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  1. thebhoydaveJAPAN on

    Efe being kept in reserve. Gary not even in the squad.



    1 Forster


    2 Matthews


    25 Rogne


    6 Wilson


    3 Izaguirre


    8 Brown


    67 Wanyama


    16 Ledley


    21 Mulgrew


    15 Commons


    32 Watt




















    Hail Hail




  2. Experimental team? The lack of forwards is how we expect our opponents to line up but with Hooper, Forrest and Samaras out we have to live with it.

  3. KK



    Discipline is a great thing when you can keep it – I am screwing the nut those days and staying focused on ma profitable wee niche ha



    A wise man of my acquaintance often says that it’s not so much the winners you back, but the losers you DON’T



    Very true and a few unusual results across Europe yesterday which I did well to keep away from



    B lucky and disciplined :D

  4. Ah see the Neil…has tumbled…at last!



    Tony, is a Natural Born..



    Lonely Linwood Striker..



    Noo, we are cookin’ wid Gas~






    Still, Laughin’

  5. I’m relieved to see Miku on the bench. When I first saw the team via facebook he wasn’t mentioned and I was baffled that we had only 1 striker in the squad. I assume that Hoops is being rested and that he is not out injured. We need both him & Sammi back for Barca. I have the highest regard for Tony Watt and I believe with his work ethic he will be a star of the future but today will be a huge ask of him. If he comes through for us today, A Star may well be born

  6. Hopefully we will give a good performance today as a curtain raiser for Wednesday’s stellar encounter with the impious Catalans.


    Who care about a fourth division outfit with means and ability to outstrip all around them (i.e. cheating,as usual) except that we want to see them dead and buried in a lead-lined casket at the bottom of the deepest sea? Never to be endured again.


    Is anybody else sick of the amount of Yankee ‘news’ endlessly rammed at us? I know it’s post ironic (whatever the hell that means an’ aw….more pseudo chattering classes gobbledygook) to imagine we are the 51st. state of the Ooo Ess Aaa, but in reality we are no more than a big static aircraft carrier off the west coast of Europe (George Orwell knew this) and completetly in thrall to the most warmongering nation in history.


    But, having said that, they invented (?) rock’n’roll and jazz, and I just listened to the new ZZ Top (Dubya Bush’s favourite band apparently) as a prelude to the match. Fat Texan Blues.


    Oh well…it’s the nature of the times we live in to be conflicted and confused.


    Thank God for Celtic F.C. No confusion there.


    See yez on the other side. I have a cold. So what? Well….it matters to me.



  7. Good luck to the Bhoys today. Love the way Neil is still talking about


    Kilmarnock defeat, no more slacking from hear on in.



    Good win today on cards.

  8. Good afternoon miki67



    The time is flying in now! Anticipating a good game today but looking forward to Wednesday all the more.




  9. Good lookin’ (?) line-up even though no Hooper or Samaras ( being rested for Weds. I imagine) and I’m surprised to see Broony there, though he always wants to play I hope he stays match fit. To my mind, he’s indispensable these days in European games…..I know, I know, the league’s just as important, but the schedule is so packed right now. (Thanks to whoever for cutting us no slack whatsoever. As has been asked previously, why were we not playing yesterday? They shift the goalposts fast enough to accommodated the horribles…why bother asking…we all know why..)


    No Miku? Not even on the bench? Is he a busted flush already? Only asking. I would’ve though today would be an ideal opportunity for him to display his credentials, no innuendo intended……


    Television ON….

  10. Hello there Shady……will be there on Wednesday….me,happy as a far-flung Celt can be.


    The big metropolis of Glasgow….you’d think I never grew up there, ever visited.


    But, yes, November 7th……I am looking forward to it big time.


    Scarf packed…al that good stuff!



  11. corkcelt12:40 on 4 November, 2012miki, miku is a sub.




    See….my head is so fogged by this cold I can’t even read properly. Thank you for pointing that out to me. I really didn’t see that earlier.

  12. Warning Shortbread announce – Scottish Cup to be discussed at half-time.



    Cue radio off for 10 minutes.



    C’mon the Hoops 3-0!

  13. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Great team …..mon the hoops …..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Afternoon all,



    Sat in my local way down south, game on 5 screens, English premiership doesnt get a look in.


    4-0 Hoops.

  15. Good morning from a cold eastern seaboard or what’s left of it.


    Fortunately our away record is better than our home one in that we score more away.


    I hope it continues today

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