Dunfermline statement on Rangers


This evening’s announcement by Dunfermline Athletic that they no longer expect to receive timely receipt of the £80,000 ticket money Rangers FC PLC (in administration) owe them will heighten concerns at Inverness Caledonian Thistle, who have a stock at tickets with Rangers right now, money for which will be received by the administrators in advance of their game later this month.

The administrators have yet to decide whether to retain high-earning players or make more funds available for existing creditors, and future creditors, like Inverness.  As ticket sales for the Inverness game are on-going, the administrators will need to be aware of their legal position before retaining a premium squad.

One final push (this week) for the Vanessa Riddle Appeal. We have a Celtic top signed by the first team squad available to auction on eBay. You can bid on the auction and help send Vanessa for the treatment she needs by clicking here. Thanks to Penfold for the donation and to Taggsybhoy for organising (yet again).

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  1. r snyde is stage for rank fans being wheeled out as decent-its a joke-


    j’accuse the scottish media of complicity in the stoking of rank fans that


    could-through theyre delusion in thinking-with backing from meeja-that


    they have a just cause-its IRRESPONSIBLE-these same “commentators”


    have a lot to answer for-giving the ignorant false hope-shame on them

  2. Dead and Loving it on

    Rangers have invited Freddie Ljungberg to murray park for trial



    Ljungberg has been freed recently and is a free agent



    a spokesman for mr whyte stated



    Freddie has had a few short term but lucrative contracts lately, so he must be holding a few bob



    he went on , he could get a game for the gers if he sorts out dunfermlne and dundee utd and gets them off our back

  3. lochgoilhead bhoy says:


    15 February, 2012 at 17:37


    ‘Alex Salmond now commenting. He wants talks to take place between HMR and Rangers (In Administration) to see how the tax money can be paid over a reasonable period of time. He is at least getting the message that the tax needs to be paid.’





    If you believe that then you must regard Salmond the way Jabba regards Minty.



    The FTT bill is £50m.



    Whyte has built up tax arrears of £9m in 9 months.



    The huns are skint.



    How are they going to pay back £59m?



    Never mind everyone else that’s owed money.



    It’s bollocks. Complete bollocks.

  4. the glorious balance sheet on

    As good a time as any to review my favourite Moonbeam Moments from the laptop loyal.



    1. Gianluca Vialli is flying into Scotland in David Murray`s private jet to sign for Rangers (Sunday Mail, 1995)



    2. Rangers are building a team to dominate European and Scottish football and leave Celtic far behind (Ken Gallacher, Herald, early 2000)



    3. David Murray is an unashamed meat eater and enjoys succulent lamb. PS Timmy – He is also going to bankroll a team to destroy you (Jabba, Daily Record, November 1998)



    4. £800million Super-casino at Ibrox (Sunday Mail, 2008)



    5. Craig Whyte is a Motherwell-born billionaire whose wealth is off the radar (Keith Jackson, Daily Record, 2010-2011)



    6. Jardel turns down Milan to sign for Rangers – including two page spread of Mrs Jardel. In the event Jardel signed for Porto. (Sunday Mail, 1996)



    7. Sebastian Rozenthal is the new Ronaldo (Sunday Mail, 1996)



    8. Rangers to sign Ruud van Nistelrooy (Daily Record, 2000)



    and my favourite:-



    “For every five pounds Celtic spend, we`ll spend ten pounds.” (various, 2000)

  5. Doncha love this Peter Dean? He brings a wee smile to my ugly mug at every advert break. If I decide to claim back any PPI, hes


    ‘s getting my business.

  6. After watching Salmond on the Scottish news it’s abundantly clear that the huns would be saved if he was in charge of things.



    Fortunately he’s not. Fortunately HMRC is a UK wide organisation.

  7. lochgoilhead bhoy on

    ernie lynch says:


    15 February, 2012 at 19:13



    So do you prefer Margaret Curran’s and Shona Robinson’s earlier views that the most important thing was the jobs of those employed at Ibrox and that Rangers (In Administration) survived, with no mention of the missing tax?



    What do you think of John McFall’s views on the tax?

  8. patrick layze is neil lennon on

    Sorry, repost from earlier as site went down on my computer, could be doing weith this info bhoys



    Hi Ghuys



    Been a while since i posted, been constant lurking of course!!



    I was wondering if anyone out there could point me in the direction of a list of players bought and money paid by rangers fc plc (in administration) in there so called no dough 3 in a row triumph. I am looking to quash these rumours once and for all with a few friends from the darkside.



    Thanks in advance

  9. ernie lynch says:


    15 February, 2012 at 19:13



    I was just saying the same to the boss 5 minutes ago – according to whytie, they are losing £10MM every year, add on all their current (and future) dues, and this is not sustainable. They have say 4 players on £25 per week (McG, Davis, Whittaker??, Lafferty??) – that is only £4 million savings if they were to go. Now unless whytie turned £9MM bids for those 4, they are going nowhere nearer to zero debt anytime soon.



    They are the original busted flush.




  10. this is a far from original point but the majority of the Scottish Sports journos should hang their heads in shame.



    They have been complicit in bringing rangers to this state. Jabba and Chico seem hellbent on defending SIR David Murray. Jabba talks about knowing stuff and “not being able to write about it”. WTF?



    Your rangers fan who is hurt and confused should have a good look at these guys who supped their wine and need not have overchiewed on their lamb owing to its succulence.



    In the end people will lose their job as an indirect consequence of these “journalists” knowing stuff but not writing about it.



    No one should take pleasure in the job cuts which will come to the non-playing staff. Where are they to turn to next and why were they not warned by the mainstream press in Scotland? Bills have to be paid and I’m sure Jabba, Chico, et al.., who knew stuff but chose not to write about it will still be flown around Europe for football matches. They’ll hand in their expense receipts without even a thought of the people who bought their paper, were employed by rangers and will have lost their job.



    Journalism is supposed to provide the checks and balances in society.



    What we’ve had in Scotland for years now is not Sports Journalism but an extension of the rangers PR department.

  11. David Gold on 5 live just repeated his line…”Doesn’t matter whether its 60,50,40 or 30 million,it is still cheating”

  12. lochgoilhead bhoy says:


    15 February, 2012 at 19:17




    The tax is gone.



    It won’t be repaid in any shape.



    If you think otherwise you’re either thick or you haven’t been paying attention.



    Salmond knows the tax is gone and won’t be coming back.



    Ask yourself why he’s talking bollocks.

  13. ernie lynch says:


    15 February, 2012 at 19:13



    The Creature (Kojo calls it Beast) from Jekyll Island should be distributed widely, Freely!!!



    Timing is everything my Ghood man.

  14. Croppybhoy 18.49



    Unfortunately it is a majority of the hun persuasion who dont want independance.


    And Labour are a bunch of nobodys in UK



  15. Invercelt says:


    15 February, 2012 at 19:10



    Agreed, It has nothing to do with the Independance issue, my comment was due to the ‘astounded of forehead’ factor. Time will tell though over the ‘Salmond’ factor. If, as to be believed, he has had his hand in the matter for the last couple of weeks, by his own admittance, then there should be questions asked. Why exactly is he getting involved? To put it plainly, rangers are a business. How many companies can expect the highest politician in the land to man their corner when they have been so negligent?




  16. God Bless Her Britannic Majesty’s Inland Revenue long may they pump Rangers and by the way GIRFUY SNP you have no say it the matter – your impotent posturing is fooling no one Alex.

  17. Does anyone remember when the Hi Hi’s went down (Third Lanark) . Don’t recall such a fuss.


    Get rid of that disease manifesting as a football club once and for all.



    Hail Hail


    and a Happy Valentines to one and all




  18. I think they are really looking to find a scapegoat for all of this………



    Rewriting of the rule book with assets like Murray Park appropritely sold off and possibly the stadium itself, and £3m pa paid off over 10 years would suit me fine if they start in Div 3……



    oh and those who acted illegally, such as previous and current board should be given the appropriate term at her majestys pleasure and taxpayers expense.

  19. CultsBhoy loves being 1st on

    ‘go home ya Huns ..go home ya Huns go home..’



    …..where is home for Huns now?

  20. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    That Dunfermline statement should mean that Kilmarnock are hurting. I hope they are next.




  21. No surprise re Yorkston statement……he is an ignorant and not too bright old man.



    The club is really run by what some have suggested is ‘a man eating haridan who is on her 3rd or 4th husband or partner’ . This femae happens to also be Gavin Mastertons daughter…….that old ‘banker’ friend of David Murray……..

  22. Mystery deepens over Whyte links to former jailbird associates



    By Nick Harris


    SJA Internet Sports Writer of the Year


    15 February 2012




    Two business associates of the beleagured Rangers owner Craig Whyte, both of whom have served time in prison for financial offences, have spoken about their links to Whyte, but have raise more questions than answers in the process, particularly in relation to the role one of them has played in the Rangers takeover saga and subsequent collapse of the club.


    One of those men is Aidan Earley, a former bankrupt who was sent to prison for four months in 1992. Aidan Earley and his brother Wulstan and a third sibling, the late Brendan, have all been involved in multiple business ventures with Whyte, a number ending in failure and winding-up orders.


    Rangers’ were plunged into financial administration on Tuesday, largely as a result of a £49m tax dispute with HMRC, and the club’s future remains in doubt.


    Sportingintelligence was first asked to investigate Aidan Earley’s role, or if indeed he had any, in Whyte’s plans for Rangers when contacted last Autumn by another business associate of Earley, a man called Len Palmer who said he was owed £115,000 by Earley.


    Mr Palmer said that a cheque he had been given, from an Earley-owned company called Liberty Capital Markets (LCM), had bounced.


    Sportingintelligence has seen paperwork from Barclays showing that a £5,000 cheque to Palmer did indeed bounce.


    The situation was confused because Craig Whyte had bought via Rangers via an offshore company called Liberty, and the Earley brothers had started a completed unrelated company with a similar name around the same time, which had no connection to Whyte.


    Mr Palmer had believed a company controlling Rangers was issuing bouncing cheques but it transpired the two Liberty ventures were separate while owned by people who frequently work together, and had – entirely coincidentally – started those ventures with similar names.


    An intermediary working on behalf of Mr Palmer, called Peter Williamson, said the Earley brothers had told him last Autumn that Aidan Earley was involved in the plan to take over Rangers with Craig Whyte, despite having no official shareholding or any official post.


    Aidan Earley did not respond to questions about this at the time, while Wulstan Earley denied in an email sent on 27 October 2011 that he or his brother were involved in any way in Rangers.


    That email, in which Wulstan Earley said he had had no contact with Whyte since a golf day in 2009, is here:





    Mr Palmer still insists he is owed £110,000 by Aidan Earley, who himself signed an agreement appearing to acknowledge that in September. The Earley signature on that is here:






    Of particular interest now is the claim by Wulstan Earley that neither he nor Aidan Earley have any interest at Rangers.


    Officially, of course, they haven’t. They are not declared shareholders and hold no office.


    But in recent days Aidan Earley has been linked to Whyte and Rangers, bizarrely, via a non-league football club in England, Banstead Athletic, which has been mooted as the site for a possible feeder academy for Rangers.


    Banstead’s manager, Dave Tidy, told the local paper: “Aiden Earley … was part of the consortium that has bought Glasgow Rangers. And the talk is that we are going to be their base in the south of England.


    “It is really exciting times for Banstead. I can’t wait. Nothing has been signed yet, but we are a long way down the road as far as the negotiations are concerned. They have even spoken about sending a Rangers team down for a pre-season friendly.”


    Banstead’s owner Terry Molloy, says Earley will become joint owner of the club and has already invested money in it. ”It is not a secret that Aidan is involved with Rangers, but to say that any academy we set up at Banstead would be a Rangers academy is not true,” he said.


    Asked by Sportingintelligence by email last night how he could explain undisputed quotes by Tidy and Molloy – both of whom he knows – linking him to Rangers, Aidan Earley replied: “Because I know Craig Whyte, people put two and two together and get 17 …


    “I have discussed the establishment of an Academy at Banstead run by one of the top coaches in the South of England who has developed many players for top English Clubs. This has been discussed with Mr Whyte, because I know him and he will at least listen, and also discussed with other clubs.”


    Rangers’ PR company has not responded to questions about links between Whyte and Earley.


    One of Whyte’s failed business ventures was Vital UK, which went bust owing creditors around £400,000 and the tax authorities £313,000 in unpaid income tax and VAT. Vital’s collapse led to a seven-year on Whyte being a company director.


    That ban expired years ago, freeing Whyte to complete a takeover of Rangers last year, funded largely by money, it now transpires, borrowed against Rangers’ future ticket income.


    The second business associate of Whyte’s who has talked today about his links to Whyte is Kevin Sykes, jailed for eight years for his role in a £3m pension fund fraud.


    He talked to the Daily Record in Glasgow today (link to full story here) about his involvement in a string of companies, alongside Whyte, that ended up being wound up.


    It was Aiden Earley who introduced Sykes and Whyte back in the early 1990s.


    Earley’s imprisonment was for a matter wholly unrelated to Whyte or Sykes. Contemporary reports about his imprisonment said Aidan Earley “pleaded guilty to two offences under the bankruptcy act of failing to keep proper accounts and of failing to account to the Offical Reciever for the loss of £538,000 between February 1988 and his insolvency hearing.”


    When I asked Craig Whyte in October last year about his relationship with Aidan Earley, his spokesman said: “Aidan Earley is one of scores of people in Craig Whyte’s network of contacts who ocasionally introduce him to deals. That is as far as their relationship extends.”


    Despite that apparently arms-length relationship, Whyte has been personally involved in Aidan Earley’s Banstead venture.


    Asked last October what role Aidan Earley had in the Rangers takeover and what shares if any, Earley held, Whyte’s spokesman said: “The Circular to shareholders makes it perfectly clear that Craig Whyte is the sole owner of the 85.3% shareholding previously held by Murray International Holdings.


    “That remains the case. Of course, Rangers is a plc and Craig has no control over who else might buy shares inthe company but he is not aware of what shares, if any, Mr Earley may or may not hold.”





  23. Lubo, interesting bit of that John McFall article…



    Meanwhile, it has emerged that David Grier, a partner at Rangers administrators Duff and Phelps, was centrally involved in Craig Whyte’s takeover from previous owner Sir David Murray.



    As emails obtained by BBC Scotland show, he even assured the previous board that Mr Whyte’s bid had already secured a “time to pay” deal with HMRC.




    The BBC has seen emails relating to the takeover of the club


    This has led one academic to raise concerns over the appointment of Duff and Phelps as Rangers’ administrators.



    Steven Morrow, senior lecturer in sport finance at Stirling University, said: “If there is evidence of a prior relationship between those involved in an administrative capacity and the directors of Rangers Football Club, then I think that would raise concerns among some of the creditors.



    “This is because the role of the administrator is to be independent, to look after the interests of all the creditors, not to be seen to have any particular interest in one group of creditors.



    “Their job is to try to make sure the organisation is a going concern but protect the interests of all creditors and that’s what the process is about.”



    Duff and Phelps has denied any conflict of interest in acting as administrators.

  24. Dead and Loving it on

    would not like to put Yorkston to the test



    choose a club to go down



    dunfermlne or rangers

  25. Duff and Duffer



    “We can guarantee Rangers will survive”



    As it stands, if we lose the big tax case from carried over from that terrible mr sorry Sir Murray well that will be a different matter, but wee Craigy didn’t bring you down.

  26. Silver City Neil Lennon on

    Should we change the way we play? Since the Tommy Burns season in particular it has felt like every point is a hostage even every goal with titles being lost on goal difference. I see us currently playing a cautious attacking game. Should we throw that to the wind and start playing in a much more cavalier style? If we drop points then what the heck? We have a big cushion and Rangers are bound to drop more too. It’d be good practice should we be doing without Rangers next season. Exciting games with more goals going in either end might be more of a draw than competing with our old rivals.

  27. KINGLUBO 19:22



    Before my time but was told years ago that at the time Celtic proposed a solution to keep Third Lanark in business , but were out-voted by others (including rangers fc (in administration))



    Don’t know if it’s true or not, but how ironic would that be.







  28. newradbhoy with the kano 1000 on

    Will the sfa allow this mob to bump every team they play against?


    Any team to play thems should seek assurances from thems and the sfa


    that they will paid any monies owed them or they will not play them.

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