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  1. Paddy to Commons, wide then to Sammi, cut inside and his shot was deflected high over the keepers head

  2. Paddy Pass.. Startie the Flow



    Sammi.. Did the rest..



    a Real.. Beautiful Goal.. .Sammi.. well Done.. son



    Celtic2 Jampots 0




  3. up_over_goal on

    Please don’t go, Paddy. :-(



    Beautiful pass to Sammi, who is deemed offside. Hmmm.

  4. northbhoy ... \o/ on

    Now I didnae see that coming



    Well done Sammi, I tried switching to Clyde2 but I am struggling, for those on Celtic TV keep the details coming.

  5. Celtic_First on

    Great ball from Paddy. Samaras flagged for offside. We think Celtic are hard done to by that decision, Monsieur L’Assistant.

  6. leftclicktic on

    northbhoy … \o/


    12:50 on


    19 May, 2013


    This is a strange one…….listening to SSB but with my eye on CQN, thank you for this site.



    C’mon the Cellic, lets build on last weeks strong footballing performance.



    Commons to score first after 12 mins.







    Take a bow sir and can I have next weeks lottery numbers PLEASE

  7. No replays today. Paddy played a geat ball to Sammi but given off-side. Looked tight

  8. LIke Ah Said



    Paddy is Playing . a .. THOUGHTFUL GAME..




    He is Ma Man Of the Match.. So faur..




  9. Whit a ball by Paddy, if that wasn’t Off and I’m not sure t’would have been pass of the season.

  10. Celtic_First on

    Oh Sami, Sami


    He floats like a gazelle


    Just like the lovely Cheryl


    He uses L’Oréal


    He’s definitely worth it


    With hair so long and fine


    Georgios Samaras


    Celtic’s number nine.

  11. up_over_goal on

    McCourt seeing every player who makes a run. This time it’s to Hooper, but the pass is overhit on the wet grass.

  12. northbhoy ... \o/ on

    Checked with BBC Alba but not on there later its Dunfermlne v Alloha !!

  13. up_over_goal on

    McCourt to Commons, robbed by Flood. Izzy switches to McCourt to Commons, to Hooper, takes it 35 yds out. Misses.



    Slick stuff.

  14. At long last Paddy is played in his proper position. He has a wonderful range of passing and a superb footballing brain. What’s the betting Ian Holloway will have him at Crystal Palace, EPL or not?

  15. Paddy is a Revelation , today.



    He is Behind.. Virtually.. Every Dangerous Attack




    Ah am Impressed.. Ah wonder if Neill wull be .. and has second Thoughts aboot







  16. thomthethim




    13:08 on 19 May, 2013




    That boy Mc.Court looks a prospect.




    He does indeed. Strange NL could never find a regular spot for the best footballer in the squad?

  17. Daly getting booed every time he touches the ball – not sure our fans or theirs

  18. up_over_goal on

    DU have possession for 9 secs, Brown brings an end to it. Commons fires in a shot. Wide.



    Shoot on sight.

  19. northbhoy ... \o/ on

    leftclicktic ….you are too kind…….now if only I knew those numbers I could maybe buy a crocked football stadium…..




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