Dunfermline statement on Rangers


This evening’s announcement by Dunfermline Athletic that they no longer expect to receive timely receipt of the £80,000 ticket money Rangers FC PLC (in administration) owe them will heighten concerns at Inverness Caledonian Thistle, who have a stock at tickets with Rangers right now, money for which will be received by the administrators in advance of their game later this month.

The administrators have yet to decide whether to retain high-earning players or make more funds available for existing creditors, and future creditors, like Inverness.  As ticket sales for the Inverness game are on-going, the administrators will need to be aware of their legal position before retaining a premium squad.

One final push (this week) for the Vanessa Riddle Appeal. We have a Celtic top signed by the first team squad available to auction on eBay. You can bid on the auction and help send Vanessa for the treatment she needs by clicking here. Thanks to Penfold for the donation and to Taggsybhoy for organising (yet again).

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  1. lochgoilhead bhoy on

    Joe Filippis Haircut says:


    15 February, 2012 at 17:39



    Never mind our problems I think they’d be able to sort out Greece’s

  2. I thought UEFA took a dim view of politicians poking their noses into fitba business.



    Surely that’s a hellava lot worse from their point of view that a daft banner and a flare?

  3. does this statement from d&p mean that Rangers wont go into liquidation?



    how disappointing

  4. Sir Paul



    By the way



    Jist looked this up..in Blackstone..






    Ye collect money oan behalf o’ anither…



    And ye dinna.. Haun over that Buncha Dough..



    tae it’s rightful owners.. Pronto…






    According, tae Blackstone and Hoyle, an awe..



    That That is whit is known in the Trade as



    constituting … THEFT.. by.. STEALIN’!






    The G.A. are noo officially…






    Thieves and Vagabonds… and are



    subject tae Arrest oan sight!




  5. lochgoilhead bhoy says:


    15 February, 2012 at 17:37


    Alex Salmond now commenting. He wants talks to take place between HMR and Rangers (In Administration) to see how the tax money can be paid over a reasonable period of time. He is at least getting the message that the tax needs to be paid.





    Wee Alex has bugger all influence it is a matter for HMRC not the SNP. He can posture all he likes but HM governmnet in Whitehall will decided how the matter is concluded.


    Yet another reason not to vote for the SNP. Anyone still supporting an independant Scotland lead by the SNP?

  6. lochgoilhead bhoy on

    !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 says:


    15 February, 2012 at 17:41



    Trevor Steven seems particularly loud and I’ve seen his name mentioned a few times on other blogs (maybe this one). What’s the chance that he was an Agent for a player benefiting from an EBT?

  7. patrick layze is neil lennon on

    Hi Ghuys



    Been a while since i posted, been constant lurking of course!!



    I was wondering if anyone out there could point me in the direction of a list of players bought and money paid by rangers fc plc (in administration) in there so called no dough 3 in a row triumph. I am looking to quash these rumours once and for all with a few friends from the darkside.



    Thanks in advance

  8. BlantyreKev - Parcel=> on

    Guy on RTC says the announcement from Duff and Phelps on Rangers survival came 10 minutes after they met with Stewart Regan.



    I did say earlier to strap yourselves in……

  9. The SNP have got to been seen to be saying something; I’m sure the families of the 175 people made redundant in Glasgow today will be waiting on their support too.

  10. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    I don’t think [on the first dayof working] that the Administrators can say ‘liquidation is inevitable’.



    Give them to the end of the week..

  11. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    LiviBhoy says:


    15 February, 2012 at 16:59


    Never been one to bash Peter Lawwell but a few people have on here. What are their thoughts now?





    I’ve already stated I’ll be glad to eat humble pie when the time comes, however, on the financial side of things, they’d have needed to be idiots to have followed the hun, though they could have got far better results with not much more investment.



    My gripes are and always will be that they tied our good name to the hun with every joint sponsorship deal.


    They lebelled our support offensive by not challenging the UEFA decision to fine us.


    They identified people now sharing power in Stormont as criminal terrorists.


    Doing the right thing of ensuring the hun do not get straight back into the spl will not exhonerate them for the issues I have with them, but it will show me they at least have some honour.


    If any newco is admitted to the spl I’ll no be eating any humble pie.

  12. LiviB @ 17.06 – Previous Thread.



    PL = Monkey


    irish Raj = Organ Grinder.



    Unfortunately he as at times started to imbibe his own waste water and consequently triumphalism has been on the agenda – GL signing comes to mind.



    He is also not CEO material.


    He has no growth strategy and it shows.


    We are on Plan E or possibly F regarding his signing / talent strategy.


    He upsets the squad on a nearly constant basis.


    We have an EI sized hole in our recent accounts.



    Add in the usual complaints –



    Can’t manage assets – this year was good there was no large exceptional item in the accounts so he may be learning, slowly unfortunately but it is still progress.



    Hopefully Ras, MB and EJ won’t cost us too much.



    Jan 2009 debacle.


    He gets paid too much.


    He is far too focused on his bonus.


    BTM – 10th in a 12 man long list.


    No strategy for the stadium and surrounds as south of London Road is transformed.


    L’town – Poor site, not big enough – Academy not a 1st team training ground.



    Consequently make that nil points from the ST P’s / San Moritz jury.

  13. lochgoilhead bhoy says:


    15 February, 2012 at 17:37




    Exactly, the tax must be paid – by who ever.



    I’m sick of being told that payment of tax over years and years or liquidation will leave employees of Rangers at a disadvantage or out of work. It will and that’s too bad. But they are NOT innocent bystanders. Many of them have benefitted in kind and in prestiege from being employed at Rangers and seemed to think nothing of the fact that Minty sold them all down the river for £1. If your employer sold your employment for £1 would you not be looking to get out as fast as you could? Are they Zombies, alive – but dead to reality? Or are they complicit by their adherence and participarion in a manifestly unethical and flawed organisation? I don’t believe they didn’t know some of the truth. They saw but chose not to believe.



    The truly innocent in all of this are those who have lost their livelihoods at other clubs because their boards tried to keep up with what they thought was fair competition. The truly innocent are those who supplied those clubs and lost out when those clubs couldn’t pay their bills. The truly innocent are the tea ladies, the programme sellers, the turnstile operators, the young players, the groundsmen, the back room staff, the coaches, the managers, the investors and, above all, the fans with their hard earned cash and devotion who have been conned by the unethical financial practices of Rangers, in all its beastly forms.

  14. calamitous cacophony



    the roaring crush to save the establishment team



    to be seen to save the establishment



    make a list folks, check it twice



    television, radio and print



    whispers in backbench bailiwicks



    remember them, mark their names



    the ones who made sure Rangers didn’t die



    the ugly games start here



    prepare to be disgusted




  15. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on

    How can the loss of a club that owes millions all over, OWES. How can this be a negative effect long term ? SNYDE sick of them talking it up.. Lol.. Money into the coffers of other clubs?



    They OWE Dunfermline, Dundee Utd, Rapid Vienna, Burnley…



    Total bull!!

  16. canamalar



    I was going to post something similar.



    I bet the shreading machines at hampden are working overtime as we speak.



    I have well enjoyed the past few days, but the niggling feeling that just wont go away is the powers at the sfa are going to come out of all this relativly scott free, and in essence they are the ones to blame for allowing the hun to do as they pleased.



    The hun did what they did cos they could, had they to play by the same rules as everybody else the game in scotland wouldn’t be at deaths door.



    The blame lies squarely at the door of the sfa, imo.






    South of Tunis



    Exact same thought entered my head when I read that about Palermo.

  17. Summa of Sammi…. says:


    15 February, 2012 at 00:02



    Thats brilliant news mate!



    I bet you dont miss the stress though ;)



    Glad to hear the family are doing well :)




  18. BunburyBhoy



    15 February, 2012 at 18:21



    Mad Mitch is a HUN…Go Away WASP






    No he isn’t, and hasn’t been for the many years he has been posting here, consistently critical of PL / JR / DD / and other acronyms.



    Play the ball not the man.

  19. Something is worrying me, I fully expected players being sacked from ragers today, why has this not happened?



    Also why has Cousins contract not been torn up?



    I must be missing something? Can someone explain to me what is going on?







  20. Boys reply from Msp.



    Dear Mr ********




    Thank you for taking the time to contact me following the decision that has placed Rangers Football Club into administration.




    Football is Scotland’s national game and for one of its biggest clubs to be in such difficulty has an impact right across our city and indeed, the rest of the country. Without doubt, there are serious questions to be asked about how Rangers have found themselves in this position in the first place.




    However, I am absolutely clear that Rangers Football Club is not above the law and the HMRC has a duty to ensure that the club meet their tax obligations just like every other football club, business or individual.




    I have called for the HMRC to ensure that they focus on the best outcome for both the club and taxpayer. The HMRC should consider all options to keep the club functioning, purely on the basis that the best way for the club to pay back all the money that they owe is probably through continuing to operate. We should keep in mind that there are a number of other clubs – including Dundee United and Hearts – that are also owed money, as are a number of other businesses based in Glasgow. If there is no income coming in to Rangers Football Club, it is less likely that the tax payer and other creditors will be able to reclaim all of their money back.




    In the coming weeks, the corporate governance at Rangers Football Club will continue to be the focus of much debate. This crisis did not occur in the last year, but appears to have been the cumulative effect of poor management of the club’s finances over quite some time. These individuals responsible will have to account first and foremost to the fans of the club, many of whom will be deeply concerned about the dramatic developments in the last week.




    Best wishes,


    Margaret Curran MP

  21. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    TheCelticOne says 15 February, 2012 at 17:42 does this statement from d&p mean that Rangers wont go into liquidation? how disappointing


    Remember these guys are Whytes buddies,they have to put a positive spin on things, given the heat Whyte is getting. HH.

  22. For those still berating PL over the non-signing of Stephen Fletcher. Consider this: Neil Lennon, only a few days ago, cited that example as indicative of a club being properly run within its means.



    But, hey, what does he know?

  23. Paul67,



    As I have absolutely no knowledge of administration or the process involved, what are the chances of all Rangers FC PLC (in administration) creditors being made public? Is this a possibility in the administration process or can the administrators keep this from being made public?




  24. The administrators are surely banking on us providing some much needed working capital when we next visit the bigot dome- would a boycott linked to a warning about preferential treatment of the paupers be enough to finish them off. A lot of our boys might miss a chance to gloat but denying them the cash might be a better long term strategy- what do you think?

  25. Great calls from Steve and Peter(?) on Clyde to kick off.


    Hopefully Steve read my rant on the nightshift last night.


    In case you slept throught it.



    ‘GG says:


    15 February, 2012 at 01:09


    I listened to Clyde over lunch today.


    I listened to the desperation of journalists seeing their meal ticket disappear under a mountain of debt.


    I heard them pleading for Slick Johnny and the Southsiders to be parachuted directly into the SPL.


    I heard a little sympathy for the staff at Ibrox who will go unpaid from this week onwards.


    I heard no condemnation of a club that deducts NI and PAYE from employees and declines to pass it on to the requisite authorities.


    I heard no condemnation of an association member who denies payments to other clubs.


    I heard no condemnation of a club who have unequivocally been CHEATS, CHEATING the other member clubs through fiscal impropriety and deceit.



    Elected officials are joining in the rising chorus to mount a rescue for the CHEATS.


    No one has expressed any concern about the endemic accounting malpractices which accompanied this mugging of the Scottish public.


    The media and the Scottish establishment have a previous history of ignoring the dark acts practiced by the GOVAN CHEATS. Rioting, racism, bigotry have all been air brushed from their history as it portrayed the dominant religion in a poor light.


    However, their sense of entitlement and superiority has been their undoing.


    They thought they could CHEAT their way out of their extravagances and overspending, just as they have CHEATED their way to titles and trophies. Titles and trophies won with the assistance of their brothers in influential positions in football and in Scotland’s Secret and Secretive Societies.



    Let’s heed their call for assistance.


    Let’s give them the ability to apply to the bottom tier. BUT


    Only after they have paid the NI, PAYE and VAT outstanding from the current season.


    Only after they have paid every penny owed to other Scottish clubs.


    Only after they have paid outstanding wages to every non football staff member.


    Only after they have paid every single penny owed to suppliers.


    Only after their management accounts are made public.


    Only after their current and past management are made to publicly apologise to Scottish football fans for an undignified generation of malfeasance.


    Only after those charged with oversight of our game are investigated to determine their level of compliance in turning a blind eye to the shenanigans in Govan.



    Only when the dark corners are exposed to the cleansing sunlight of truth we can rebuild confidently, knowing that all games are being played under the same set of rules.





    I needed to get that off my chest, Cathartic CQN Therapy Page

  26. The G.A. are in Administration!



    Think aboot it!



    They Really Ur!



    And little Audrey.. Laughed and Laughed..



    and so did..






    Gotta Go,Folks.. Seeya.







    Yep..and still






    Ha .Ha.. Ha.

  27. BlantyreKev - Parcel=> on

    I think MPs might be advised to do some reading on State Aid before offering too much help.



    “What is State Aid?


    State Aid refers to the distortion of competition between any organisations involved in economic activity across member states of the European Union. State Aid rules state that no governmental body can give financial or competitive advantage to entities within their member state.”

  28. mad mitch is definitely not a hun



    He makes some good points IMO



    The diiference in my view is that PL is maybe not doing a good job and worth it in normal CEO terms BUT he IS delivering the strategy (such as it is) of the clubs owners which brings both limitations and different opportunities…..he does that fairly well IMO.



    It may be more limited and pragmatic than many on here would like from time to time….

  29. The howling mob are getting angrier . . .


    It appears that daft banner saying “HMRC we won’t be held to ransom” (or whatever) was hung from scaffolding across from the tax offices in Glasgow city centre.


    Some pitiful excuses for human beings then covered the front doors in spit.


    A female worker there said the staff in the mail room are particularly worried.


    And all because they support a club that refuses to pay its taxes.



    Alex Salmond and the rest of those mince-talking politicos surely must be aware that every business in the country is watching this farrago.


    Are tax dodgers and cheats to be given special treatment? Eh, Alex, whadda you say?

  30. mickthetic



    The spl rules state then a team in admin CAN’T sign players.



    Personally I hope they do manage to sign him, it would show the world how corrupt this little country is.

  31. the glorious balance sheet on

    Jabba on Radio Scotland predicting liquidation for the Orcs and very soon too. Accuses Whyte of having an agenda.



    Jabba has an agenda too. The chasing of moonbeams and consumption of succulent lamb.



    Newco is probably already set up and ready to go with some familiar faces in the frame.

  32. hen1rik says: 15 February, 2012 at 18:24



    Thanks for posting response – I was struck by the order of the interested parties in her response, club first – you and me second!!!!!



    “I have called for the HMRC to ensure that they focus on the best outcome for both the club and taxpayer”

  33. Evening all, not sure why they wheeled Paul McBride out for comment on SSN, but thoroughly enjoyed it. Brian Swanson in what looked like a Rangers FC (in Administration) tie, asking questions like, surely suggesting liquidation is a step too far? And the SFA have not found anything to suggest CW not a fit and proper person to run the club? Paul could not get the smirk off his face at the questions and when providing his usual articulate answers! A great 5 minutes TV, back now to making the soup! :o) Have a fine evening, sTICks

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