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  1. Sky sports showing a clip of the St J goal …..no clips of CFC goals ..



    Show the clips of the games that little or no one is interested in



    Studio set up faux pas or Hun bassas

  2. Dodgy stream….keech.


    Got the “Highland Derby” on the box…..well they had to call it something. Rubbish. Seen better Subbuteo games.



  3. kevinlasvegas on

    Ah Thanks Again mncelt, lol I thought he was playing. Nice one mate,




  4. up_over_goal on

    DU now with 4 at the back, better for them.



    McCourt tackles, wins ball, Brown to Commons, but ball cleared.



    Mackay Stevens playing well. Wilson finally deals with it, playing ball off DU player.

  5. Good Spell from Dundee..




    They are soitenly worthy Opponents..




    Ah like thur Attitude..



    Who Is Thur Manager??




  6. up_over_goal on

    Izzy gives away FK, 40 yds out.



    Mackay Stevens tackled by Izzy. Ledley gives it Sammi, to McCourt, cuts inside, Brown to Izzy. Ball played back. Prolonged Celtic possession now.



    Commons overeager and fires over.

  7. Good spell of possession there – must have been about 30 passes, ends with a KC shot going wide




  8. Bhoys,i know it aint much but the other games have an impact on euro qualification,


    let them have their day,we have next week to look forward to

  9. up_over_goal on




    Celtic all over them, but their transition to 4 at the back means we have had fewer chances since.

  10. Ta to those posting the Celtic goals.


    Still don’t get why it’s not being televised.


    Confused? Yes…I am.

  11. *THE KING VIC 67* on

    Should our leader now make 2 subs and protect our key players and save 1 incase of injury/paddy tires?

  12. Celtic_First on

    Folks, for £40 a year, or something, you can subscribe to Celtic TV. The money goes straight to the club, and even though people in Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales can’t watch live video, we get the audio and we can watch the video later on.



    What’s not to like?



    The audio is like Radio CQN.

  13. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Big thanks to all for posting the goals up. Means a lot to get to see them.. Brilliant CQN at its finest. Together we ARE Celtic..



    Great that SSPORTS getting the wrong game. Another indication of the SMSM dictating an agenda..



    Wee Jackies coat peg, shaking a bit..




  14. Ah Am enjoying..



    No.. “End of the Season” Game.



    Tip of the Sombrero tae.. Oor Opponents.. They are No Lying Doon.



    Some good End to end stuff.




    Celtic , are Ascendant..of course.. but..



    Dundee, are Gien them a Game, aweright.



    Who is thur Manager.. again?



    Ah like this Kinda Game..



    Dae You?



    Sure ye dae..



    Three Goals.. in the Foist Half .. Fur The Celtic..



    Always, Gets the Enjoyment Juices Flowing..






    Happy a Larry.

  15. HT Dundee Utd 0-3 Champions



    Excellent first half from the Bhoys. The first 10 mins were a bit scrappy as we got used to the bumpy pitch, then we stepped it up and DU were overrun for the remainder of the half.



    3 good goals with KC and Sammi at the heart of them all. Paddy has done very well in midfield, Ledley and Brown not so much. Defensively we have not been pressed much but we have looked solid. Izzy probably the stand out back there. FF has had a couple of decent saves but his distribution has been poor.



    Would love to see Hoops get a goal or 2 as he has struggled the last few games to show much up front. MOM so far is a close call between KC and Paddy, with KC getting the nod due to his hand in the goals.



    Keep it up second half Bhoys

  16. *THE KING VIC 67* on




    13:32 on 19 May, 2013


    Bhoys,i know it aint much but the other games have an impact on euro qualification,


    let them have their day,we have next week to look forward to





    Couldn’t agree more…



    What a great season for all competing in the SPL.



    We have had plenty of games on tv.



    It’s now these guys turns, after all it is a big game for them.



    We should never become The ” establishment club” and expect superior treatment.

  17. RalphWaldoEllison remembers ALS victims Jimmy Jonstone & John Cushley on




    Well done with the updates.



    Dunno how you can watch/enjoy game and still do your commentary.






    Speedtypists CSC

  18. Celtic missing out badly in media revenue from Celtic Park exiles in Ireland and parts of the Uk.

  19. Celtic First, The Audio is Ok up to a point but I suppose we have been spoiled with coverage and anything less then watching the action live is a bummer.

  20. Celtic_First on

    *THE KING VIC 67*





    All I want is equality, for my sisters, my brothers, my people and me.




  21. kevinlasvegas on

    Good Summing up mncelt, All us Bhoys, who can’t watch the game appreciate it. Top Man . ;)




  22. Superb first 45 from Celtic – shootie in.



    Expect Utd will get a rocket, and Celtic will score again on the break, where we can play the second half, as the game is already won.