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  1. Thunder Road on

    Blooter up the park almost lets Griff sneek in after centre backs mess up but keeper is quick off his line to clear

  2. PR dances into box. Last minute tackle. Corner


    Scramble in box with LG unable to control and finish

  3. Thunder Road on

    Roberts skins 2 then takes on a 3rd deep inside the box but goes to the byline and his shot is blocked

  4. Burgas



    Part timer now mate :-)






    Many thanks, yep I’m watching in hotel room.

  5. No spark…..



    My view this whole season to date in most games, no spark….



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  6. Thunder Road on

    Wee bit of respite for Dundee then leeds to a great save from Gordon and then they hit the post from the rebound

  7. Roberts having impact b’cos Lustig fed him the ball



    Stefans cross to back post, Griffiths atrocious touch again