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  1. Celtic Football Club ‏@celticfc 4m



    #Celtic: Forster; Lustig, Wilson, Ambrose, Izaguirre; McCourt, Brown, Ledley, Commons; Samaras, Hooper.

  2. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Damn…..missed AGAIN…..LOL

  3. It hiz bin established.. BY ME…no YOU FOLK..







    Sammi…is a “Seven Minute Man”.



    Yet.. Neil keeps oan , keepin’ oan.. No Tumblin’, tae that.



    Yep… That is Only As Much Time..during an S.P.L. Confronto… when he is Effective.



    The Rest of the Ninety.. He is .. well.. In- Effective.



    In a S.P.L encounter.. Sammi, should Be only oan the Pitch fur.. well.



    SEVEN MINUTES.. mebbe Stretch that tae.. Eight … if it is a Guid Sunny Day.



    Ach.. Whit’s the use..



    Nae buddy else oan here agrees wi’ Me.. but



    Dae Ah care?



    Tak Three Guesses.



    By the way.. If this is the Team that Neil hiz picked fur the Day..



    Tak a Look at .. the Subs Bench..



    Goat it?






    Noo, Young Fisher..is ..



    In Ma Opinion.. Remember.. Ma Opinion…No Your’s or Your’s and Yes… Your’s…




    HIz the Potentiality tae become the Next..



    Victor Wanyama..



    Ah hope we get a chance tae see Him, In today’s game..



    But, Knowing.. Neil ..and his Proclivities… which Ah wull no Divulge tae the General Public,at this Time..



    The Odds are… Fifty tae Wan Oan… that we wullnae get the Chance.



    Atajic,is also a Good Prospect..



    He is VERY,VERY, VERY.. whit they call… A Technically Gifted Fitba-er



    A real.. Five Tool Type of a Player..



    Again.. Knowing Neil’s .. Ingrained n Stubborn Proclivities oan soiten Matters, which Ah shan’t Discuss… Here..



    Ah Do Not Expect tae See. This Youngster..



    Neil..If ye are Reading this..



    Ah dare ye..



    Mak Me a False Prophet!







  4. up_over_goal on

    Here’s how I think Celtic will line up:



    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Forster ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    Lustig :::::::::::::::: Ambrose ::::::::::::::::: Wilson :::::::::::::: Izaguirre



    Commons :::::::::::: Brown ::::::::::::::::::: Ledley ::::::::::::::: McCourt



    :::::::::::::::::::::::::: Hooper :::::::::::::::::: Samaras ::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    The central defence is a bit dodgy, with a poor points ratio when they don’t have Wanyama screening them, but hopefully Ambrose and wilson are getting used to each other by now.



    On the flanks looks very strong. McCourt and commons MUST start on the left and right respectively. Lustig and Commons have 15 from 18, and compliment each other, with Lustig’s more conservative style allowing Commons to be more creative going forward. Likewise, Izzy stays back when Paddy’s in front of him – they nearly always play well and have a healthy 22 pts from 27 when partnered.



    The central mid of Brown/Ledley is nothing flashy, but very effective – they have a 100% return from 7 matches in 4-4-2.



    Up front is where I have a problem. 4-4-2 calls for nuts and bolts strikers, not tactical players like Samaras. I suspect Lenny will omit Sammi for the Hibs game, and so is giving him a start today to bolster his pride.



    Expect either Sammi (please) or Paddy to be subbed on the hour mark to make way for the more effective striker partnership of Hooper/Stokes.

  5. Looks like James Forrest is being wrapped in cotton wool ahead of next Sunday.



    I would have done the same with Brown + Ledley. If either of them get injured we have a major problem for the Cup final.


    Best of luck to the BHOYS today,and to the superbly talented Paddy in the future.

  7. My Dear,Dear, Dear, Friend.. The Singing Detective..




    Hiya.. Pally?


    Nice tae greet ye..



    Aye..Oh Aye..



    Where’s the Cannon Ball Kid?



    Remember whit Ah jist done Tole Y’all?



    Ye Don’t?






    Neil hiz these ..er…. Proclivities…. of which…






    He is a Helpless Prisoner.









    Still… Laughin’

  8. Ross County clearly trying to rival Mothers for the worst pitch in the league ….

  9. The Boy Jinky on




    If your gonna bring alphabetical order into the debate I will concede first place to you now ;)

  10. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Ten Men – Broonie needs game time to get back to full match fitness, but Ledley is a big risk. I would have hoped to see Rogic start today.



    Mon the Hoops



  11. Singing Detective..



    Delited.. tae Oblige, palomino.




    Ledley , will Play his Usual… Ten Minutes.. ( He jist.. Barely Beats Sammi…in the Effeciveness Stakes)



    Then He wull retire tae his usual Comfort Zone of.. Eighty Minutes of…Ineffective Quietude.



    So.. Pal… Wull that Dae?





    Still.. Laughin

  12. charles kickham on

    Ten Men Won The League



    12:35 on 19 May, 2013



    if he kept his hand in his trouser pocket just a wee bit too long would he be classified as a “tanner ball player”



    I’ll get my coat

  13. Hope we have a good win without a bloody battle. We don’t want any injuries to add to our already depleted squad’s problems.



    Sixty years ago we were worrying about the fitness of one Charles Patrick after he had pulled a muscle in making two goals which defeated Matt Busby’s babes in the semi-finals of the Coronation Cup.



    In the event we need not have worried.



    Evening Times May 18, 1953


    Tully May Miss Cup Decider





    Before the Coronation Cup Tournament started Hibernian were the most favoured of the Scottish clubs to win the trophy and Celtic were reckoned to have no chance at all!



    Now the two have vanquished their English opponents and it will be an all-Scottish final at Hampden on Wednesday.



    The change in Celtic fortunes has been astonishing, and the Parkhead folk themselves share in the general wonderment.



    Whether or not they win the cup, Celtic must go into the new season with high hopes.



    Their prospects of success in the final have been dimmed by the Injury to Tully. He has a pulled muscle, and Jimmy McGrory reports he is unlikely to play.



    Tully “made” the two Celtic goals against Manchester United.



    Fernie is fit


    BUT Fernie is fit again, and we may see him on the left wing with Peacock.



    On their displays against Arsenal and Manchester United the Celts are worthy finalists. As for Hibernian they put on a terrific show in disposing of Newcastle United.



    It is on the pleasure they have given us throughout the season that Hibernian will be mostly welcomed to the last stage. No other club is more worthy of this distinction.



    For sheer consistency and for keeping intact the glory of forward play the Edinburgh team was almost duty bound to go to Hampden on Wednesday.



    Evans and McPhail


    It should be a grand occasion.



    Against Manchester United the Celts repeated that gay, refreshing football which had sent Arsenal to defeat.



    The United, who had delighted us against Rangers, found that Celtic had the wing half back power Rangers lacked.



    Evans and McPhail played Pearson and Downie out of the game, and with that incredible energy which makes him unique, Evans would go far into the Manchester defences himself.



    Matt Busby’s team gave us 10 minutes or so of rare football and even in their second-half distress they tried to play copy-book stuff.



    But the Celts were not having any! They declined to be denied the prize and in keeping their heads and playing real good foot¬ball I give them full marks.



    In Silence


    YES, Celtic are worthy, If surprising finalists.



    We are an extraordinarily biased people. Those Manchester players must have thought they had few friends at Hampden!



    They came out to a few half-¬hearted handclaps and when Rowley scored his splendid goal it was received in silence!



    Perhaps the crowd were dis¬pleased to some decree. The un-seniorlike Manchester habit of denying the taker of a free kick his 10 yards clearance was not popular.



    If the move was intended to rile it completely failed.



    I thought the referee allowed players of both sides too much freedom with their arms. British football has ever decreasing reasons to complain how con¬tinentals push.



    Extra Zest


    CELTIC had as many football talents as the United, and they clinched the matter by that bit of extra zest and grit—things we have failed to detect in our English visitors.



    At the same time we have been grateful for their coming.



    They have showed us a good lot in how to tame the ball and in smooth combined play.



    If only they had played at the speed for which English football is famed.

  14. channelislandcelt on

    roy croppie



    Surely Paddys’ finest start 02/01/11 HUN 0 CELTIC 2 (SAMARAS 2)

  15. Great weather today. It is only drizzle nite full on rain. Might get grass cut and car washed. Where’s ma wellies and cagool (newsflash: i have never written the word cagool before. Is it still a word and is that how to spell it?)

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