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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    In all tangible respects, whether the Articles of Assocciation which defined the transition from private members’ club to limited company – “the terms Club and Company, and Member and Shareholders are synonymous” – or the employment of Footballers, or the membership of the SFA, or the License to compete in regulated matches, Rangers FC and Rangers plc were one and the same thing. When Rangers plc was consigned to liquidation, Rangers FC ended. They were one and the same thing in the real world.



    In many intangible respects, largely emotional, often semantic, and to one Scottish Law Lord “metaphysical”, there is a distinction in the mind of the supporter between the Team and the business that runs it, said business being “The Club”.



    “Club” is anachronistic, and redundant nowadays.



    The whole thing can be easily clarified in the assorted rulebooks of SFA, SPFL etc by removing the LNS distinction between “Club” and “Owner and Operator”, and instead replacing these terms with “Team” and “Member”.



    ‘Members’ of SFA, SPFL etc are legal entities, such legal entities licensed to field ‘Teams’ in competition.



    One of the great disgraces of recent times is the railroading through of Charles Green’s Sevco project, to the exclusion of the interests of the Rangers supporters. If any ‘rights’ accrue to those who subscribe to the ‘intangible’ aspects of a club, those rights accrue to the supporters. It was the supporters who had the right to start over again, no one else. (Even if in large measure they didn’t realise that at the time).



    The supporters were screwed over, while the Game in Scotland was bent to accommodate a scam.

  2. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    MARADOMINIC on 6TH APRIL 2016 11:34 AM


    All they had to do was put a motion to reject application of a new club that did not have any qualifications to join SFA. They then never asked for Campbell Ogilvie to be sacked. Allowed TITLES to be given to new club. Allowed hand picked referees for the Huns games in lower leagues.. Nimmo Smith disgrace , Celtic said nothing Lawell and DD are both either cowards or in with the Masons. And as for ion the pitch? Deliberate destruction of the team.. someone buying players who a blind man can see are not good enough for Celtic. or even junior football in some cases. No youth structure to get players into team.. We are an old slow team need a new manager now before end of season. We will win nothing. The only thing that has stopped Aberdeen being level with us was injury to Rooney. If it had happened to LG instead we would be trailing





    Quick, hide the knives and other sharp objects. Lock up the medicine cabinet. Don’t jump! Don’t jump!

  3. coolmore mafia on

    Y Not67- serious question. what would we do if Griffiths was injured? What is the Plan B?



    Commons? ……….out of favour/ out of form / doesnt last 90 minutes


    Calton Cole?………….not good enough


    Kazim Richards?……….Most likely, but not good enough


    James Forrest?………..No chance and not good enough


    Stokes?……………….loaned out


    Scepovic?……………stupidly loaned out


    Cifcti?…………….stupidly loaned out and not good enough



    This is meant to be planning. it looks very much like incompetence



    This is serious mismanagement. Chances are he will dodge a bullet and griffiths will stay fit, but if not, we will be in trouble for the league and possibly cup.

  4. Whistling in the dark?


    I call it supporting my team with the confidence that we will pump these Dobs in the semi final.


    You on the other hand can think and call it as you like, I’v no problem with that at all.

  5. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Now we see genuine grievances being ridiculed.


    By people who have no understanding of the word solidarity.


    They would rather worship a busted flush PLC of rich businessmen, than stand beside their fellow supporters.


    Biscuit-Tin mob all over again.


    Me, Me, Me syndrome.


    Know-alls who know feck all.

  6. Money being badly spent has hampered Ronny Deila in both his won, and winning league sorties, forgetting about first year disasters Tonev,Wakaso, Berget, Scepovic etc.



    This year he’s tried them all given them umpteen chances and each and every forward player he has signed has let him down. The signing of out of contract Carlton Cole was even met with derision by most Celtic fans, and last summer Nadir Ciftci wasn’t exactly welcomed, to the extent he’s now the latest to be secreted away.



    Neither January signings GMS or Stuart Armtrong have proved they can make the step up, although Bosman GMS, has gotten marginally closer. CKR’s signing was puzzling and it’s proving more so, the more game time he gets.



    Deila turned to stalwarts like Forrest, who even had the temerity to want to look elsewhere, to deliver his two goals and two assists a season, and MacGregor flits in and out, but never really convinces, anyone but Ronny.



    Next up will see the Kris Commons back for another go, and Leigh Griffiths backed through his striking famine.



    Why are we signing Patrick Roberts on loan – how many CQN posts did you read saying that?

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    Macjay 1



    I have seen us lose to lower league sides too often not to recognise that as a possibility. Morton, Raith Rovers etc



    A club would always be ‘back’ for their hordes to follow. No doubt we will lose to them at some point in the future if their finances allow them to survive. But even then their club is immune from financial ruin and will simply re-emerge.



    In this light the result at Hampden isn’t relevant. We either defeat or are defeated by a new club being allowed to insult our intelligence by the corrupt pretence.



    Personally I think the winning margin will be higher than the first meeting.





    Hard to reply without being boringly predictable.


    Don`t give a damn about the trinket cups of the Scottish football establishment.


    BUT we should be itching to get at that mob , just to put them in their place.


    Right now , I will be delighted to scrape a result against them because Ronny just hasn`t got a clue.


    Does anyone still doubt that?

  8. Any spend I make on Celtic I consider a contribution to a cultural association. I don’t have any expectations other than it remains. We may win, lose or draw. I prefer to win of course, but I’m comfortable in the knowledge that my culture endures. I therefore don’t really think of myself as a “customer” in the traditional commercial sense. The current PLC structure is what it is. It may well change. I’ll still be there.



    The Fenian Army keeps on rolling along.

  9. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Y NOT67 on 6TH APRIL 2016 12:05 PM


    When you get through the mid fifties early sixties supporting Celtic like I did and have done ever since, this is a walk in the park, spoiled the whole dam lot of you, as I keep saying, Celtic Supporters? Give me a freezing break, half of you couldent spell it.




    Irony holds no meaning for you.

  10. The Resolute Mr Pastry on

    YNOT67@12:12 – Yes, like you I will be supporting until the end of the season – where I differ is not in my intensity of support, but in confidence that we can do what we want.



    This is not based on my lack of desire, but on the hard evidence of our lack of consistency and sheer mediocrity, as shown again last night.



    On another subject, namely Ronny – he is with us to the end of the season, whether some like it, or not. To bring in a new man now is giving him a permission-slip to fail. If all went ‘belly-up’, he would say that things were bad when he took over and point us all in the direction of next season – so it’s up to Ronny and the players to ‘punch their weight’

  11. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Trad88 from earlier today: By worst team ever , I take it you do not equate least successful with worst ever! If you watched Celtic from 1943 till 1951 then ALL those teams would have been ‘worst ever’ . Funny thing is I never thought we were anything but Celtic. Do the team you support have to win all the time? Some folk are never happy unless they win every time,but, they usually are watching some shit mob playing out of Ibrox. BTW , at times these last two seasons we have been puerile and then very good . Them’s the breaks.

  12. Two quick points from a windswept location.



    Craig Thomson reffing the semi final. A certainty. He is thee master of breaking up play when Celtic on top and selectively blind to assaults on anyone wearing the hoops. Once Celtic have won the game he will stop us humiliating the opposition OR when they have won the game against our 9 men he will “even things up” with a soft award of no consequence.


    Predicted as much at the Gazebo pre match on Saturday.



    Secondly, all those blaming Celtic and the board for all things but especially Sevco stuff.


    Our website does not recognise the new club, merely referring to an upcoming semi final. At full time on Saturday, the stadium announcer made reference to the semi final, the 4 year olds were never mentioned. We never use the Old Firm term.



    Our club does not recognise them as the same club but as yet does not feel it prudent to announce this in public. IMO.







  13. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    I accept P67 appeal earlier in the year that all we can do is get behind the team, the manager and the Board ( even if it feels wrong) until the season ends. Thereafter we are promised a full post mortem on this season.



    If we win the league ( which I feel is almost certain) and the cup ( which I feel is less certain but likely) would those results justify the means?



    When The Hins went down I viewed the SPFL as a given. I also anticipated that it would effectively become the long preparatory process for European football.



    In the last 2 campaigns we have been less prepared each successive year and on the evidence of this SPFL there is a high probability that we will continue our demise as a force in Europe.



    However it would appear on CQN my views and those who share them are missing something. Therefore I’d really like Lawwell to make a statement explaining what I ( and other dafties) are missing…



    While he’s at it he could explain how he and the Board intend to fill empty seats.

  14. MARADOMINIC on 6TH APRIL 2016 11:28 AM



    Sad to say i will never return to parkhead. celtic are corrupt






    Dear God, the humanity…

  15. IniquitousIV on

    EUROCHAMPS 67 @ 12:32


    Good post. Agree with all of it regarding Thompson. I still remember Brown getting fouled while we were up 2-0 to Deadco last year, and the ball running on to Griffiths in the clear with no one to beat. Despite the fact it was a few seconds later, and we had a clear advantage, he blew for the foul, and he was laughing. He will ‘manage’ the game entirely as you predicted.



    Regarding the nomenclature of the new entity, please note that the official club website, celticfc.net, under “Fixtures” for April 17, refers to them as “Rangers”, not even “The Rangers”.