Dysfunctional Amsterdam


Three weeks ago there was little argument against the observation that Ajax had the worst European travelling support we have seen at Celtic Park – half a century of history.  Attacks on Celtic fans by a roaming gang on Tuesday night was not a surprise.  The banner, which Uefa are trying to ignore, but will surely be shamed into doing something about, was offensive and, in most jurisdictions, a criminal offense.

When the police collaborate it’s hard not to verge into the realms of branding a society “dysfunctional”.  Amsterdam is wealthy, affluent, liberal but intolerant, badly policed and violent.  The visit of Celtic fans passed with less incident (and arrest of visitors) than most visiting fans endured in recent seasons.

Visit Bruges instead.
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  1. Morrissey the 23rd Supporting Resolution 12 with a YES vote on




    Attendance by proxy:


    On registration a shareholder will be reminded that they have previously appointed a proxy. If a shareholder is happy to proceed on the basis of this proxy instruction the Registrar would not hand back their poll card, but would invite them to proceed into the Meeting in the knowledge that the vote will be cast on their behalf.



    I should point out that a shareholder may still decide that they want to revoke their proxy instruction at registration or, irrespective of the conversation had at registration, still submit a poll card which may, in turn, revoke the proxy instruction (possibly changing the voting if their voting choice has changed).




    Proxy – discretion and numbers of votes:


    The Registrars have advised that their usual practice is to report the numbers of votes that the proxy holders have to cast to the Trust (and other proxy holders on request) on completion of the proxy voting process.




    Emails – spam:


    This is an issue, which may depend on the settings on shareholders’ computers. The electronic communication was made at 5pm on 15 October. I have arranged for a short notice to be posted in the news section of the website as a reminder for proxy voting and for people to check spam folders.



    Attendance card:


    The Registrars confirm that a shareholder can use either the attendance card sent to them in the post or the version available to be printed from the website. In the event that a shareholder has neither on arrival at the AGM the shareholder would ask them to confirm their details together with some form if ID evidencing their name before giving them entry and a hand written poll card to vote.



    Shares purchased recently:


    If a shareholder has recently purchased shares but had not received any communications regarding the AGM they would still be entitled to attend and vote providing that the shareholder was registered as a shareholder in their own right on the Register of Members by close of business on 13th November. The Registrars would ask the shareholder to confirm their details together with some form if ID evidencing their name before giving them entry and a hand written poll card so they can vote.

  2. Lads thank you all very much for your kind words and thoughts, as Lennybhoy said CQN is a special place.



    Probably won’t be on much for next few days but before I go would like to send my regards to the 6 fans held in Amsterdam. I expect they are likely to be amongst those that we saw in video clips being manhandled and beaten by the Dutch plain clothes policemen. This holding and charging them will be used to justify the police action. There is a small possibility that one or other of them may get access to the site, If so may I say to them in my eyes defending yourself is not a crime, stay strong and may ye be home soon.

  3. KEVJ, prepare yourself here.



    I agree with you, the total misinformation from Sky and DR and various other MSM has been disgraceful and inaccurate. I hope Celtic, the Board and Executive Management, take them to task. And they let us know they have.



    Not in so much agreement that Keevins behaviour was a parking ticket though, maybe that it was a couple of hundred parking tickets and a hit and run.



    But we agree on something, that’s a start:-)

  4. We were in Nimjegen, Amsterdam and Eindhoven


    and almost all of the Dutch folk we met were brand new,


    except the grumpy git at our hotel who took offence


    at our rendition of Folsom prison blues.


    A big HH to the bhoys from the Belfast Tim Molloys who we shared


    a beer with in Eindhoven airport.

  5. I thought kerrydale street was closed,due to the old school being demolished.Cork celtic sorry for your loss of your brother-in law, take care.

  6. VP KO’d by fearless Oscar Knox


    18:39 on


    8 November, 2013





    Regardless of what regime it represents, an army is an army is an army.


    And the British army is no better and certainly no worse than any other army.


    I in no way condone the actions of the Marine in question.


    However, given army culture world wide, I can understand it.

  7. long haired yins man on

    That will be the brilliant Brian Burnett show on the FF banned list by playing The Pogues….good on him!

  8. Doc is supporting Oscar and McKenzie.



    19:05 on 8 November, 2013




    Doc, My wife has just administered the ‘smelling salts’ to me there :)



    Nah, seriously…I think Keevins ban displayed a raw nerve had been hit amongst


    the Celtic ‘hierarchy’ imo



    Ye see – the ‘hierarchy / bored’ have historically painted fholk who new too much as


    anti-Celtic bogey men ie: Gerry McNee & Hugh Keevins. imo



    Even Fergus displayed unacceptable levels of paranoia about – Brian Dempsey


    for example painting him – ‘A wolf in sheep’s clothing’ ???



    Old ‘bored’ / new ‘bored’ = the same paranoia imo.



    Anyway – I hope all is well with you my Amigo


    Hail Hail

  9. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on

    Jangle “Jacques Clouseau ” Jackson


    Spouting lies for media house shocker.



    That will be a first ehhhhhh


    Memo to jackson(IMHO) times have moved on the new media is faster than you and knows what you are all about .

  10. You don’t need a Paul McBride to put your case re disinformation on Celtic.Let the board ban the BBC and watch for the reaction.Ban Jackson—ditto.Don’t give the DR and the rest houseroom.Deal with them as they are dealing with you.If you let a bully hit you he’ll keep on doing it until such time as you retaliate,and retaliate so that they think twice or three times before doing it again.


    I have been in the position of being banned from media because of my background.I just kept getting back at them every chance I could.Eventually they realise that your’e more trouble than they can stick and leave you alone.


    As regards a fight, I’d go for the referee’s and their abysmal standards and the treatment they allow teams to hand out to Celtic.There comes a time when “F*** you!—I’ve had enough.” has to be the response.

  11. The Amshterdam Arena is a cowp compared to CP.


    Wee Feargus built us the best football stadium in the world.

  12. CorkCelt – thoughts & prayers with you.


    That’s a somber reality check for us all.


    On a light note, struggled not to pee myself re the earlier Brugge misunderstanding!!!! Seen the film, seen the city and both are def worth a look. Medieval lace capital of Europe, (consequently) highest number of churches per square mile and wheat beer to put hairs on your back as well as your chest. So – I would venture to suggest – something for everyone on CQN!?!?!







  13. CharlottesReprisal ‏@CharIotteFakes3 6m


    For the avoidance of doubt, Rangers Football Club est. 1872 died.

  14. Linda posted this on FB:



    Goerge’s fantastic friends at Celtic Quick News have this evening donated £1,534.30 into the account for our charity Sean’s Trust. This money has been raised since George’s death on 5 October. Also they paid for 4 seats at Celtic Park for the family to attend the Ajax game, and sent beautiful floral tributes. Most of the supporters on CQN had never met George in person. Paul Brennan from CQN visited me after George’s death and he said ‘It takes a lifetime to make a Celtic Man like George’ What a beautiful tribute. We are grateful for the immense effort you have all made in memory of George. We will never forget you x



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  15. KevJ, I’m no bad at all mhate. Being in charge of Celtic would make anyone feel paranoid, there are a lot of people who are actually out to get you. McNee I’ll concede wasn’t the worst, he and Big Billy didn’t get on though I hear, but Keevins, wouldn’t trust his with a shopping list.

  16. Raymac



    I came to that final paragraph conclusion, when Hugh Dallas was hit by a coin.



    Since then Celtic fans won the UEFA fair play award, and the handful of arrests are higher


    on Sauchiehall St, any night of the week.



    Celtic might say what deserves to be said about a sad Sevconian hurting MSM – i.e. nothing

  17. Morrissey the 23rd Supporting Resolution 12 with a YES vote on

    Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo @ 18:38


    Aye! I can’t do that. If I make a post and include a link, no post is made.



    KevJungle @ 18:39


    I saw that too! How did that happened? Why did he get picked from all the support??



    Doc says Vive La Resolution @ 19:08


    “Vive La Resolution.”



    So you say you want a resolution. Well you know. We all want to change the world.

  18. Corkcelt



    Sincere condolences on the loss of your brother-in-law. May the Lord have him in his care.

  19. A quick message to send good wishes and prayers to the Barça Mole. Not sure if you are in the Philippines at the moment, but if you are, please God you and yours will come through the storm safely.

  20. Doc says Vive La Resolution



    19:28 on 8 November, 2013




    I know what yer saying but – there are plenty of ‘bored’ plants on here that I widny trust with a shopping-list either :)



  21. Morrissey the 23rd Supporting Resolution 12 with a YES vote



    19:32 on 8 November, 2013



    KevJungle @ 18:39


    I saw that too! How did that happened? Why did he get picked from all the support??




    Maybe this is the night that the eloquent – Dr Jeanette Findlay is washing her hair ? :)



  22. Corkcelt I am sorry about your loss.



    I very rarely post anything but I have been and continue to be affected by the events in Amsterdam. I had the misfortune to witness the Ajax supporters prior to the home match in the London Road and I still cannot understand the lack of intervention by the Police here.



    I was not in Amsterdam but as someone with experience in the law it appears to me that any supporter who was subjected to any form of assault or intimidation in Amsterdam should make a complaint and have their experiences documented.



    For example having seen the number of Celtic flags displayed by Ajax fans upside down at the stadium. How did this happen? Were they simply taken from fences or stolen by force?



    If anyone has an injury of an any description I would have it photographed or documented and make a complaint of assault to the Dutch Police, (they are sensitive to crime statistics as any other police service.)



    Having read the abbreviated commentary of Eberhard van der Laan, mayor of Amsterdam in today’s Herald I fear that unless we present a balanced picture of the events there will no doubt be a fine coming our way or worse.



    There must be CCTV pictures of what happened in the Amsterdam, to me this looks like a trial by You Tube selectively presented by Ajax supporters.



    If anyone needs any help with making a complaint to the Dutch authorities or the Mayors’ Office please let me know.

  23. Another deid club derby tomorrow. I know it takes a long time to go through liquidation but can anyone tell me a date that the old 1872 mob will officially die, will it be next year or 2015? Can we bombard the MSM nearer the time to give us an actual date so we can show due respect to our old rivals, perhaps request a Friday or Saturday?




  24. KEVJ, we just see things from a different angle.


    I think the Board, generally, are doing well, they aren’t perfect, who is.


    But the MSM in this country give a shockingly bad level of reporting on anything to do with Celtic, our successes are played down, our problems played up and exaggerated, and then at times plain lies told. Very few times do I feel we have had a fair press, maybe I’m just paranoid too though.



    There are plenty of Board critics on here too, and Huns and Jacks boys.

  25. embramike walking with wee oscar on

    Morrissey the 23rd @18:35



    Hope the meeting at CP goes well and look forward to hearing how it went. Still gutted to be out of the country and missing the AGM. Thanks again for stepping up.




  26. Morrissey the 23rd Supporting Resolution 12 with a YES vote on

    setting free the bears supports Celtic’s best fighter- Wee Oscar Knox @ 20:56 on


    1 November, 2013



    Remember this? http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/?p=14047&cpage=10#comment-1982872



    Well, thought you might like this e-mail regarding that:







    I got the same letter – here is my reply:



    Dear Mr Harvie





    Thank you very much for your prompt and positive response. I am aware of your stance throughout the period of the run-up to the Act being introduced and since it came into force. I hope that our email campaign will assist your efforts by encouraging other MSPs to support your call for an early review, and hopefully abolition, of the Offensive Behaviour Act.





    However, I really must dispute your comments re domestic abuse. I have seen the STV figures and while they are not proof (a single set of statistics rarely are) they show the number of cases of domestic abuse recorded in 2012-13 on the weekends when games between Celtic and the former Rangers FC took place in the previous year. Domestic abuse was higher in 2012-13 than in the preceding year when those games took place. This is not conclusive but it certainly is not consistent with the view that domestic abuse increases when this fixture takes place. More importantly, however, I cannot imagine that any sentient person would actually believe that those who commit crimes of domestic abuse would not do so in the absence of a particular sporting fixture. It actually demeans the very important issue of domestic abuse in my opinion.





    The piece of research which you cite and attach to your email is also not beyond question and I may, in a professional capacity, write a critique of it (when I find time!). However, even if the methodology used was beyond question it would, most certainly, not be ‘clear’ evidence of what is an essentially ludicrous proposition.





    I am attaching here a link to an academic article which refers to clear and repeated evidence of a relationship between the number of storks in Germany and the birth rate. That statistical relationship has been shown across a number of European countries. I assume you would not use this as evidence that storks bring babies?










    Yours sincerely




  27. Thanks for your polite reply derrydave. I think my home town of Glasgow could give yours a run for it’s money when it comes to casual violence. I think the two years you claim to have lived there makes you sound like an extended tourist who hung around the nicely sanitised parts of town kept clean for the tourist trade.


    The Dutch,being the cowards they are,don’t tend to get into one on one fights with hands and feet. They are quite happy to use a knife though. My Dutch flatmate was murdered with one after he tried to stop the guy who snatched his girlfriend’s bag. He should have known better but he was a country guy from the south of Holland and not city wise. The culprit got five years.


    Another friend was having a late drink in the Red Light when he witnessed a shooting just outside the bar. The cops were on the scene pretty quick. They guy in charge came into the bar ordered a coffee and Jenever and sat down to write up his report. My mate went up to him to say that he saw everything that had happened. Was told to piss off and mind his own business. When he looked at the cops report it just said “two dead Turks”. When asked if that was it he was told “I’ll be writing that a few more times before my shift is finished.”


    So if you want to see the real A’dam get yourself out to one of the schemes like Bijlmermeer or hang about the seedier parts of the Red Light. For casual violence in the sanitised tourist area you feel able to pontificate about you need to look no further than the ticket inspectors who board the trams en masse looking for freeriders.


    You foolishly also seem to be unaware that the centre of Derry is policed for the likes of ignorant and rude people like you and not for tourists. In all the great length of time you stayed there, did you never wonder how uniformed police were always so quick on the scene of any trouble in the city centre. Did you think it was concerned citizens or bar owners phoning in or are there a lot more plain clothes kicking about the pubs and clubs than you would care to think. But as the Dutch say when you want a cop “Geen Kip” (No Chicken) But you would know that.

  28. Morrissey the 23rd Supporting Resolution 12 with a YES vote on

    embramike walking with wee oscar @ 19:42