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  1. “GREENPINATA on 8TH NOVEMBER 2021 8:03 AM


    Is it time to rid football of all politics. ?”



    This is what Ange said on the topic:



    “You need to understand when people aren’t happy about issues they have every right to express themselves, it’s just the manner in which they do it.”



    Is it time to rid football of all politics. ?



    The poppy, blm etc etc



    Yes from me. Let football be the escape from hatred, prejudice and politics


    Those who bring it can be dealt with lawfully and accordingly



    ‘Is it time to rid football of all politics. ?’





    Would that mean no more internationals?

  4. I have to bring some very sad news to the blog this morning. My friend and huge tim Squire Danaher passed away yesterday, I’m not going to go into the details on here but thought anyone who knew him would want to know.



    He’ll be hugely missed by everyone who knew him.

  5. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    That’s a shock re: Squire Danaher, who I only knew through this blog.



    Very sad for his friends and family – thoughts are with all who knew him.






  6. Good morning everyone from the Garngad.



    OMG so sad to hear about Squire Danaher.



    Sincere condolences to his family and friends may he rest in peace.



    D :(

  7. onenightinlisbon on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 7TH NOVEMBER 2021 9:42 PM



    Really appreciate that…….your permission means so much to me…..

  8. glendalystonsils on

    Very sad news . Didn’t know him personally but enjoyed his presence on the blog .


    RIP Squire Danaher.

  9. TIMMY7, thanks for being the bearer of such bad news. Like others I only ‘knew’ SQIRE DANAHER through this blog but was always impressed how he handled himself on here. Sad, sad news – please pass on my thoughts to his family.

  10. Timmy7_noted on 8th November 2021 9:10 am



    …my friend and huge tim Squire Danaher passed away yesterday…’



    Mate; I’m saddened to learn of your loss and the loss to this blog of a well-kent poster. May he RIP.

  11. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    On the subjects around the game yesterday – and only my opinion:



    Singing / disrespecting the minutes silence – don’t agree with that. Notwithstanding the current politicisation of the poppy, many us have family who fought in the two world wars and we choose to pay respect via a minute’s silence when asked. I get all the arguments about it being hijacked, etc. – really do, and agree with many of them. That is a great shame, and it says a lot about the people who have appropriated this for their own ends (where did the other Glasgow club lay their hands on field artillery and a military presence for their ‘solemn’ affair???). Notwithstanding that, for the sake of normal people who want to use the minute’s silence to remember their people, I’d always try to respect that – I don’t think it is an awful lot to ask.



    Tennis balls – do agree with that. However, I noted that there was no attempt whatsoever on the BBC TV highlights to add any context at all to the protest. As I’ve said in recent days – the potential / reported / rumoured appointment of Higgins to any role in Celtic would be an utter disgrace. For those attending the game yesterday, it seems his hands are very much still on the tiller at Police Scotland – how they managed to find as many Police for a game at Dundee in the midst of COP26 is beyond me. Heavy-handed policing is Higgins’ hallmark – we went through three rings of Police just to get into the queue to get into the game. All checking tickets/glowering/overbearing/harassing. E.g. – Policeman one blocks my path – snaps the single word – “Ticket”. We show him the tickets, walk around him, take three steps to be met by Policeman two, who does exactly the same having just watched PC 1 do the check right in front of him. Rinse/repeat for PC 3 about three steps later. Just the whole atmosphere was – “you are scum, we are in control of you scum”. Truly awful. That’s Higgins and his attitude to Celtic fans – and that’s not touching on the utter Hell that his force and his zealous application of the OBAFA put many families through. Two minutes delay through protest – good enough for me, and I heard not a single complaint from anyone at the game. Might have spoiled some of the TV viewing experience I suppose.



    The ‘songbook’ – I sung them when I was wee, and sometimes do feel a bit uncomfortable hearing them at games now – but maybe that’s just me getting older all ‘sensible’. Would be hypocritical to bang on too much about them being sung now. It seems only to be an issue in Scotland – have heard rebs being sung with gusto in a lot of other countries, although I appreciate they won’t have the context through proximity. To say you shouldn’t sing rebel songs because the events they depict are all in the past isn’t really a consistent argument. Almost all songs, of whatever type, are about things that happened in the past. Celtic songs – great – want more of those.






  12. Shocking news.



    God rest your soul Squire Danaher and for all those who knew and loved you, my thoughts with you at this very sad time.




  13. I am so sorry to hear about Squire Danaher. He was such a good contributor to this blog and always very courteous in making his points and engaging with everyone. A sad loss for Celtic and, much more importantly, his family and friends.

  14. 1 mans rebel song is another mans folk song.



    Let the people sing, it’s how we remember, never forget and tell a story.



    All my opinion of course



    Ps if they want the poppy politics in football then you cannot sensor what people sing about.



    D :)

  15. I don’t think any Celtic supporter takes issue with a minute’s silence to remember the dead of two world wars.



    When the minute’s silence and the poppy appeal drop the reference to ‘other conflicts’ then I don’t see an issue.

  16. My friends in Celtic,



    We should be talking about another great performance yesterday, instead we are talking about off field activities. Again.


    Common decency seems to have disappeared and many Celtic supporters have been offended.



    If they wanted to attention seek, well they’ve got it. Our club and many fans have been embarrassed and shamed.



    While we remember our past we cannot live in it. What was acceptable years ago is no longer acceptable.



    We must evolve voluntary or it will be forced on us.



    We as a football club are not immune to changing attitudes and lifestyle.



    Kodac has adapted


    Rentals of DVD has elvolved.


    Yellow pages has evolved.



    Even Walt Disney has had to adapt. Why do some not get it.




  17. onenightinlisbon on




    Totally agree. Time the club actually came out and condemned the pro IRA songs that the GB love to sing for most of any given game. Move on.

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