Dutch travel sickness


Can we purge all negative overtones today, make sure we start tomorrow with a clean sheet?  Injuries and suspensions are part of the game, we accept them and plan how to win important games.

Celtic are at their best when they are up against it, when everyone knows that nothing short of a herculean effort is required.  This is the case tomorrow.  The requirement is straightforward enough: win your personal battle, inhibit one of the best teams we will play this season, take control of midfield and find spaces in the Ajax defence to exploit.

We have more than enough players bursting to set about this task.

Ajax had a taxing game on Saturday, scoring late to secure a draw away to top of the table Twente.  Although fourth, they are one of six teams no more than two points off the pace in what is currently one of Europe’s tightest leagues, but there is a fragility about Ajax.

The game against Twente was their first away match after a run of four home games, three of which were won comfortably, while they were denied a win against Milan by a ridiculous penalty in added time.  Their away form, however, has been less than impressive; they are still waiting for their first win away from the Amsterdam ArenA this season.  As a result, they travel to Celtic Park with the same trepidation they travelled to Groningen, Heerenveen, Twente, AZ, Barca and PSV, a series of games which returned three draws and three defeats.

Dutch media have also been reminding them of a quirky record to maintain.  While Celtic eliminated Ajax the last twice the teams met in European Cup/Champions League duty, the Dutch avoided defeat on both games at Celtic Park.  For us, this is a meaningless fact, but it is an added burden of expectation on Ajax.
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  1. Ernie Lynch



    Please accept my apologies…I think I misread gist of your message




    I would think that catering is quite a large source of revenue. To dish that out to a corporate company could possibly dilute hugely on the revenue presently received. MacDonalds was mooted earlier but I’m not sure that would help as they would pay the very minimum, and also they tend to recruit at a younger age because the minimum wage is much lower. Their are also many families like mine that wouldn’t be seen dead in MacDonals

  2. Has Keevans plumbed to depths unheard of before in the MSM.His article today about the AGM,is totally mind boggling.100% wrong in facts,and very disturbing in its total content.


    Some of his comments could do more to cause the “Civil unrest”espoused by our football leaders,than anything else.Celtic fans are out to finish off Sevco for good.!!!!!!!!.


    His references to Wee Fergus are even worse.


    How his editor ever passed this work of fiction is beyond me.Surely to god there has to be a grain of truth in any published article.A wee totie grain even.

  3. Jungle Jim-Hope you are well,agree,Samaras and Forrest will need to perform down the flanks to create some space for the rest.I think he will try and play Stokes behind Pukki ,as KC is out.

  4. Turkeybhoy



    Nope. Truth never a prerequisite in that publication.



    Wealth off the radar billionaires from motherwell. and super new sky domes at ibrox. That’s what is needed.

  5. gallowgate mad squad on

    I was at the Ajax game in the eighties – I think it was the first time I’d ever seen a team counter attack continually. I remember the pace they had on the wings was incredible- Jesper Olsen was on one wing.



    More of the same tmr would be my guess – they will play rope a dope (like I felt Milan did in San Siro in first game)




    14:42 on 21 October, 2013



    The same applies for The Living Wage. For the sake of £40 a week for a 35 hours a week staff member,yer business will close?




    Thats about a 20% wage rise!!


    Yes I could see some businesses closing because of this, I would also see a queue round Parkhead when any jobs were going.


    As you say most are casual and don’t do this for 40 hours a week.


    Would they then feel undermined when they do their “real” jobs during the week for a pittance?

  7. The winning team…………





    Lustig Ambrose Van Dijk Izaguirre


    ——-Kayal Mulgrew Ledley——–


    Forrest——-Pukki——— Samaras

  8. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Turkeybhoy 15:24 on 21 October, 2013



    Sounds like you read his article.



    That’s five minutes of your time you’ll never get back.

  9. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    You make those sound like bad things. Me,I’m all for more of the wealth off the radar and sky domes stories.



    The more the merrier,the more the hunnites are deluded and take their supremacist eyes off the ball.



    Sometimes I reckon that the SMSM are really all closet Tims,out to do down the bad guys by the most subtle of methods.



    Then I remember that,actually,they’re just crap at their jobs.

  10. Whitedoghaunch



    Sorry to hear that you are in Hospital. Hopefully not too long and hopefully the Celtic give you some reason to cheer tomorrow night.



    Nike is one if many dubious partners we could consider ejecting if we were really wanting to cleanse ourselves.



    Macdonalds being championed as a food retailer for CP I see now by some on blog without a hint of irony.

  11. Guten Tag …here in Germany they are about to set the Min wage @around €8.50…it is one of the major points up for the coalition talks…regarding Celtic when the season tickets go back to costing what they did A.D 125 then surely the Board can look at the wages at Celtic Park.. braw..

  12. Bobby Murdochs curled up winkle pickers.



    No judgement on them. Just responding to TB point about facts needed for journo to run stories.



    A book of these gems would be a great charity production for Celtic supporters to create.



    Succulent lamb and the Hugh Gallagher Classics to the fore.

  13. ernie


    If all posters only gave predicted score then yes, it would be repetitive but there are other aspects as well. Tactics and formation, for instance. The effect of Commons and Brown being unavailabe etc


    The minimum wage argument can also be reduced to Celtic should/should not pay above the required amount and that, too, would be repetitive.


    Basically, that was my point. Nothing new was being added to the wages argument so we would be as well returning to tomorrow`s game.




  14. have received my agm papers and cannot attend as I only have the minimum shares is it worth completing proxy?



  15. gallowgate mad squad on

    2 champions league campaigns in a row,


    league champions







    What was this site like when we were doing badly? It’s pretty depressing at these best of times now.

  16. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    I had promised not to revisit this subject,but if you run a business which is no longer viable because of having to pay an extra £40 a week per employee,then it really is unlikely to have a future anyway.



    I’ll give you an example of wages against value to the company.



    Years ago I worked in a car factory,which had no official union representation.



    I pointed out to the factory manager-and proved it-that the wage cost of every vehicle produced was less than 4% of its value.



    Therefore a wage increase would have negligible effect on profitability.



    Now,I’ve already pointed out on this thread that the £120k in question is 0.2% of our total turnover.



    Is that gonna take us back to 1994?



    Of course not. It is a spit in the bucket,but a huge boost to staff morale,and to our public relations.



    We clearly are not gonna agree on this,so I will say no more-as I had earlier promised.

  17. The Battered Bunnet on




    At least the wi-fi’s working…



    Unfortunately the catering staff are on minimum wage so it’s slops and gruel again tonight. There was a review of the catering at the Royal recently, and they’ve adopted the recommendation that the rice pudding (served lukewarm) should be garnished with a raspberry coulis. Good news is the coulis has been sourced from a local mobile desserts supplier. They play a wee tune on a loudspeaker when the delivery van gets into the street. Quaint.



    Even better news is that the nurses are on Living wage, so you can expect them at least to be quite lively. By lively, I mean they’ll congregate round the ward desk and chat to each other animatedly, the degree of animation directly proportional to their hangover from spending their living wage at the Social last night.




  18. BSR


    Is it back to £15000? It had gone down to £12000. Something to do with tax, I think.




  19. bournesouprecipe


    15:36 on


    21 October, 2013


    Ajax, or Aye Ax.






    A-jaxss or Aye-yaxx lol

  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajax (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈaːjɑks])



    -according to Wiki/EWLM/EWTB.

  21. Bmcuw



    You are spot on re Living Wage…I just wish you were as accurate with your score predictions

  22. TBB


    A successfully humorous description of nurses there but be ready to be attacked



  23. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    I don’t see the irony in McDonalds as our catering supplier.



    They are considerably more ethical than they once were,and offer proper training and opportunities to their staff.



    I’m quite sure that they are still far from perfect,particularly with their franchised operations,but they are well in front of their competitors in their marketplace.



    Personally,I only have a couple of their meals a year,when I get to treat my niece. Lord knows how I’ll justify going there when she gets too old to be seen wi her uncle!

  24. Just reading a bout that wee lassie Broagan McCuaig,in surgery today after a dog attack.Is it possible to have a bit of a whip round?

  25. Jungle



    Not sure, the bigger the game the bigger the prize, it seems.



    Personally I’ve stopped buying it since the day *Sammi overhead kick 4-3* when I was


    one number away from 12K



    SickAsAParrot CSC

  26. I feel we should be paying a living wage.



    I feel this should also be a pre req on anyone tendering for contracts at Parkhead where a large mobile staff are employed



    I think this important for my club to show a lead.

  27. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Quick way to the poorhouse these days is to stand near me in the bookies. Wasn’t always that way. But has been for too damned long!



    (Memo to God-a joke’s a joke!)

  28. Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. Champions. C’mon Wee Oscar.


    15:57 on


    21 October, 2013


    Cubist Funk



    I reckon Ajax female fans are probably better looking than Celtic female fans but I know who i’d back in a fight.



    Actually!!! That probably goes for amle fans too.



    MWD Taking the pash just in case PC Brigada aroon.



    Dena29 is around too and I wouldnt back against me in a fight then again I’m no oil painting so that means your correct in both your assumptions based on me ……… however my 23year old and a regualar at CP is a stunner cannae fight though lmao



  29. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Not used yet to the strong Scottish lager?

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