Dysfunctional Amsterdam


Three weeks ago there was little argument against the observation that Ajax had the worst European travelling support we have seen at Celtic Park – half a century of history.  Attacks on Celtic fans by a roaming gang on Tuesday night was not a surprise.  The banner, which Uefa are trying to ignore, but will surely be shamed into doing something about, was offensive and, in most jurisdictions, a criminal offense.

When the police collaborate it’s hard not to verge into the realms of branding a society “dysfunctional”.  Amsterdam is wealthy, affluent, liberal but intolerant, badly policed and violent.  The visit of Celtic fans passed with less incident (and arrest of visitors) than most visiting fans endured in recent seasons.

Visit Bruges instead.
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  1. Yawn – Yawn – Tumbleweed – Tumbleweed….



    ….and so it will go on until – the huns next visit to CP



    as a wrecking crew – guarded by a plod-squad who’ll



    all happen to be looking the ither way awe at the same time.



    This will be followed by an ostrich routine by the ‘bored’ who’ll



    investigate vigorously for longer than ‘widgery’ and ‘that’ will be



    the tipping-point for all of the happy-clapping-middle-grounders



    to finaly drive the stake through the complicit ‘boreds’ empty



    hearts just like their counterparts on the pitch.



    Or, worse still…the huns / animals will go into administration again



    and with CP’s attendances not far off the 20k mark – the pre-Souness



    era will seem almost halcyon by comparison. imo



    Away off oot tae chase some more cars – Hail Hail

  2. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    I hear that Amsterdam has culturally more to offer than Bruges. Never having been to either I have no idea what ‘boobies and doobies’ are!!

  3. Tom English had to make an apology. His original piece had the Fenian Bastard banner in amongst the Celtic fans.



    his apology was very poor.

  4. channelislandcelt wee oscar has done it before and he'll do it again on

    Paul67 . I for one will not be back !

  5. The DAFC (Dunfermline) website has a thread about trouble at Ibrox on Wednesday, loads about that in the press too.



    This is not a whataboutery comment, it’s simply an observation on how trouble is reported (or not) in the SMSM.





    Ffs,bud-do you have a webcam thingy in my local?



    Went to bar,came back,nearly missed the first page entirely!

  7. Bruges??



    If I grew up on a farm, and was retarded, Bruges might impress me but I didn’t, so it doesn’t.




  8. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    That is quite a betrayal of Tom British’s mindset. He is walking in Jabbas footsteps




  9. Complete nonsense Paul67. Amsterdam is a wonderful European city – having lived there for 2 years I have to say it is probably the least violent city I’ve ever lived in – way less so that Derry, Belfast, Dublin, Glasgow, or London. It is also a very tolerant city all in all – again much more so than any other city I’ve ever lived in.



    What they do have is a pretty undisciplined police force who do not know how to correctly police large crowds of football fans – something they have in common with almost all European countries with the exception of Germany and the UK.



    Celtic should absolutely get on the side of the supporters and help in any way to identify and insist on prosecutions against the police officers who blatantly broke the law by assualting visitors to their city. Won’t happen I’m sure, but very much worth all Celtic supporters kicking up a major fuss about this.



    Amsterdam though is one of the great european cities and it’s just a bit silly for us to brand the city violent or intolerant based on this weeks events.

  10. geordie munro



    14:18 on 8 November, 2013






    You might want to choose your words more carefully, your phrasing is terrible, offensive and unneccessary.


    I am sure you didn’t mean it to be so, but it is.

  11. Riot,Battles,blah blah,from our MSM.6 Celtic fans charged out of around 10-12,000 in Amsterdam.Just how many of that Ajax scum could have been arrested in Glasgow?.From what I have seen and heard,the fans were perfectly entitled to defend themselves.No time for this””We can never condone violence”nonsense.When you are being attacked you fight back.


    We should just ignore all of this reporting and carry on.We have a wonderful reputation in Europe,thats what counts.The snipers and bad mouthers can do one.Hopefully into a lamp post.

  12. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on




    As some of you will be aware I have taken on the job of editor of the CQN Magazine and annual.



    The annual for this year shows a couple of changes in format in that there will be previously unreleased content in there as opposed to simply being a “best of ” from the last year.



    The Annual is in effect a “Bookazine”– a Book in Magazine form and is 228 pages in length with a whole host of articles on Celtic and Celtic related matters.



    The magazine itself is going to see some significant changes going forward– not simply because I am the Editor— but because myself, Paul and Winning Captains– have sat down and thought about how to improve upon what has already been achieved.



    Further, various quality contributors have agreed to provide us with copy, stories, points of view and interviews for future issues.



    The next issue– which will be released next week– will see the start of those changes though by no means not all as some will have to wait until we get into the new year.



    However, what will be in there will be content with what is best described as “an edge” at times, as well as features which may stray slightly from the norm for a Celtic Magazine as we go in search of information, stories and opinions which to be honest may not be found or sought in the Mainstream media.



    We are not saying that all that we do will be better than what can be found in the mainstream– that is for others to judge.



    What it will not be is—- lazy.



    Some pieces will be factual reports, other pieces will be opinion or commentary based– which opinions or comments some may like and others may not.



    There will also be historical pieces and maybe the odd story or two.



    CQN is ten years old.



    It has evolved, developed, grown, matured and become many different things over that ten years– much of which is down to those who log on here and post on a daily basis.



    In the annual, I personally give you what I consider to be the blog’s greatest single achievement in that period.



    However, going forward it is to be hoped that CQN continues to grow and indeed morph.



    Today we have seen some reports of events in the last week.



    Some of those reports do not tally well with information that has been provided to some of us publicly and privately by those who were in Amsterdam.



    It is issues like this that we will try and tackle amongst others in the magazine going forward, so that Celtic fans, who do not have the Editor’s ear in certain places, can set THE RECORD straight when the need arises.



    There is a famous story about a Dutch man who cut off his ear, and another who stuck his finger in a dyke to stop a flood of water. However my favourite is of the girl who kept a diary so as to ensure that one day the truth would out.



    That would be the whole truth and not any sanitised version.



    CQN Magazine— coming your way soon.





    14:04 on 8 November, 2013


    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers backs resolution 12



    13:58 on 8 November, 2013



    So ahm only a mini Hun Jambo noo rather than a full blown dobber Hun






    Oh,come now. Never have I suggested that you were a hun-just that you acted/sounded like one on here! And I would never insult you by suggesting you came from Edinburgh….



    Seriously,though. I have noticed a change in your approach,and IMO it is a welcome one,and worthy of comment as I had quick enough to criticise previously.



    Come into the light….

  14. Geordie Munro



    Have you ever been to Bruges? As someone who has a great love of Flemish art and cultural, I find your remark about that beautiful city rather strange.

  15. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    This is deserving of a wee repost. It’s of the Dutch policeman who was seen to repeatedly kick and knee a Celtic supporter while 3/4 of his colleagues held him.



    Sometimes you don’t need to wait until the pearly gates to get your cummupance.








    12:03 on 8 November, 2013




    Said lamppost in action.







  16. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    I echo your sentiments but the dutch are just as intolerant as the English as arrogant as well. Especially when I chose to speak German over English with them. ;-)




  17. Tamlaghtduff Bhoy on

    Why was there plainclothes police in among our support? Surely thats a sign that the dutch police were looking for trouble. Wasnt over but a load of the mates were and told me all about it. Im sure if we ever get this SCUM again alot of bhoys wont go over. Fs we travel all over europe for the beer, craic and football (usually a defeat) without any hassle.


    Hail Hail

  18. Sorry but I have to disagree the worst travelling European support to have visited us in recent years to my memory has to be Hamburg

  19. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo


    14:19 on


    8 November, 2013





    I don’t think he’s figured out the role he wants to play yet, he’s made some howlers but he’s told the truth once or twice, now THAT will not be tolerated for long.





    Some suggestions that they were acting on information received from their Scottish counterparts.



    Which is ironic as the exchange of information was ignored by our finest for the home leg.



    I reckon that if the Dutch police action is investigated by their equivalent of the IPCC,that will be the reason given for their approach.



    Bloody hope so!

  21. Awe_Naw,


    I’m sure you realise that German is their most favourate foreign language…NOT.




  22. South Of Tunis on

    Amsterdam ?



    I had a great time . As did Mrs S of T.



    I’ve never had a bad time in Amsterdam .



    I’ve lived in Amsterdam . I liked living in Amsterdam .



    I have had less hassle in Amsterdam than I’ve had in Glasgow, Edinburgh , London /Liverpool etc etc

  23. lennon's passion on




    14:33 on 8 November, 2013



    Well said mate don’t care if it’s police or not. Start smashing into you for no reason you fight back. End off and if the PC brigade don’t like it they can lay on the floor and get the shit kicked out of them.

  24. Wonder what our beloved Teflon chairman Ian ‘ behave yourselves out there’ Bankiers will make of Wednesday night? Wouldn’t hold my breath on him doing or saying anything to defend our support.

  25. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    I dont think his role is his decision. He is told what to do and what to write and say.




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