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  1. Another comfortable away win.



    Positives – Coming out of the blocks with a real swagger; Kyogo and Jota are exceptional players; Bitton looked good in midfield.



    Negatives – Still too easy to score against; levels seem to really drop without Kyogo – let’s pray he stays fit all season; Georgios needs to grab his opportunity when he gets it. Right now, not convincing at all.

  2. Well ahead of where we should be given te shambles of the cloase season.



    Ange has put together an impressive squad in 1 transfer window, but he will know theres lots of work to be done, particularly in midfield and defence



    Some of the goals we are scoring is top drawer

  3. KLV



    I know but I prefer the glass half full view. Keep scoring from wonderful play up front and keep on working on our defence.

  4. Aye – going to bed happy after some memorable passages of fast, incisive, crisp inter-passing.


    And a couple of forgettable lapses – quite surprised by Joe’s powder-puff punch effort.



    Still – 4 goals and every wee bit pressure on THEMS shows we’re not going away.



    Special mentions to Tony and Nir; slippers stuff. HH

  5. Plenty goals in this Celtic team from many players and a variety of positions, however in the lead and without the ball we need to work harder to stop the opposition getting into crossing positions and getting crosses in, night and day from last year and great to watch us attack.

  6. If Daizen Maeda comes in January then we can rotate him and Kyogo without losing shape, goalscoring threat or intensity. Gio looks no better than Ajeti. Not Angeball players.

  7. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Great to get the win but that was against worst team in league.



    Jota MOTM. Superb. Direct, dynamic and productive.



    Very good from Kyogo and Ralston (going forward).



    As regards rest-



    Hart- Dracula. The 2nd Dundee goal wasn’t even close to a claim


    CCV and SW- Grand. CCV the better of the two. Distribution from SW poor.


    JJ- Solid if unspectacular



    NB- Best midfielder today. By a mile


    CM- Ok. Not usual dynamic performance


    DT- Just doesn’t impress me. One of these guys who splits the support. His corners are generally poor and I think he was relatively ineffective on the ball today. All our good chances came from wide areas- specifically Jota



    LA- Poor



    Subs- JF and MJ- look dangerous


    GG- very poor. Hope we have the receipt.

  8. AIPPLE on 7TH NOVEMBER 2021 1:54 PM



    MARTIM1980 on 7TH NOVEMBER 2021 1:48 PM





    Well said. Stupid first goal to lose and second a wee error from Hart. 2-4 flatters them.






    Good away win after only 2 full days prep not bad and not the outcome the scheduling intended.



    Got to be pleased 😊🍀

  9. After a Thursday night away tie, 3 points away to Dundee and for the most part a very impressive performance is really something to be pleased with.



    We should have been out of sight through Welsh and CCV. Couple of other decent chances too. Two defensive lapses cost us two goals. Apart from that they never lay a glove on us. We looked fitter in the last 10 minutes. Given the tough run we have had that is a good sign.



    Give GG a chance. Not writing anyone off after a few games.



    Jota MOTM but Kyogo, Anthony Ralston and Nir Biton ran him close. CCV had a good game too. Very few didn’t.



    We have another few weeks to work on the defence now. Comes at a good time.



    Orcs will win today. So state of play after a very daunting looking schedule after the last international break is we closed the gap and ensured post Christmas Euro football. Still the best defensive numbers and best goals scored column in Scotland.



    And Kris Botd remains a fool.

  10. onenightinlisbon on

    Good 3 points, loads of positives, Ange knows where we need to improve, well done to him and the team.



    Green Brigade – Love to make themselves the most important thing on display, the banner would have been enough. Song catalogue again embarrassing, gives the MSM the chance to paint the, one side as bad as the other picture. Time for these guys to be shown the door.

  11. good to get 4 goals and 3 pts. some scintillating forward play when we have our top 3 attackers on , but the momentum changes when we bring on our forward subs , JF needs to up his game considerably if he wants to play in Ange’s team and the big greek is a dud, defensively we are still losing sloppy goals and don’t look convincing when under any pressure , oh and has Julien made a decision on when he is going to play again.

  12. Conceded two goals today but still have the best defensive record in our League.


    A 4-2 Away victory 62 hours after a European Away victory is to be applauded.



    Also,if I recall, we were kind of made ready to expect a style of play that was based on simply scoring more than the opposition. Try not to be too negative when that is precisely what happens.

  13. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Big Ange doing a fantastic job. Kyogo a better player than Eddy btw. And Eddy is an incredible talent.



    BTW is Peter Lawwell in charge if transfers at Benfica? Someone there should be getting sacked for that Jota deal. That boy is off the scale.



    Keep saying it – first 11 is unplayable. Squad is a massive downgrade, which is writ large when we get injuries and make subs.



    This team deserves to win the league and will do if we bring in a couple of good ones in January and get rid of the dead wood brought in by the old regime last close season.



    Can’t wait to see soup taker Peter Martin’s face when that happens and the new huns go the same way as the old.

  14. Great result.After Euro night away on a Thursday.If we win every gamec4-2 we would be happy.Yes we lose goals from crosses,but we don’t have great height in there.We allow the crosses to come in.Have to say,although Ralston was one of the best today,a lot of the crosses come from his side,same the Easter Rd game.Jota,MOTM.Ralston,Kyoto,Bit on, very good.Calmac,Turnbull,wishy washy.Jamesy looking me ore like it today.


    Couple of closed door games to get Jullien,and Jamesy on song,and game time for others.

  15. onenightinlisbon on

    HOT SMOKED on 7TH NOVEMBER 2021 2:08 PM



    Many thanks, a football manager I am not….. Bitton looks very accomplished in midfield. Well seen a real football manager like Ange knows where to play him!

  16. Greet result after a long European trip on Thursday.



    Never any doubt Re the result.



    Great to see the energy and connection amongst the players both in play and in celebrating.



    With the Greek lad had scored one or two but still a positive result.



    Some great goals. Averaging close to 3 goals a game too.



    As for the clowns at the start. Maybe good just to allocate tickets for away games to other supporters. I think most folk are getting sick of the juvenile nonsense.



    Maybe a protest against sharing personal details on a QR code is a greater invasion of personal privacy than anything the Higgins guy has done but not hearing anything from the attention seeking clowns about that.

  17. glendalystonsils on

    Heavily handicapped by an intense European away game in midweek , some of our attacking play was a delight to the eye , when we might have been expecting a hangover . Substitutions of our best players and understandable tiredness led to a fairly flat finish but the game was won by then .


    Downside was losing two very preventable goals .


    Still think we need another quality striker in as Giacoumakis doesn’t look convincing , but he deserves a bit more time , as does Jamesie who won’t be up to speed for a while yet .


    Jota looks a snip for £6m , I hope we can find it .

  18. Villa for Gerard is a certainty.



    Gets the Huns out of jail financially.



    Gets him a job close to home at a big club where he can prove himself.

  19. A lot more positives than negatives, Ralston must surely have shut up his detractors by now.


    Powerful display from him.


    Tight between him & Jota for man of the Match.


    Top marks to Kyogo, Bitton & Carter Vickers as well.


    There are no easy games all wins have to be earned.


    We won that makes it a good day for me.

  20. Apart from a poor attempt at humour I didn’t comment on the tennis ball thing. I didn’t know what it was. Having seen the banner now I have to say it was pretty creative.



    I’d prefer if the team didn’t get disrupted at the start of games but i am a bit if a Celtic Da these days. However, I’m not old enough to forget that effective protest is usually disruptive. I also think you have to put the disruption into context – 2 minutes of a delayed game or the years and months Higgins tactics cost quite a few young football fans out if their lives, work, studies, apprenticeships etc etc

  21. What should have been an enjoyable performance and victory partly ruined by a minority of idiots. Shameful.


    Disrespecting a minute’s silence ffs. Hopefully the individuals concerned can be identified and banned indefinitely.

  22. Burnley78 – a real possibility. The EPL has these wee merry go round moments following a few ‘mutual consentings’. Who would replace Slippy if it happens?




    The protest was subtle, got the point across and raised awareness of the issue.



    If it had happened any earlier the GB would have been accused of disrupting the minute’s silence.