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  1. 1423: “Rangers have four centre-backs in their defence this afternoon. It’s incredible.” (Panicking?) BBC Scotland football pundit Chick Young



    Haha panicking chick young I love it!

  2. Henrik’s Golden Boot says:


    2 January, 2012 at 14:28


    C’mon the hoops, three points please



    Great minds! (thumbs up)

  3. Anyways, ….I will say it again! complecency is our only enemy.We are easily the best team in the league by a country mile…..we can only beat ourselves if we arent focused on the job.



    Come on celtic, keep pressing on 4-0 job today and a 1-1 at poundstrechers..that would ensure ibrox goes into meltdown today.

  4. GourockEmeraldBhoy HAILS THE KANO FOUNDATION on

    Doctastic says:


    2 January, 2012 at 14:26



    Unfortunately not, I’m working till 5 then home for a cold one

  5. brimmer 'kano 1000' on




    4-0, 4-1, Hooper 1st and last goal. £5 £5 £10.



    I’m expecting to collect. They are gash.




  6. quite WINDY at EastEnd Park today



    BBC radio shortbread crying into their steak-pie left-overs re RFC position




  7. Looks like danger man Healy is starting for the Huns…….



    That’s on top of that young super kid leaving the Huns too!






    Btw our team is..



























  8. Ledley and Sammi are, imo, our best option down the left.



    Think the tenor of recent posts (lalaaaaaa!) was that we needed a tough midfield, so Brown and Wanyama will satisfy that demand, although they have never played together in the middle before.



    Think we’re reasonably strong in all areas of the park. Hooper and Stokes (Stokes in particular) have stumbled a little lately, so it would be good to see them recapture their chemistry up front.

  9. Thinking about Hamilton and Motherwell last season this is a difficult match to have . Neil Lennon has spelt this out in the pre match interview and hopefully the team will be able to get the win.


    Come on the Celts!

  10. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Gordon J



    My house is like Stepek’s



    if you need a Tv give me a shout




  11. @polishturnstile Anthony R. Hamilton


    #Celtic XI: Forster; Matthews, Rogne, Mulgrew, Ledley; Forrest, Wanyama, Brown, Samaras; Hooper & Stokes

  12. Gordon_J



    If you email me I can help you to watch it via internet. Not illegal link. I will watch it on Polish Orange Sport.

  13. Gordon_J




    ‘BTW, if Novo signs for Rangers is that the first ever occurrence of a rat joining a sinking ship??”



    You should copyright that statement for T-shirt purposes:)



  14. @polishturnstile Anthony R. Hamilton


    #Celtic subs: Zaluska, K Wilson, Ki, Izaguirre, Cha, McCourt & Bangura


    36 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

  15. Ten Men Won The League on

    If the supply is good, Hooper + Stokes will score



    Sammi + young James must be on top form today

  16. Happy New Year everyone. I took a day off yesterday but will catch up in detail later.



    RRC, Happy New Year to you too.

  17. NL sounded up for it in radio interview beforehand



    very much aware of pushing on, no hangover etc

  18. On clyde you can taste the desperation,..they are saying all the pressure on Celtic and they fancy dunfermline for a draw??!!! ….Fair enough anything can happen, but they don’t half make it obvious on where their allegencies lay!!!



    Deary me,…sad sad lot!

  19. Hoping to see a solid professional job being done today, gathering another 3 pts towards the title



    Next couple of months head down and focused on the ole cliche of one game at a time



    Withdraw from the press, saying next to nothing letting developments elsewhere unfold

  20. Charles……the flop sweat of a tired ‘chearleader’.



    No complacency today Hoops.

  21. Good team for the hoops today, 2 nil victory for the good ghuys for me



    Meanwhile over in the snakes nest, jellyfish left out and healy in due to his wonderful tackling ability.


    Bet the mothers take pity on him and let him score like before


    works for me, the orcs get their hopes up and he looks like a striker, then they rapidly find out he couldnt find a goal against a non compliant team with a homing beacon and arrows painted on the pitch.

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