Dysfunctional Amsterdam


Three weeks ago there was little argument against the observation that Ajax had the worst European travelling support we have seen at Celtic Park – half a century of history.  Attacks on Celtic fans by a roaming gang on Tuesday night was not a surprise.  The banner, which Uefa are trying to ignore, but will surely be shamed into doing something about, was offensive and, in most jurisdictions, a criminal offense.

When the police collaborate it’s hard not to verge into the realms of branding a society “dysfunctional”.  Amsterdam is wealthy, affluent, liberal but intolerant, badly policed and violent.  The visit of Celtic fans passed with less incident (and arrest of visitors) than most visiting fans endured in recent seasons.

Visit Bruges instead.
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  1. Before the Ajax visit to Celtic I had the Anderlecht as the most obnoxious euro supporters followed by closely by Hamburg. Having said that Zagreb were complete nutters but they had just come out of a war so they can be excused.


    Maybe the reason for Ajaxs extra aggressive attitude was the Jewish thing. They are known for having a large Jewish support and many Celtic fans are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.


    Otherwise its a northern european retro hooligan thing.

  2. Is it true that both Ronald and Frank de Boer were child actors and played two or the children in Village of the Damned ?

  3. BMCUW



    Also caught that interview yesterday. Was good until he mentioned the old Chicken and Capon joke:o)

  4. Paul The Spark on

    Guys is there any way of finding out what advice was given by Police Scotland to their Dutch counterparts. Don’t know if this would be available under the freedom of information act. I’m sure it would make for interesting reading.

  5. The Honest Mistake loves being first



    16:38 on 8 November, 2013





    It’s all about the tulips in Amsterdam.”






    Celtic_First, how are you and how was the walk (naw that kinda walk)? If I had known beforehand, I could have put you in touch with a friend (who was at Blairs with Boltonbhoy) who has lived in Santiago de Compostela for the last 30 years or so. Ah well, my fault for not keeping up with the blog.



    I remember driving from Glasgow to Lisbon in 1979 and the car breaking down in a place called Ribadeo. I have just googled it and it looks a lot nicer than my memory of it. We were stuck there all day. It seemed to have only one bar with one pool table and no juke box. Maybe we were on the outskirts but, boy was there a lot of tumbleweed.

  6. Cadizzy



    Thanks for asking. All went well. I didn’t quite go through Ribadeo but I think the Camino del Norte might, and then come down to Lugo capital and onto the Camino Francés at Palas de Rei. Galicia has had quite a lot of EU investment since then and is more prosperous, so much so that the locals I spoke to said there would be no chance of a yes vote in an independence referendum there.



    If you thought that one bar was hard work, imagine what it would have been like if there had been a juke-box.

  7. Worst supporters in Europe is it?


    What about the mob that follow followed that died club?


    Worst I’ve known.




  8. bournesouprecipe





    I honestly thought you had written that you were humming and old Etonian favourite.

  9. Frank de Boer was indeed a child actor. Made his debut in a Dutch Toilet Duck advert at the age of 9, going on to appear in the Star Wars ‘bar scene’ at the age of 12.



  10. BSR



    Guy goes into an Army and Navy surplus store….



    “Got any camouflage jaikets”?



    “Aye but we canny find them”



    BillyConnolly CSC

  11. Nicola Sturgeon looks like a wee Scottish lassie who has commissioned a team of style experts to make her look like Angela Merkel.

  12. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    15:53 on


    8 November, 2013



    “I am a linesman for the County”





    Tee-hee :-)

  13. Steinreignedsupreme on

    I recommend Brussels myself. Had a great night there on Tuesday despite the constant rain.



    Can’t see me returning to Amsterdam. I just don’t like the place at all.



    What’s with the Dutch arrogance by the way? I can’t work that out. These people invented clogs FFS.

  14. LiviBhoy



    Your wrong mate. There were lots of star of David flags on show when they were here.


    Its a wellknown that they have a sizable Jewish following.


    Do some research and you will see.

  15. C1st



    The Wee Minister picked her style of choice a number of years ago, and she’s bloody minded enough to stick to her guns until the rest of the world come to their senses and realise she looks real cool!

  16. Dubaibhoy-"If I signed off the accounts it has been in good faith." on

    Guys, wiznae there, but one thing I canny understand about Amsterdam is this:



    You go on a trip to one of Europe’s great cities, where almost anything is tolerated and you could be snuggling up in a warm wee coffee shop for example, yet you choose to drink beers en-masse in a freezing cold public square.



    I know which option the Mayor of Toronto would’ve chosen…

  17. JohnnyClash



    Aye, but now she just looks like Angela Merkel. It can’t be an accident.

  18. johann murdoch on



    17:02 on


    8 November, 2013





    Guy goes into an Army and Navy surplus store….



    “Got any camouflage jaikets”?



    “Aye but we canny find them”







    News just coming trough that animal liberationists have just broken into an army and navy store and freed 4 donkey jackets!



    two ronniescsc

  19. Norrington Blitt ate nought but grit


    Ate nought but grit and mussels


    But when he got there the cupboard was bare


    Save a sack of sprouts from Brussels






    Aff oot…

  20. News just in



    Edwina Flabbertoes, the world hide and seek champion, has been found dead in a cupboard…



    Definitely aff oot this time…

  21. Valentinesday



    only made up because the original idea to use the Louden would have meant an “18” rating for the film and the loss of the wee yoof audience

  22. Livibhoy



    Well whatever but they do have a kind of Jewish identity. Whether they are are real Jews or pretend wannbe Jews. I gave two very pleasant Ajax guys a lift up from the Newcastle ferry last time we played them. It was them who told me about this.

  23. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    There supporters were separated when they played us at Parkhead in 2001. About 300 of them we’re put in the JS lower and according to them this was as a result of Jew/non Jew sympathies.

  24. Celtic_First,



    You try and be like Cadizzy with the equivalent of the ole poppy in The Netherlands. The Rijkspolitie will be on your case straightaway. Britain is a far more tolerant society in general (and I know I come from and live in the West of Scotland). The fault lines in Belgium between the Flemish and the Walloons used to find its equivalent in Holland between the Calvinist North and the Catholic south. Each kept to their own and co-existed contentedly.


    In the late 60s, there was large immigration from the Molluccas and Vietnam. The Dutch in their ordered fashion apportioned so many to a town or village. That was great on paper, because they were trying to integrate the immigrants, but when those immigrants tried to move and settle beside their own other family members or countrymen, as has occurred here, there was major trouble.


    They don’t do real individuality, far less eccentricity.

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