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  1. the_huddle



    19:12 on 22 April, 2015






    19:06 on 22 April, 2015



    Chic Young and Murdo McLeod want the player let off because this unfair on the lad to miss the final.What if Meekings scores the winner in the final? What questions would be asked of the compliance officer?




    And they all appear to have forgotten the ref booking the wrong Inverness player (though appearing to know that), which would’ve put the other player out of the final.

  2. paisley bhoy



    19:13 on 22 April, 2015


    Penalty yet?



    ‘Handball ref’

  3. No Joe Hansen, Commons benched.





    Midfield 5 – GMS Broon, Biton, Armstrong, Forrest.



    Lone striker – The Thumb.

  4. Not sure on this one but i’m going with:



    0-3 @ 13/2.






    GMS 1st goal @ 28/1.

  5. Celtic team to play Dundee:



    Gordon; Ambrose, Denayer, van Dijk, Izaguirre; Brown, Bitton; Mackay-Steven, Armstrong, Forrest; Griffiths



    Celtic Subs: Zaluska, Guidetti, Stokes, Scepovic, Commons, Fisher, Tierney.

  6. Don’t expect anything from the mibs tonight, they have their foot on our neck and they


    won’t be easing up anytime soon.

  7. sipsini


    Was a wishaw visiting my mam today and overheard two porters talking Newstart Tim was warned superviser was a Hun and would give him it tight (banter like)




    As he was going to get it anyway was telling other porter that when he met said supervisor and conversation got round tae fitba ,He told him he used to be a HUN but couldnae take it anymore so now follows the Celtic ,I can still hear the two of them laughing as I type.


    C’MON the Hoooooooooooops


    ohhhh and Nir to score in 90mins tonight


    Off out

  8. Someone posted that Forrest had pulled a hammy on Sunday.



    Obviously not true.



    Score a hattrick young fella!!

  9. Philbhoy, You are right about the Ref. Giving a soft one to Celtic would be too obvious. I don’t expect to get robbed by the Ref but I don’t expect any favours either. We just need to up our game and convert our chances.

  10. No news about the huns on here for ages.



    Mibbe we should lose games in controversial circumstances more often.














































































    I’m only kidding!

  11. corkcelt



    Good point about converting our chances.



    We just don’t seem to be doing it enough.



    Perhaps tonight…………………

  12. If ever you want to know how biased refs are have some fun tomorrow – ask a hun for a decision the ever went against them that influenced a game.



    The only one they can ever mention is 1989 a “Throw In” that led to a Joe Miller goal.



    26 years ago – so nothing other than a throw in over a 26 year period.



    Some will mention a free kick to Celtic against St Mirren when all Naka had to do was bend it over a wall, past a keeper and over another defender on the line.



    It really says it all.



    Now come on Celtic get the job done.



    I really wish that Henderson was still with us.




  13. Stringer Bell on

    Hope the away support look after themselves tonight.



    High emotions and the Dundee polis don’t mix well, particularly when said polis are empowerd by the SNP government at hollyrood.



    Everyone home safe would be a result in itself

  14. Seville67



    The fact the throw in was in The Celtic half of the field and there then followed a further period of play resulting in a Rangers defender fluffing a pass back seems to be irrelevant.

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