit chants during the Celtic v Rennes Europa League match. This matter was brought to the attention of UEFA by Strathclyde Police.



    As the SNP under the leadership of Alex Salmond attempt to force through ill thought out and un-necessary legislation on the back of three Rangers players being sent off against Celtic in February is seems that the Green Brigade are the convenient fall guys for most of societies ills.



    If the Green Brigade were the only problem needing smashed by Strathclyde Police the ‘dear green place’ would be a much more pleasant and accomodating place to live, work and visit

  11. Vmhan♣ who Supports Neil Lennon says:


    4 December, 2011 at 12:21



    I see where your coming from V.



    But let’s be positive eh!



    It’s not Real madrid we’re playing.


    Although Houston is similar to Mourinho.



    Aye Right.




  12. I see the mythical 4 2 4 being posted about again.



    Never has been 4 2 4.












    Cha is quite a good right back. Defensively and in attack. No worries about him at all.



    3 points a priority. Don’t care about the performance.




  13. Strathclyde Polis have to respond to that article . CFC should be seeking an explanation.


    Rob Shorthouse -lets be avin you! what have you got to say?

  14. Paul67 et al



    Important to keep racking up the points. Not my favourite set-up against the Arabs, makes it tough for the centre midfielders. Still if we can get enough ball to Stokes and Hoops we will get goals.

  15. Out of curiosity



    Could posters and lurkers alike give us a role call of where they are in the world right now?



    I’m always curious as to where in the world CQN stretches and what better time than during an away game.



    ‘mon the Hoops…






    PS – I’m ML3

  16. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Fairyhouse 2:50, course & distance winner Droim Toll backed into 5/1. Worth noting.




  17. Lurgan 53



    Yeesss……..but 2 of the mid-field 4 are not mid-fielders.



    Lets hope it works out.

  18. I’m a *little* worried by this formation and the personnel therein.



    Sammi has been a revelation out wide, and Forrest has been one of the best players for us this season, but we need three central midfielders when both of those players play together.



    I think we will either hammer D.U. now, which such an offensive formation, or things will be very difficult indeed. 4-2-4 was our undoing last winter, and I hoped Lenny had learned from those mistakes. Peter Houston will fancy his chances here…

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