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  1. dr ramesh and the love potion on

    GMS best attacking Celtic player.


    Griffiths continues his poor run of games. Horrible touch has wasted a few chances.


    Brown looking sharper and better.


    Boyata is getting better as the season goes on. Solid.


    Tierney linking well with GMS.


    Roberts not getting on the ball. I thought the same the other day before he scored. Hopefully he’ll get another brace!


    Need to be much sharper in front of goal in the second half.

  2. overseasbhoy on

    Griffiths trapping every ball 10 yards – Roberts not getting a look in – Brown better

  3. A first 45 dominated by Celtic and a bit of luck would have seen us ahead.



    Dundee’s one genuine chance came from a mistake by big Eric.

  4. We were clearly better team. Dundee funnelling back when we get the ball. Our slow build up play is allowing them plenty of time. Griff is not looking sharp which is a worry. The longer the game stays scoreless the deeper Dundee will defend & try and hit us on the break.


    To be honest it’s just what I expected, its a nervy game and it’s just fingers crossed that we will make the breakthrough.

  5. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on

    Need to up our game – Dundee well organised but we need to make a few chances.



    Not sure who’s on the bench, but we need a spark from somewhere/somebody.

  6. some neat play in the middle of the park and working the ball to wide positions (on a bumpy pitch). Leigh is not good at holding the ball up and we break down at this point. This game is made for a cross and header – i’d bring Kazim on and get him amongst dundee centers.



    Is it just me or do celtic defenders constantly get penalized for attacking and heading balls at corners!

  7. Too many unnecessay passes sideways and backwards , give the ball quicker to PR .


    How poor is the CTV commentary .

  8. I’m a wee bit disappointed in ML tonight.


    Continually turning or passing backwards.


    Have a wee bit of adventure Michel and drive to the bye line.


    Or take a marker off Roberts

  9. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I believe the first goal will be vital if we get it we will pick up the points if Dundee get it we will be in trouble.Ronny needs to get us sharper for the second half. H.H.

  10. Thanks for the half time analysis, I’m more confident we will make the breakthrough.


    Paddy to score again, but only after GMS opens the scoring.


    Leigh will come good, but maybe not tonight.


    Every striker has a lean time in a season, the trick is to minimise it. He will.

  11. fieldofdrams on

    Attacking Celtic end 2nd half. Roberts heavily man marked. Two good saves from Craig Gordon. We must have 75% possession so far. Leigh Griffiths’ first touch woeful, second touch as bad, cant get a third touch as the ball has bounced too far away. He’s trying too hard in my opinion.

  12. Frustrating first half, should be ahead with Griffiths missing an easy one on one. Not having his best game to be honest.



    Tierney and GMS linking well. Roberts getting none of ball as Lustig turns back on just about every occasion.



    Boyata’s distribution coming on well these days.



    Broonie better but still a way to go.



    Team applauded off at the half time whistle as they walked to corner where Celtic fans are. Expect big encouragement as they attack our end second half.



    Teams emerging. Hope Hamiltontim is getting the game in Lisbon!

  13. Can’t really comment on what I’ve seen with so many interruptions, we need a spark for sure, if we get one I think this game is over, Dundee working hard all over the pitch but nowhere near as dangerous as Hearts were…



    We need to get Paddy on the ball as they are doubling and tripling up against GMS.

  14. Need more from GMS


    Need to feed Roberts with the ball more


    Need Griffiths to sober up more.



    Positives are that Brown is looking sharper.


    Bitton has kept things ticking over well also.


    Boyata looks on top of his game.

  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    That should encourage the Griff, good header on target

  16. Thunder Road on

    Great move….Lustig cuts thd bsll out and onto Roberts who carries it forward and gives it to Johansen whovis wide right and puts a long cross to Griff but his header is easily saved

  17. Thunder Road on

    Another long diagonal cross from the right by Johansen but keeper comes to collect at penalty spot

  18. Superior possession counts for nothing if you can’t put the ball in the net, we still look iffy at the back.

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