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  1. silly corner from celtic at that stage in the game – great break and goal from dundee.



    why didn’t we play keep ball!

  2. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on

    2-1, 3min to go plus 7min added time


    That came from from a bad bad FK by KC

  3. the long wait is over on

    Our goals conceded ratio to opposition chances created is ridiculous.



    Dundee have done almost nothing butt still they score.

  4. Geordie Munro on

    “That break came from low corner being intercepted”






    Awfy familiar sound to it neebs




  5. paddybhoy1888 on



    Need to catch up soon. Feels great telling them to poke it not to mention the money saved.



    The Goalie has played the last six games for the highland hoops (Buckie Thistle) won 5 beat Huntley 2-0. on Sat to finish the season on a clean sheet managed to make it up to Buckie for a game, you’ve guessed it the one they lost hahaha. The old man is a jinx.


    Got to say the people at Buckie were terrific and treated us like royalty.


    They are desperate to keep him but he will be teaching in Glasgow from August so would not be possible.


    By the way I’m now firmly in your camp. Boycotting everything to do with SFa from now on. Sorry it has taken so long to see the light.


    Cheers PB


    Agree. Bad substitution.



    You’d think he had learned his lesson from Tonev-gate.

  7. celtic had 80% possession this half – played well – we need to start playing smart and with less fragility.

  8. Bad fk from commons?



    Remind me what led to Gordon’s sending off on Sunday?



    We need to be professional in defence when we are taking a corner. Let’s learn from our mistakes please.