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  1. Phew 2 mins of sqeaky bum time … Stupid stupid free kick from KC ….The only danger to Celtic is Celtic …. We need to finish teams off ….we were 3 against 1 on the break and contrived to work Armstrong offside ….

  2. Nice one lads, 2-1 victory, and strikers not scoring again it’s shocking, an yi know wit, long may in continue, board haters, PL haters, RD haters, and most of all lurking f…… Huns.




    Hahahahahaha unlike some I mentioned there, I’ll sleep well tonight.

  3. Ray Singh-Carr on

    Would have taken that at the start of the evening. Always going to be a tough one but a fairly solid if unspectacular performance. Decent displays from most with special mentions for Forrest (who I have been a bit critical of in the past), GMS, and Bitton who strolled through the match.



    Not long to go now to 4IAR




  4. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    We’ll win the league if we win our next two games. No way will Aberdeen score an avalanche of goals in their remaining fixtures to deny us.

  5. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Geordie Munro @ 21:40


    Very good, Geordie 0:-)


    That`ll learn `em to speak in cliches!




  6. emeraldbee\o/ still proud to be an internet bampot



    21:35 on 22 April, 2015


    Sitting suffering in karaoke bar on Gran Alicant watching shite Madrid derby. Thank god for free wifi and CQN






    Said that to my Dad and wee Bhoy earlier. On show tonight were some great technical skills but a game played in a way I detest.



    HH jamesgang

  7. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    “Dylan McGeouch went on a dancing run.”



    Must have been a strange sight that.




  8. Nothing mattered tonight only the 3 points. We got them, thank God.


    With our goal difference another 7 points makes it 4 in a row.


    5 games to play 7 points needed. COYBIG

  9. weet weet weet(gbwo)



    21:42 on 22 April, 2015


    Just got a tip for ramorra



    Lunch break 12/1






    Ok, you have a lunch break from 12-1…what’s the horses name :)

  10. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Just made it for last half hour in ma wee Spanish pub.Daughters kept me up to date whilst ‘housekeeping’! Good updates as always and good result.The lager is good too at 2 euros a pint!!!

  11. Great result, but needless sweat last 3 minutes.Stupid free kick by Commons led to their goal.Also didn’t agree with bringing on young Tierney at left back in a crucial last 10 minutes.


    HH, anyway,8 points clear.

  12. ron 67 – spot on. We are rarely an areal threat going forward and the amount of ping pong in our box is nervy!

  13. Jobo



    Who is Aberdeens next 2 games against ?



    Big J



    Pity you’ve goat a sare back, or I wid hiv lamped ye fur that :-)



    On a serious Note, I’m in Crete for the game on 1st May, any ideas where I can see the game there ?

  14. For God’s sake.


    Let’s have some joy at winning.


    And some confidence for the last 5 games.

  15. paddybhoy1888 on

    Well done Ronny and the bhoys was always going to be difficult after Sunday.


    Back to Tayside on Sun keep it going and get us over the line ASAP.


    HH PB

  16. stebhoy



    21:41 on 22 April, 2015


    well done bhoys – great spirited performance. lively , fast and dangerous. 3 points very important , performance was decent but for some defensive weaknesses which have in fact been there all season. Fix this and we can be solid next season.



    though Biton was pure celtic class tonight – if he could add goals to his repertoire he’d be phenomenal.



    GMS looks like he came from a top continental european side!






    I’m a well know Bitton-ista



    And/but I love wee GMS cos the wee mhan looks like he loves fitba. And that’s kinda the point innit?!?



    HH jamesgang

  17. Bitton is Mucking Fagic, and Virgils free kick BOooooooooooom have that. Great three points.



    Hail Hail.

  18. Is the game on Celtic TV at midnight. Might wait up and watch it, great being a retired gentleman. I use the word gentleman very loosely :0)

  19. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Some `supporters ` don`t really deserve a successful Celtic. Nothing is good enough.




  20. Nir is the kit man and cleaning lady’s best friend.


    His strip only needs washed every other game.

  21. Delighted with the victory.


    I was apprehensive before KO , probably a result of Sunday’s kick in the nads.


    Came through it though.



    Well done Lhads on negotiating a potential banana skin




  22. Cowiebhoy



    Sipsini gie’ing laldy there to hunchbacks and I’m sitting (well crouching!) here feeling paranoid!!!



    Enjoy Crete. Lovely GREEK island!!’



    HH jamesgang

  23. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    16 roads – celtic über alles…



    21:42 on 22 April, 2015



    Yick Chung very funny commentator.





    He told us Cummings was taking the Hibs penalty, then said it was Fyvie.


    It was McGeouch.



  24. Young Tierney will need a lie down in a dark room after his competitive debut.



    RD took a chance on putting him on at 2-0 up and we conceded from Tierney’s position.



    The ICT virus nearly struck us down again.



    3 points… but jeez I have headache now.



    I need the lie down in dark room.

  25. Great three points good clips of goals. Awful Champions League matches. The main prize is almost won.

  26. the long wait is over on

    geordie munro



    21:40 on 22 April, 2015


    “We really need to learn to see a game out”






    We did. :)





    Fair point but don’t tell me ye weren’t keechin’ yersel there…




  27. Competent performance wasted by a careless free-kick late on – allowing Dundee to break and score (shades of the pen/red for CG on Sunday). Final score flatters Dundee!



    GMS/Biton played well – Efe had a more than decent shift.



    Good 3pts – poor final scoreline!

  28. What is the Stars on

    Watching analysis of Real/Athletico on RTE


    Panel discussing diving simulation etc


    wasnt really paying attenion until…..


    Dieter Hamann said “it will get worse with more foreigners coming into the premier league”



    What !!!! ?