Dunfermline 0-3 Celtic


Celtic collected all three points in one of their most comfortable away performances of the season at Dunfermline this afternoon.  Anthony Stokes and Victor Wanyama gave them a half time lead before a Charlie Mulgrew free kick completed the rout in the second half.

Mulgrew set pieces, the source of four consecutive goals, have become important to Celtic recently and could have led to an opener in 12 minutes when Thomas Rogne was wrestled to the ground inside the Dunfermline by Barrowman, who used both arms to prevent the Norwegian getting on the end of the corner, but referee Ian Brines, who had a particularly poor game, along with his assistants, missed the incident.

Five minutes later Celtic were in the lead when Mulgrew’s short corner was worked out to Anthony Stokes who shot from the 18 yard line into the postage stamp corner, giving goalkeeper, Chris Smith no chance.

Moments later Stokes, Hooper and Forrest combined well before Stokes tried a cheeky shot to Smiths’ near post.  Celtic were now in full flow and Wanyama saw his shot from 25 yards tipped over by Smith.  Five minutes from half time Celtic were in easy street.  Charlie Mulgrew free kick from 28 yards was met inside the six yard box by Victor Wanyama who volleyed into the net.

Dunfermline almost caught Celtic snoozing within 60 seconds of the second goal when Barrowman knocked a through ball onto Burns but his shot was saved by Fraser Forster.

11 minutes after the break a Mulgrew free kick made its way left to Ledley who clipped a cross for Hooper but the strikers’ header went narrowly wide.  On the hour mark James Forrest ran at Dunfermline from 50 yards but his cutback from six yards didn’t find a taker in the middle and slipped past the post.

High winds played their part today and almost caught out Rogne and Forster who struggled with a high ball that held up but Dunfermline couldn’t profit.

Charlie Mulgrew completed the scoring on 69 minutes with a free kick from 28 yards.  Dunfermline keeper, Smith, should have done better as the ball went into the middle of the goal just under the bar.

Samaras linked with Brown to carve an opening but his shot was blocked.  The ball broke to James Forrest who shot from outside the box but Smith made no mistake this time, turning the ball over for a corner.  Mulgrew fired in the resulting corner and Ki found a yard of space 11 yards out but his shot went narrowly wide.

Ki Sung-Yueng made no contact in a tackle with Paddy Boyle, the Dunfermline player hurdled his challenge, but then grabbed and threw Ki by the throat.  Ki never retaliated, no doubt expecting the referee to show Boyle a red card, but instead Brines booked both players.  It was perhaps the most ridiculous refereeing decision of the season.

Emilio Izaguirre made his long-awaited return from breaking his leg at Pittodrie in August but almost marked his performance with a negative contribution.  Having controlled the ball he then tried to dribble out of his own six yard box but was fortunate not to be punished.

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  1. James Forrest is Lennon on




    “…. with a smile in his voice.”



    You’re trying for a job with the Daily Record Sports Team aren’t you?



    Haha. Happy New Year fella. I was reading your posts on RTC earlier. You fought the good fight last year with that license stuff. I think your efforts, and those of the other guys who banged on that drum, will certainly be rewarded in the coming year.



    Everything has just crystalised brilliantly for us. The hard choices facing Rangers are of the very, very worst kind. I was reading one report, one MSM hack, writing about the two scenarios facing them – and in the worst they enter administration, surrender a league we might run away with anyway, sell a couple of players and move onward and upward as if nothing has happened.



    Delusion is rampant. The effects are going to last years, and I very much doubt anywhere near the majority of their fans has grasped that let alone began to process what it means. It is going to be a train wreck of epic proportions.



    Too big to go out of business? No such thing. Don’t bet on it. Too good to go down? Leeds Utd went from a Champions League semi final to League 2 in less than a decade. Administration is not a one stop shop – it is the FIRST STEP on a serious downward spiral.



    Yes, 2012 is going to be very enjoyable. It’s started very, very well and it’s only going to get better and better.

  2. Seville67



    Like me then you will know he has started twice, one of those starts against udinese.He has made 7 appearances from the bench.



    I think its grossly unfair for a journalist to suggest he is a write off and a waste of money after such a very short time.



    I am surprised a fellow Celtic fan would agree with him.

  3. Saint Stivs



    He has a brass neck to describe Celtic as “my team”. he was first on to put the boot in night in night out when we were struggling

  4. ßjmac ♥ Kano 1000 °¿°


     says:2 January, 2012 at 17:26



    On my way back from a very cold Dunfermline.


    A solid performance from the bhoys, was never going to be easy to play silky stuff the way Dunfermline set-up.


    Delighted with 3 points and an football education from the village people sitting behind us ;-)





  5. Vmhan Supporting Lenny! says:


    2 January, 2012 at 17:34


    Steady work today with some cracking goals, just sorry I never put on my pre match prediction at the bookies 3-0, what were the odds anybody know?



    Izzy looked well up for it when he came on, I have a feeling we’re gonnae see a mutch improved, fitter, stronger Izzy….. bodes well for 2012.




  6. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I will take Henricks judgement of a player over Guidis anyday Henrick says the bhoys a player that will do for me.Play him against Peterhead next week and if he scores watch him go from there on.H.H.

  7. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on

    Welcome back Emilio!! He nearly scored too.. Agree re Ki booking .. Ridiculous..great result.. Never expected Mothers to put up a fight.. Craigin even scored. Says it all..



    Anyway .. Focus on the Celtic.. The demise of RFC will unfold itself..




    Hail hail

  8. Notthebus,



    I don’t want to agree with him – but I don’t see a player there.



    Ask yourself the question – how would you have felt if Neil had started with Bangura last Wednesday.



    I think that some players are not given a chance – Hoifield being one.



    I also heard that the coaching staff were surprised how much Bangura was struggling with the drills when he joined at first. In times when cash is scarce £2M is a lot to spend on any player who 5 months after joining has not forced his way into the team in any shape or form.





  9. Wanyama is our new lennon



    Brilliant display



    Izzys t shirt in front


    ‘thanks god for healing me!’


    Good to see him back!




    Jelavic not in squad has almost tipped the orc over !



    Only the exclusion of Eggy face and elbows has prevented this!!



    BwaaaAahhh ha ha haaaaaaa

  10. Those after an improving read for the remainder of the festivities might want to check out


    Sam Leith’s “You Talkin’ to Me”


    a History of Rhetoric from Aristotle to Obama.



    Stick with it, in part it reads like an Eng lit text but any writer who can get the President of the US, Bruce Springsteen and Cicero out in the same breath is worth a read….




  11. Seville67



    He has been out with a serious injury.



    Who told you he was struggling with the drills?

  12. After the post Rangers game dropped points at Hamilton and Motherwell last season and the recent late flurry from the Pars at Celtic Park it was a terrific result. It`s a happy start to 2012.

  13. northerncelt67 on

    Happy new year to tic fans everywhere, a big thanks also to paul for this excellant site. Im glad to see the back of 2011; got a feeling 2012 is going to be much better.

  14. pauloantony says:


    2 January, 2012 at 17:38


    Wanyama is our new lennon



    Brilliant display




    I agree to a point but Big Vic is Lenny with more goals.



    What a find.




  15. Jelavic to Wait for it……..


    Man utd…no





    ……WBA for £5.75m ??



    I hope this is true!! Ho Ho Ho

  16. 3-0 the table-topping ghood-ghuys



    Just in, 3 great goals, Stokes especially – what a pro we have with him, whatever he may feel about not being first pick he is always committed when he plays. Victor’s run and Charlie’s long free-kick top find him was beautifuil to watch, Victor’s a brilliant find for us too – full credit to John Park, and before him Tommy Burns and Gordon Strachan (and whisper it, Peter Lawwell) who should take the plaudits for the long-term investment in our football development/scouting/signing strategy and how well it is being implemented.



    I don;t think there was ever much chance of us taking less than 3 points today, but it is still encouraging to see us do it so professionally and comfortably, while rotating the squad a bit and bringing the mighty Izzy back in as a little reminder to all the MSM detractors (we’re taking advantage of huns injuries etc) that we have been without last year’s POTY for almost all of this season.



    Two more weeks before any more league action. Interesting to see how our squad and theirs change in that time, before the Boche travel to Perth and we welcome D Utd to Paradise.



    45 years since the Lisbon Lions.


    Let’s get carried away, even if it’s only for tonight, about Lennon’s Lions.


    The treble’s still on!

  17. Seville…



    Wanyama is a diamond!



    Best find of the season!!



    Cross between Lenny and essien!



    I see big BIG bids coming in !



    But I’d love a new long term deal for him

  18. Notthebus,



    agree on the injury.



    I heard from some folks a Lennoxtown. When I heard I was gutted.




  19. Ten Men Won The League on

    A Hun just said to me “We played well today”



    When i reminded him of the opposition, their manager and the stats that pointed to at least a 3 or 4 goal victory, he nearly combusted

  20. Joe Filippis Haircut says:


    2 January, 2012 at 17:36


    I will take Henricks judgement of a player over Guidis anyday Henrick says the bhoys a player that will do for me.Play him against Peterhead next week and if he scores watch him go from there on.H.H.






    christina hendricks judgement is better than guidi’s

  21. So far Bangura looks poor.


    Seen nothing to suggest anything there.


    But I have a strange feeling once he breaks his duck he will go on roll.


    He is a big powerful guy who seems to be a little to anxious

  22. Jellybean, is an Asset,



    who will bring Beaucoup Money… IN..



    And that is not to our Advantage,



    If he Goes..it will be a Sin!





    Tail’s Awaggin’, Awaggin’

  23. Seville67



    Its quite a slur on Banguras abilities you have made on a public forum



    You heard this directly from the coaching staff at Lennoxtown?

  24. Bangura, is a Player



    Make no mistake,about that,



    He can score Goals Aplenty,


    I am super confident of That!





    Tail’s Awaggin’ , Awaggin’

  25. Very disappointed with Motherwell’s pathetic showing today.



    I know we should come to expect it, but after the previous succession of hidings, questions really should be asked about McCall’s utter inability to motivate his team to play against rangers.



    Still – the title is in Celtic’s hands. If the board spends the required amount of cash, and takes into account factors such as referees, weak opposition, other managers etc etc, and allows for all this in Neil’s budget, then we should be far enough ahead to stop an unthinkable four-in-a-row.



    if we assume that forces will not conspire against us, and that we are strong enough already…. then we can expect to miss out on yet another season in the Champions League.



    It is up to the Club how they want to face this situation.

  26. James Forrest is Lennon on




    I don’t care if he stays or goes. There’s nothing there. He’s a second tier player who wouldn’t get into our team with everyone fit.



    I mean that. I genuinely believe it.



    No club in England will offer ridiculous money for him – and by ridiculous money I mean anything over what Rangers paid for him. Anything northwards of that would BE ridiculous money.



    Hodgson’s comments are the most prescient. He came to Celtic Park to watch Rangers because they are in “grave financial difficulty”. Every manager, every scout, every chairman, in England and elsewhere knows it.



    Even if he were as good as the Scottish press would like the English teams to believe – and he’s nowhere near it – no club will offer major money for a player at Ibrox when they are desperate.



    The vultures are gathering above that place.

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