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  1. thetimreaper on

    Dundee going with 3-5-2 again, they ‘out thought’ us last time out. Hope we have something up our sleeve.

  2. ExSlaemuirBhoy on

    This is when the cream rises to the top bhoys n ghirls, homeward straight in sight. 3 points please

  3. Mahe the Madman on

    Happy enough with that line up.


    Bring the three points home bhoys


    Hail Hail,,warm and bright in central California!

  4. Corkcelt…………..Love the Clonakilty sausages. Don’t worry will be willing the Celts to victory.

  5. Like no other on

    Here we go…


    C’mon you bhoys in green. This is the only game that matters tonight in Scotland!!!



  6. ExSlaemuirBhoy on

    quonno on 5th April 2016 7:20 pm



    I was watching stv sports bulletin tonight, reporter Colin Stone ( i think was the name) had 2 digs at sevco . 1st was about being admitted into the bottom tier of scottish football the other escapes me but made me smile

  7. Gerryfaethebrig on




    It will only get worse, Talksport earlier going on about them being “back” anyway stuff the lot of them it’s Celtic time



    Oh Ronny Ronny



    (that’s for WITS)

  8. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Summa of Sammi



    Any chance you can stipulate what time the goals are scored at

  9. Like no other on



    Hahaha. Listening to Snyde and you’d end up thinking that!!




  10. Good afternoon from a sunny eastern seaboard.


    I had to retrieve my thermals though.


    Good looking line up.


    Not an ugly Hun in sight.



  11. fergusslayedtheblues on

    we have to get a foothold in the midfield tonight .if we are outnumbered we will struggle to get any supply to the front





  12. NIR Bitton is restored to the Celtic starting XI tonight against Dundee as Ronny Deila makes one change to the team that put Hearts to the sword on Saturday.


    The Israeli internationalist replaces Tom Rogic in the Hoops midfield, the Australian having being forced from the fray with concussion just before half-time at the weekend.


    Bitton’s inclusion means Stefan Johansen is deployed in a more advanced role, supporting frontman Leigh Griffiths, with Partick Roberts and Gary Mackay-Steven operated on the wings.


    A win for the champions would see them extend their lead over Aberdeen at the top of the table to seven points with seven matches left in the season.


    Tonight’s team:


    CELTIC (4-2-3-1) Gordon; Lustig, Sviatchenko, Boyata, Tierney; Brown, Bitton; Roberts, Johansen, Mackay-Steven; Griffiths


    Subs: Fasan; McGregor, Mulgrew, Commons, Kazim-Richards, Forrest, Armstrong

  13. —-




    My Dear Fellow-Timmites/Ex-Pats..



    A Wee Heids-Up Required…





    We Tried To Open-Up The Celtic TV App



    On The Lap-Top….



    Seems We Cannae Get A Live-Stream While We’re In The Scotland & Ireland Region….



    Is That Right…?



    Anyways…How Far West Of Cork Dae We Hiv Tae Be…



    Tae Get The Game Live…?



    Just Ootside Territorial Waters….



    Or dae We need tae wait till We get North of the Azores….?



    Just o’er here this mornin’ …



    Tae sort oot a wee bit of Business in G71….



    Tae Thwart The Fiendish Chinamen



    Wee Ivanka was supposed tae hiv been haundlin’ the deal…



    But Her new bairn’s teethin’…



    An’ She’s shattered the mo’…



    Scuddin’ Back Tae Wisconsin Warp Factor7…



    Thanks In Advance..



    3-1 Tae the Hoops..







  14. saltires en sevilla on

    I’ll be wArching the game legitimately on Celtic Tv. I live in Central Europe and Celtic bill me £20 per month for the pleasure. It has always been a pleasure … Well mostly!



    The club cannot endorse anyone buying that package and using software to hide your ass’ that software costs $60 per annum.



    My view has always been if you cannot or will not attend the game. For whatever reason; you can still enjoy the game and give the club some decent bucks







    You can watch on a hooky stream and pretend that is ok!



    Good decision to keep a stable team lining up and I cannot wait



    Updates will be short, sharp and deliciously skewed …



    Just like Sky, Beeb etc.,



    C’mon the Celts

  15. Well it’s safe to say it truly loved up to all expectations and dreams.



    I’m going to be indulgent and bore you all to tears with a fuller account when I get home, but for now, suffice to say, today I stood where Big Billy lifted the big cup.



    One of the best days of my life.



    Now, c’mon Celtic!!!!

  16. Thunder Road on

    Struggling to find a stream on the potato fried firestick so the ole faithful netbook gets stuck on and and in a neglected wee hissy fit huff it decides, with 10 minutes to go to kick off……to do a systen update……grrrrrrr



    Basil Fawlty moment coming up if the little…..erm…..thing…..doesnt hurry up!

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