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  1. Felling better now another one or two and I can sleep easy the coming weeks HH



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  2. Paddybhoy1888



    Great to see you back posting Bhud


    How is the Bhoy doing up North ?



    Great news, I also spoke to Sky today, have cancelled almost everything, I am tied into a Free Broadband deal until Oct, so have had to keep a basic package


    Saving about £60 a month, and told them to stick sports where the sun don’t shine.


    Also told them to note the Broadband deal date, as on that the entire remaining package would be cancelled


    Like you Paddybhoy, I felt great after the call :-)


    The chap I spoke to fully understood, and as a Partick Thistle fan struggles with the new found Sky interest in lower league games in Scotland


    Told me I would get a wee questionnaire, and to be clear in that feedback with reasons for cancelling




  3. i'vehadtochangemyname on




    gotta be up for quote of the year



    ‘right into top corner with keeper clawing aitr like a cat thrown off a bus.’




  4. Geordie Munro on

    “Pace of strike beat him”






    Aye looks like it.



    Madrid down to 10

  5. northbhoy ... \o/ on

    Come on Cellic….pick it up…..let’s finish with style….



    Interesting to watch Hibs game n listen to that wee shite Chick Mirrin on Shortbread…totally incongruous to what I see before me.



    Good subs Ronny lets go !


    Petta…..Not an Irish accent….”wayse up will yees”.



    He says “for sure” at the end of many sentences.



    Not ” to be sure”.