Dunfermline statement on Rangers


This evening’s announcement by Dunfermline Athletic that they no longer expect to receive timely receipt of the £80,000 ticket money Rangers FC PLC (in administration) owe them will heighten concerns at Inverness Caledonian Thistle, who have a stock at tickets with Rangers right now, money for which will be received by the administrators in advance of their game later this month.

The administrators have yet to decide whether to retain high-earning players or make more funds available for existing creditors, and future creditors, like Inverness.  As ticket sales for the Inverness game are on-going, the administrators will need to be aware of their legal position before retaining a premium squad.

One final push (this week) for the Vanessa Riddle Appeal. We have a Celtic top signed by the first team squad available to auction on eBay. You can bid on the auction and help send Vanessa for the treatment she needs by clicking here. Thanks to Penfold for the donation and to Taggsybhoy for organising (yet again).

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  1. BlantyreKev - Parcel=> on

    When is pay day at Ibrox?



    If wages are due already then there would be no point sending players away in February. A cull in March?

  2. We will see the huns tear themselves apart on Saturday.


    Popcorn and champers.


    Jesus Mary and Joseph, if they lose there will be mayhem.


    Hun lurkers, your boy stays at One Devonshire Gardens.


    Hail hail!

  3. the glorious balance sheet on

    Mark Daly – £30million of income unaccounted for.



    Asks the question – was administration Whyte`s plan all along? Reference to documents that indicate Mr Grier (Duff & Phelps) was involved in the takeover of Orcs.



    Lord John McFall – the only politician I`ve heard who makes the point that the taxpayer should be fairly treated over this matter.

  4. Exiled tim



    Yes but why is there a discussion in regard if the contract is valid?



    I fear hunguffery




  5. I went back to old habits and bought a Herald today.



    I see that one of the failed candidates for the role of Blue Knight, ex-director Paul Murray, was described as a “man of undisclosed wealth”.



    So not a Billionaire then??



    Wonder where he was born?




    P.S. Just heard him on Radio Clyde- He has almost as many ers and ums in his sentences as Craig Whyte

  6. the glorious balance sheet on

    Orc administrators thank their “business partners” for “going the extra mile” today. Is this masonic code following their meeting with the SFA chief executive?

  7. Lord McFall in Westminster government requests reopening of FSA investigation of Craig Whyte and Rangers affairs.



    Hail Hail



    Estadio (this is better than the drugs I’m on)

  8. Just listened to Salmond my interpretation they will be made a special case with terms given to pay their dues, stick your independence up your jacksie

  9. Re Salmond



    why should best outcome for the club be an objective….surely survival is a bonus for them vs the tax owed which should be priority….

  10. Last wee bit before bed….Chick Young to defend why he called David Murray a visionary in a column in 2008 and why he still considers that true….Sportsound shortly.



    Knackered now



    Hail hail




  11. What a pathetic statement from Dunfermeline Im sure if I or anyone else was owed


    such a sum of money I wouldnt issue wishy washy statements, not surprising by yorkston


    though or there other director Gavin Masterton who was the main man at the Bank of Scotland


    and who bankrolled David Murray

  12. Alex Salmond CANNOT make such a deal he has no power here it is all controlled from England. Sometimes I like the Union.

  13. paulsatim is neil lennon says:


    15 February, 2012 at 17:19



    James Cook @BBCJamesCook Close


    Duff & Phelps: Hall of Fame Dinner and Awards Ceremony scheduled for this Sunday at the Glasgow Hilton is postponed.



    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!……………



    My non-Tim office have been waving their little invites about – rushing out buying new dinner suits – new bow-ties etc etc.



    I warned them: hope you paid by credit card?



    Can’t wait to get to work tomorrow – any idea what further good news is lined up for Friday?



    H! H!

  14. Sporting Integrity must also be to the fore also along with the basic morality issue…….oh no we live in Scotland not a bannana republic !

  15. How the media works….



    Got back in from work tonight to my wife saying “you’ll not be as happy tonight” I responded “Why would that be darling” or words to that effect ;-) wife responded with “well rangers aren’t going bust now”



    I burst out laughing, she was insistent after watching the lunch time news, and listening to the radio all afternoon that everything was going to be ok, I had to explain….



    It is amazing the sheer blatant sickly outpourings from all and sundry. For me however the biscuit must be taken by the sycophantic statement released by Yorkston, hopefully DU, Inverness & Hertz aren’t as accommodating. To basically say wel they’re in admin and we won’t get paid and that’s that to the next sentence put pressure on your own fans to make up this shortfall!!!! Hunbelievable, If I were a Dunfermline fan I would be writing him a strongly worded letter that he should be pursuing vigorously all monies owed in a timely manner. Yorkston is a total out and out HUN, Chris Sutton was correct.







  16. Alex Salmond defending the tax cheats! What an absolute joke! Felt sick watching that. So Alex, can we expect you to throw your weight behind every tax cheat in the country to make sure they get the best deal possible? Total hypocrisy! Say goodbye to my independence vote ya smarmy we niaf!

  17. As expected we are now hearing 101 reasons why they must be saved. But how can that happen? Is someone going to donate £100M plus? Are HMRC going to agree to a paymewnt of a pound a week from now until doomsday? Is someone going to buy Ibrox and pay its supposed value?



    If Rangers FC PLC (in administration) was a horse it would have been shot by now.

  18. exiled tim



    Yeah and what about the rest of the players? how can they still be getting paid?


    Something is not right. Or am l just being eh paranoid ? Hmmm




  19. The Institution of the Despicable really are a sorry bunch. Cancelling a dinner at the Hilton, that should pay for a couple of hospital beds…!



    Well done Lord McFall for speaking out. More honesty and less of the lickspittles.



    Tax Cheats and poppy lovers-work that out?

  20. Why would anyone be surprised at Dunfermline siding with them – the folk who run that club are cut from the same cloth as Rangers.

  21. Rangers in crisis: Outcome of administration must be in ‘best interests of Scottish football’, says sports minister Shona Robison quote taken from DR site.



    Becoming very annoyed at how this story is being reported. £30m (over years) + £9m (over months) + small unpaid amounts of taxes



    This is no longer simply a football club in financial crisis.






    ***** THIS IS CRIMINAL *****

  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    goldstar10 says:


    15 February, 2012 at 17:31


    The Celtic board insisted that payment from Rangers for the 28th Dec game would be upfront. John Yorkston is a fool.





    And,Courts ringfencing Ranger`s financial assets.The writing was on the wall.


    A fool,or more probably a friend.

  23. I think we need to be careful what we wish for. My understanding is that the worst option would be for liquidation at rangers, that would allow rangers newco to be established. The new team would probably get back into spl and also be debt free. This would be the nightmare scenario. Not one to agree with salmond, but I reckon the best option would be for rangers to come out of administration and pay their debts over a period of time – perhaps £5m per year for next decade or so. Worst option, a newco with many if rangers assets but no debts.

  24. Wee Eck provides even more evidence that an independent Scotland would be a very dangerous place for those of the “wrong” persuasion!



    In Scottish terms you would have the First Minister practically condoning a major institution ripping off the taxpayers – thats you and me folks!



    This clown is not fit to run anything !




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