Dunfermline statement on Rangers


This evening’s announcement by Dunfermline Athletic that they no longer expect to receive timely receipt of the £80,000 ticket money Rangers FC PLC (in administration) owe them will heighten concerns at Inverness Caledonian Thistle, who have a stock at tickets with Rangers right now, money for which will be received by the administrators in advance of their game later this month.

The administrators have yet to decide whether to retain high-earning players or make more funds available for existing creditors, and future creditors, like Inverness.  As ticket sales for the Inverness game are on-going, the administrators will need to be aware of their legal position before retaining a premium squad.

One final push (this week) for the Vanessa Riddle Appeal. We have a Celtic top signed by the first team squad available to auction on eBay. You can bid on the auction and help send Vanessa for the treatment she needs by clicking here. Thanks to Penfold for the donation and to Taggsybhoy for organising (yet again).

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  1. lochgoilhead bhoy on

    So the Rangers Hall of Fame dinner is not going ahead and will be rearranged. Duff and Phelps think the existing tickets will be able to be used for the rearranged date. No word of giving the money back then. Do you think Whyte was going to inducted?

  2. St Martin De Porres on

    Can anyone explain how on earth Sat can go ahead



    Surely to god it must cost the huns money to play the match

  3. lochgoilhead bhoy on

    SPL Rule C9.1



    If any Club defaults in making payment of any sum or sums due to the Company and/or to another Club the Board shall be entitled to apply any sums which, under these Rules, would otherwise be payable to the defaulting Club by the Company in discharge of any debt due by such Club in default to the Company and/or such other Club in such manner as the Board shall determine.



    So any money owed to Rangers by the Premier League should be passed to Dunfermline, Dundee Utd, Hearts etc

  4. Bom dia,



    We don’t have Valentine’s Day (or Dia dos Namorados as it’s called) here until June 12th. So my missus was really chuffed when I called up yesterday and told her to get the champagne on ice for a special night in. “Oh how sweet, you’ve remembered” she said.



    Hadn’t the heart to tell her the REAL reason.



    So can I be one of the first to say THANK YOU to the MBB for enhancing relationships in Casa Rioskorrie.

  5. They are like a lame animal…the kindest thing would be to take them to a vet and have them put down out of their misery.



    Give them no quarter not even “one thin dime” as our beloved Fergus once opined.

  6. Sir Paul



    Goodly News.. Goodly News.. Dae ye bring Me.. Ah Hear..



    Couldnae be Bettah…



    Stir the Pot ,Slowly,



    Bubble and Bubble.. Toil and Trouble…



    Geez.. where is it awe Gonna End???




    Wan thing, fur sure.. Ah know that



    Ah am Hivin..



    Wan Hellava Time..



    Luvvin… Hearin’ awe awe this Stuff Fae You,pal.



    Keep it Comin’!!








    Still.. Laughin’.

  7. I’m beginning to get the hang of this admin business:



    Administrators being Duff and Phelps is good for Whyte.



    But, what is good for Whyte is bad for Rangers FC PLC (in administration).



    Also, what is good for HMRC is bad for Rangers FC PLC (in administration).



    Easy peasy.



  8. Been away from all forms of news today, and will continue to be away for most of tonite. Could someone summarise any of today’s developments if it’s not to much hassle. If there’s a whole lot of new info that would take to long to jot down then I shall make do with reading up into the small hours when I get home

  9. You know something when ah went to Administration lectures at auld Strath Yooni they were never as entertaining as this……..

  10. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on

    They re making more enemies by the day.




    My work rate is terrible this week and I’ve sore fingers from texting and how do you watch 3 tv channels, blogs, radios… It’s a feast of rankermisery.

  11. To be honest never went to many of said admin lectures…clashed with my 9 o’clock neighbours fix….maybe they were entertaining.

  12. Bugger missed the new post again anywho Re-Post:



    LiviBhoy says:


    15 February, 2012 at 16:59


    Never been one to bash Peter Lawwell but a few people have on here. What are their thoughts now?






    PL has been negligent in some respects. I agree that he, along with the board, have sought to ensure we have remained on a sound financial footing and have invested within our means. However not procuring the services of Steven Fletcher is an example where haggling over relatively minor amounts of money has cost the club dearly. We could have insured automatic qualification to the CL and denied Rangers of desperately needed income had we signed Steven Fletcher. We were given Willo Flood. How much was Willo’s sell on value compared to the money Fletcher has generated in transfers. How much did that cost Celtic?

  13. BlantyreKev - Parcel=> on

    SSN reporting Duff and Phelps have issued a statement assuring all fans that “Rangers will survive as a football club”

  14. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside on

    What a couple of days and the hits keep coming.



    Paul67 you have done a great job, keep it up!



    I too do not have the words in any language to express how I feel.



    But in honour of No. 67, Mr Wanyama might I suggest:



    ad victor spolia



    Hail Hail.

  15. The Celtic board insisted that payment from Rangers for the 28th Dec game would be upfront. John Yorkston is a fool.



    Can ICT not void the tickets and issue a new set direct to RFC supporters?

  16. SSN saying administrators tell hun ‘fans’ that Rankers will continue as a football club….they don’t clarify how,where,or why.


    Is this because the administrators are fellow Lodgers of CW?

  17. Paul67



    The statement released by DAFC may serve as an ominous sign if we are to seek support from the boards of the other SPL clubs.



    They talk about a ‘programme’ which has resulted in staff being redundant and a variety of other cost cutting measures. However, the first paragraph concentrates on their sympathy for rangers and hot they, ” wish to convey their support to Rangers FC and hope that the club can find a way through this terrible time.”



    If I was a DAFC supporter I would be apoplectic at this.



    As a Celtic supporter I’m greatly worried regarding the possible voting on a newco.

  18. Dessybhoy, not now the company is in administration.



    lochgoilhead bhoy, you’ve been shared, thanks.



    Kojo, yes, as the bard said.



    thebhoywithmcgraininhisside, cheers.

  19. Can the Pars do what (Ex) Sir Minty moonbeams did to Airdrie? I hope they do. As Minty said at the time Football is a Business. I expect Inverness, Dundee Utd & Hearts to boot the bejaysus out of the dying beast as well. Oh yes and Celtic to do the same for the costs of repairing the damaged caused by the Orcs during their last visit.

  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    I’m looking forward to Sunday’s game ;ideally we’ll win by the approved 5-0 but Claros will play well for them.



    The Hunguffrage describe him as a Rang##s reject [ no, that would be a tax demand in the ole inbox] but I thought the deal failed to go through because the NoPopePaupers only offered an ‘absurd’ amount of money?

  21. Peeps. Can someone answer. What happens if they are liquidated before the FTT is announced? If they already cease to exist HMRC wouldn’t have anyone to give the bill to?

  22. Paul67 (and CQN)



    What’s your current understanding of how a Newco would gain entry to the SPL? Is it SPL board, SPL association, or are there no provisions in the rulebooks? I saw a tweet today claiming that Celtic had obtained the support of Dundee United regarding Newco (DU being on the SPL board of course) – how important is this?

  23. lochgoilhead bhoy on

    Alex Salmond now commenting. He wants talks to take place between HMR and Rangers (In Administration) to see how the tax money can be paid over a reasonable period of time. He is at least getting the message that the tax needs to be paid.

  24. The elite tournament in Europe is being played in Russia on a Motherwell FC playing surface, did they move it turf by turf? por cierto

  25. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Blantyre Kev. If the administators can pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat and find a buyer for Rangers who will take on there debt we should hand over the running of the UK to them as they could sort out all of our problems.H.H.

  26. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    Endless screeds of huns being wheeled out by the media today,Gough,Spackman,Albertz,Steven,lamenting the loss of the mother ship.Now if any of these guys benefited from the EBT scheme…… ? Couldn’t mark their necks with a blowtorch.

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