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    Extreme Fakeover: Glasgow Edition



    Thanks primarily to one twitter account and a lot of leaking, there has been a lot of fun going on thanks to developments in Rangers land. The vast amounts of leaks occurring have engulfed the club in a series of fresh crises and the latest one (the only one not having come through the twitter account in question) is the most deadly.



    But what are these revelations and what do they mean? Much of the below is based around information from the twitter account @charlottefakes (https://twitter.com/CharlotteFakes). If you don’t follow it currently, make sure you do.



    Leak 1 – Rangers Letter Before Claim link



    What is it about?



    In short, this is the letter sent to Rangers on behalf of Craig Whyte stating “Excuse me lads, you appear to have shafted me”




    What is the importance?



    It details exactly what Charles Green and Imran Ahmed are alleged to have done and details exactly what evidence there is to back it up.



    a) “Accordingly, Aidan Earley approached Imran Ahmed to invite him to participate in the takeover plan” – Confirming that Ahmed and Green were involved in Rangers only at the behest of Craig Whyte



    b) “Aidan Earley… …to receive an equal share of a fee consisting of £250,000 plus 10% of the enlarged share capital” – Confirming that Aidan Earley, on behalf of Whyte, was contracted to receive renumeration for his part.



    c) “(without £25k to pay lawyers) …Charles Green’s Cheque to FFW would have bounced” – Not just quite funny, but also showing that, without the hand of Whyte, there was no way the takeover could have gone through on it’s own as Green et al didn’t have the money to hand to get things started!



    d) “Turned down alternative offers” Considering that Duff and Phelps were Craig Whyte’s choice of appointment for administrators, this is tantamount to admitting that Duff and Phelps turned down valid offers for Rangers at the behest of Craig Whyte even when offers were not on the table.



    e) “Introduced Jim Park as a consultant in order to introduce Mike Ashley… …as both a key investor and developer of the RFC retail arm” – That is this Jim Park – http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/twice-bankrupt-jim-park-has-been-taken-1220783 – Notice how he denies knowing Whyte in the article. Clearly telling porkies there in the Record.



    f) Evidence. This alleges that Whyte/Sevco 5088 possess some of the following – Audio recordings of Charles Green confirming Whyte and Earley’s involvement, Charles Green’s signature confirming Whyte and Earley’s involvement, correspondence detailing how Whyte’s involvement would be hidden, text messages with Imran Ahmed’s Mum’s bank details and confirmation she received £137.5k from Whyte and the CVA document (as detailed previously, this stated Sevco 5088 were getting assets not Sevco Scotland).



    Most of this has leaked. Most of this is damning. Most of it probably wouldn’t be admissible in court.



    g) Breaches. Assets were moved, without permission, from Sevco 5088 to Sevco Scotland, Charles Green laid into Craig Whyte at every opportunity, Whyte and Earley were not repaid the money they loaned and Sevco Scotland became Rangers, not Sevco 5088.



    All of this is fairly easily proven with a couple of documents and bank statements. It would seem somewhat of an open and shut case.



    h) Losses. Aidan Earley lost £62,500 initially, £25,000 to Charles Green and 10% of the enlarged shareholding (that’s approx £3.6m on current market cap). Craig Whyte lost the opportunity to redeem his reputation (although, one could argue that’s not really salvageable anyway). Both lost the opportunity to be large shareholders in an initially successful flotation.



    i) Finally, “we are very concerned therefore that you intend to raise investment on assets that you do not own (through the IPO) and therefore perpetrate a fraud on both ourselves and potential investors”



    I have mentioned before my opinion that the IPO was solely a device with which to obfuscate the ownership. This financial obfuscation is in black and Whyte there.





    Leak 2 – Charles Green on Deloitte



    What’s it about?



    “Now, obviously that’s not for public consumption…”




    What’s the importance?



    Proof, on tape, that Charles Green misled Deloitte on the involvement of a member of his consortium. If he misled them on one, who else did he mislead them on? Perhaps even more importantly, who else has he actually mislead?



    Deloitte are, of course, doing the investigation into Charles Green’s conduct. I’m sure that this leak would make some interesting evidence for them.





    Leak 3 – Imran Ahmed and Wonga.com link



    What’s it about?



    How Rangers could get their hands on £8m of working capital…




    What’s the importance?



    By using Murray Park as collateral. Perhaps this is why they wanted to rename it as a bargaining tool to knock a couple of points off the interest rate. The other thing to note is the date – Imran Ahmed was still discussing funding Rangers via Whyte and Earley and (presumably) Sevco 5088 when the club was already in the hands of Sevco Scotland without them being aware of it!





    Leak 4 – Scouting For Girls link



    What’s it about?



    Craig Whyte discusses where savings can be made




    What’s the importance?



    Firstly, that ditching JJB was decided upon before Mike Ashley was ever introduced to the club is an interesting point to make. Of much more fun, however, is Craig’s judgement of the Rangers personnel: Halve Ally’s Salary and then, pretty much, sack all the players! Kirk Broadfoot is “useless”, Lee McCulloch has “zero sell on value”, Alan McGregor is “too expensive” at £25kpw. Only Steven Davis is saved from Whyte’s cutting analysis of the first team squad. Of course, the greatest irony is that, of all the players mentioned, Lee McCulloch, of whom Whyte said to terminate his contract, was the only one to stay on. Even funnier than that is the mental image of Lee McCulloch working out that he’s actually been working for the past two years for someone of the opinion that he is a waste of space and should be fired.





    Leak 5 – Accounting link



    What’s it about?



    Financial Projections




    What’s important about it?



    Well, that Rangers, had they been saved in a CVA, would still have been budgeted to lose £6m in 2012-13 is startling considering they couldn’t stay afloat particularly as that £6m budget loss included revenues from a) the SPL and b) European football. That Rangers are still losing £1m a month after trimming £11m off the wage bill shows how bad things must be there. Based on those projections and a bit of rough maths in my head, that would suggest that Rangers are currently, at the very most, making £12m per year – based on losing £1m per month with the £11m trimmed off the wage bill for the budget for 2012/13 with no other falls in costs. Bearing in mind that it is highly unlikely that Rangers haven’t trimmed costs elsewhere, revenues could really have gone through the floor unless costs elsewhere have not fallen or increased, which would be grossly negligent.





    Leak 6 – He’s not the chosen one, he’s a very naughty boy link



    What’s it about?



    Paul Clark, partner of Duff and Phelps, calls Charles Green Craig Whyte’s chosen one




    What’s important about it?



    It clearly indicates that Duff and Phelps were in on Sevco from the very beginning, going to the extent of a partner at the firm jokingly calling Charles Green “The chosen one” and asking if Craig Whyte has “signed the letters”. In addition, it is revealed that valid offers to buy companies don’t need to come in on a nice shiny letterhead, instead they can be just tapped out while waiting in line to try and order Yorkshire Tea at Starbucks for the millionth time.





    Leak 7 – Thought you may know something… link



    What’s it about?



    Duff and Phelps get asked about the big tax case




    What’s important about it?



    That they got asked for their opinion before Craig Whyte ever bought Rangers proving they had involvement in the original takeover thereby showing that they shouldn’t have been anywhere near running the administration of the club.





    Leak 8 – Sevco 5088 buy Rangers






    Long and important document as this is the one which commits Sevco 5088 (and NOT Sevco Scotland) to Rangers. 73 pages long and the important bit is the first two words although the rest will certainly be of interest to those better versed in what this sort of thing should look like than I.





    Leak 9 – Charles and Craig have a chat link



    What is it?



    Charles and Craig discuss The Blue Knights and Alistair “That effer” Johnstone on Craig’s dictaphone




    What’s important about it?



    Charles, Craig and Aidan Earley talk about their progress. Almost a Sevco 5088 board meeting, as it were, albeit one would think that few board meetings would be as potty mouthed as Charles Green in this audio clip.





    Leak 10 – Leak-al Counsel link



    What is it?



    Aidan Earley gets legal advice on Sevco 5088’s claim to Rangers




    What’s important about it?



    Firstly, it cannot go without mention that, as part of this, Craig Whyte lays claim to the book and film rights to his takeovers. It goes without saying that the counsel on his claim to these rights is that it does not require comment.



    The importance, however, is that they are of the opinion that, should Earley and Whyte seek to take on Rangers, there’s a pretty good chance they could win and that Charles Green did act inappropriately. Green was “in breach of his fiduciary duties to Sevco 5088” and that Sevco 5088 should be able to legally overturn the sale.





    Leak 11 – Nothing’s Gay in a 5 Way






    What it is?



    A draft of the 5 way agreement that apparently came out late last year but seems to have been buried until popping up again recently.




    What’s important about it?



    Where to start? Rangers guaranteed 1st Division football at least, Rangers guaranteed the stripping of 5 titles and 4 cups (though no League Cups. They just stay there for some reason. I suspect because no-one cared enough), that the 3 year exile from Europe is scribbled out, that Rangers had to provide the full details of everything to the SFA for them to consider the application (but, later on that, as long as all was received, they’d be waved through). It’s all interesting, it’s all explosive.






    All in all, it’s been a pretty noteworthy week. On reflection of where we were just 6 months ago, events have proceeded to make Phil MacGiollaBhain’s “Downfall” appear like a prologue rather than a book – like a history of World War Two written in 1939.



    One gets the feeling that it is only now that the phoney war has truly ended.




  2. Kilgore Trout on

    ScotPatsFan @ 17:08



    Saw your post earlier in the week about the Steve Hackett.


    I was there. Wasn’t to sure what to expect.


    Last saw him in 1977 not long before he left Genesis which, musically, was pretty well the death of the band.


    Though the concert was excellent. He seemed a little slow and hesitant in his movement about stage but the hands still clearly work!


    Good band he had with him, too.

  3. kevinlasvegas on

    RalphWaldoEllison remembers ALS victims Jimmy Jonstone & John Cushley



    CG was defo there by the sounds. in for a week of it by the sounds. Fun!!!





  4. stpatricksbhoy, Santa Ponsa is usually full of Tims, a lot of resorts in Majorca are overrun by Brits but Santa Ponsa is a big spot for Irish & Celts.

  5. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Well done to Lennie and the Bhoys today for a superb warm up for the cup-final next Sunday.I see many on CQN are still waiting for the situation at Ibrokes to implode and the MSM to start to investigate them in a professional manner the old saying springs to mind you will wait until hell freezes over before that happens.With all that has been disclosed about the goings on of The Rangers Dunfermline and Hearts are being treated in a harsher manner than them. The establishment and the Lodge are ensuring that there is no proper punishment metored out to them and no MSM reporting on the subject.It cant have failed to escape your notice league reconstruction is being pushed through and also they are discussing signings that The Rangers will make in the closed season and this is a club with a transfer ban. The way is being paved to return them to the SPL at the earliest opportunity why you bhoys continue to beat yourselves up about the injustices that are being exposed and expecting there demise is beyond me. As an older Celtic fan I have seen how the Masonic tentacles creep into all aspect of life in Scotland I do not expect to see fair play and justice for all in Scottish football I fully expect to see The Rangers back in the SPL before to long and fat sleekit Ally being a hero to them. On the Malcolm Murray tape I suspect there is not on poster on CQN who would allow somone to talk to them the way Murray allowed it assuming of course that its a true tape. H.H.

  6. Afternoon all



    Just listened to the Imran -Murray (M) tape. Questions



    1. Is this genuine?



    2. If so who is leaking it?



    3. In whose interest is this particular leak?



    It is though good to hear that in the dignified tradition of the club there is a continuation of the no leaks policy. And I like Keech Jackson being spoken of as though he were Jon Pilger.







  7. RalphWaldoEllison remembers ALS victims Jimmy Jonstone & John Cushley on




    Not a professional but am willing to help out in any way I can.



    Live in the States though.






    MM did not sound like someone you’d like to have in charge in a crisis. Clearly, he was a dupe for the new regime and the way he was spoken to by such a cowboy shows how little respect he had from that regime. Puppet chairmen rarely do well, especially when they don’t recognize that they have been in a crisis since the beginning.



    Green/Ahmed still controlling things at Ayebrokes, so more fun to come,



    Ton English are you reading the blog?

  8. KLV


    No worries! I’m just down in the road in ML5.



    Kilgore Trout


    I really enjoyed it.


    Brought back many memories of Genesis.


    I only ever saw them at Hampden in the late 80’s backed up by Paul Young.


    I was in the Upper Circle on Tues night and the sound could’ve been better.


    The guys I was there with were in the stalls and they said the sound was very good there.


    I only got my ticket that afternoon hence the cheapseat!


    Delighted I went anyway.




  9. NL: We will prepare for the cup final like it’s a Champions League game, it’s so important to us and is a game we want to win.

  10. Sorry if already posted more fromCharlotte


    Who Are These People?



    In April 2012, Ally McCoist famously asked this question of the three members of the SFA Judicial Panel that imposed transfer sanctions on Rangers FC. At the time, it was widely reported that Rangers personnel already knew the names of the panelists and many speculated that McCoist was just shamelessly trying to stir up supporters to threaten those who might impose penalties in the future.



    Just how well Rangers knew these people might be surprising. It was reported after the three panelists were named in the Scottish media that one of them, Alistair Murning, was a Rangers season ticket holder. It was odd that he did not recuse himself from such duties, but given the penalties imposed, few doubted at the time that a fair outcome was achieved.



    The attached email correspondence shows that in October 2011, just six months before sitting to determine the punishment for his club’s failure to remit taxes withheld from players’ wages, Mr. Murning was in close communications with Craig Whyte’s father. His refusal to believe the evidence against Craig Whyte at this time is interesting too.



    As an SFA Judicial Panelist, did Murning put aside his loyalties to his club and act impeccably? Or is there a pattern of ‘Rangers men’ sitting in key positions to ensure that punishments are manageable and minimal? You now have some more information to help you decide for yourself.








  11. IF the tape is genuine then it reveals that Media House are acting for Sevco (Murray mentions having spoken to Ramsay, ie Ramsay Smith who handled the huns account for Media House).



    That would explain why the MSM are still in poodle mode. Media House know enough about each of their little peccadilloes to keep them in line.

  12. Evening bhoys from a warm hun free mountain valley.



    Played some superb football today.



    Good to see Broonie getting a full game.



    Big Fraser looking assured.



    In fac the the whole team were on song today, and that included the management team.



    The support were superb as ever.

  13. Just back from a thoroughly enjoyable wee trip to Tannadice.



    The Celtic support in fine voice despite the thousands of empty seats. Best not get me started on that.



    The players rising to the occasion just in time for next week’s cup final.

  14. MurdochauldandHay



    Malcolm Murray made out to be a drunk in ‘The Blue Room’ loose lips sink ships and all that. Will MM sue ? ….I doubt it another real tape of a conversation lol! Watergate eat your heart out.

  15. Arsenal fans and players going nuts at clinching 4th. Imagine what they would be like if they ever won a trophy again.

  16. Well done to Paul Hartley on promotion.


    What chances the Alloa no. 2 Being pulled up by Lunny for swearing. Caught clearly on camera and audio during celebrations.?



    Absolutely none and rightly so.



    Lenny is obviously a special case

  17. RalphWaldoEllison remembers ALS victims Jimmy Jonstone & John Cushley on




    Thanks for posting all that and your own comments too.



    Only other comment I would make is that the email from Charles to Clark where he discusses the terms of their (Sevco) offer, he makes it clear that neither he nor Whyte actually wanted a CVA. (We always knew this since the intention was to asset strip the club, but to see it in print.) As I recall he stated that any CVA should not get in the way of their timescale for their (Sevco) deal. In other words, stuff the creditors and the fans, the club are to be liquidated regardless of what HMRC or anyone else wants. The MSM then made sure that it was the faceless HMRC that were credited with bringing about the failure of the CVA.




  18. Missed the game, unfortunately, sounds like it was a cracker. Anyone posted the goals yet?

  19. RalphWaldoEllison remembers ALS victims Jimmy Jonstone & John Cushley


    18:04 on


    19 May, 2013



    Sorry bud not my work credit all due to poster on Kerrydale street called Moravcik67



    It will take a lot of work to make all the connections within the game of thrones currently taking place at Sevco stadium, given the amount of material and its various formats in which its being released in semms it will once again be the internet bampots who will put the material into perspective and context, hacks like Tom English will just continue to take cheap shots at Celtic fans, apparently it sells newspapers

  20. Test , ignore




    Oh my, 11.00.



    Anyway, only 6 more sleeps…



    Goodnight all