Early fixtures pit Celtic against three Euro qualifier sides


The champions kick off their title defence home to Kilmarnock on Sunday 4 August, a day later than all other fixtures, giving someone else a chance to reflect on the glory of being top of the table, for a day at least.  Avoiding a trip to Kilmarnock’s plastic in August, where and when we suffered in the League Cup last term, is welcome.

It is also encouraging we catch Hibs away on the second weekend of the season. Hibs appointed David Gray as manager last month.  I hope he brings stability to the club, but it will surely take him more than two weeks into the season to get there.

If you are looking for drawbacks….  Scotland has four clubs competing in European qualification over the summer.  Qualification games bring an early season fitness which friendlies cannot match.  We are scheduled to face three of the four in August (the Newco game will likely be rescheduled to 1 September).

It is impossible for Celtic to be as match-fit as rivals in three of four opening league games.

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  1. So on one hand we’re glad we don’t have to play qualifiers but on the other hand it puts us at a disadvantage.


    Not buying it.

  2. hibs will be 3 weeks into their season before celtic kick a compatative ball, just saying like.



    Scottish Premiership clubs had approved a proposed new contract for 2025-29, which will increase the amount of games shown from 48 to 60.

  3. It is impossible for Celtic to be as match-fit as rivals in three of four opening league games.






    not buying that at all.



    what is match fit.



    celtic will be aready regardless/

  4. BRRB



    Thanks for that, feel a lot better now. Enjoy your Friday.



    If I may be so bold to ask if you have one for me?

  5. What is the Starz on

    If that idiot Rodgers hadn’t won the league and got us straight into the champions league (endangering the competitiveness of our old firm partners in so doing) we would have had to play qualifying rounds and would be match fit for Killie.


    Sack the Parsimonious Lawwellites

  6. That the Scottish Champions have to kick off their season on a Sunday afternoon is a complete and utter disgrace. Wouldn’t be so bad if the broadcasting deal(s) made a major difference to Celtic’s finances but the fact is we probably generate more revenue from one home Champions League match than for a whole season of SPFL negotiated tv deals. Set in stone until 2029 dont forget.


    And as for the game against “NewCo” (new company same club) game scheduled for 3pm Saturday 31 August, well all I can say to those travelling fans (or those in a travelling band) do not book a bus, train, ship or plane, rickshaw or penny farthing (BRRB) for that date, the first Old Firm game of the season will be played 12-12.30 September 1st.


    And as for that old chestnut “match fitness”, well my message to the players would be, if you are not fit and ready to play on the day the League Flag will be raised, find yourself another Club, because this club, Celtic Football Club, is not for you.




  7. Superbru Round 3 Update



    Following the conclusion of the group stages and the departure of some inadequate teams like Scotland and some unlucky ones like Ukraine, we can update before the knock out stages.



    Our Round 1 best performer over all opening matches was Kelvinbhoy with 15 pts.


    Our Round 2 best performer over all middle matches was Borgo67 with 16 pts.


    Our Round 3 best performer over all final matches was MWD1967 with 13 pts.



    This leaves our Leaderboard as:-



    Borgo67- 33.5 pts


    2.= 18 Yard Man & Jobo Baldie- 32 pts


    4 Hamiltontim- 30.5 pts


    5. MWD1967- 30 pts



    And down at the bottom where their progress is obviously affected by Houthi rebels delaying steel deliveries from China with Euro predictions contained within, are:-



    snapper1969- 16.5 pts


    James Cant- 18.5 pts


    Chalmersbhoy- 19 pts



    Time for these Bhoys to stop taking advice from Cheery Stevie Clarke.




    If anyone has still to include their payment for this tournament (and I only did mine in the last few days) it would be good to get this done before the last 16 fixtures so that crc can determine how much we’ve raised and what the prize money will be.



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    Tx again for your participation.

  8. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Double standards by Doncaster


    “Unfortunately these things do happen. I used to run a club and we had to build a stand, I worked very closely with the league to ensure our fixtures went ahead with only three parts of the ground available.



    Now the fixtures are out we’ll be liaising with Rangers. Obviously they’ve got a far better handle on the works than we do and we’ll do our best to work with them to try and get them through what’s clearly a difficult situation.



    We’ve been very impressed with the way the new chairman John Bennett has tried to strengthen relationships across the game and we’ll certainly be looking to work with him and his team to be as flexible as we can be whilst being fair to everyone else.”

  9. I can’t see the other teams having a particularly long qualifying campaign. A very embarrassing early European exit to some minnow does not strike me as an advantage.

  10. If Celtic cannot get their players fit to play any team at any time in this league, then, it’s time to have a look at the fitness and conditioning staff and make sure we have the staff in there capable of providing players who are fit and ready to go.

  11. bigrailroadblues on

    I’m fit and ready to go. Played left back and I’m nearly 6 foot. Where do I sign?

  12. Someone just asked me the rules for exact scores Superbru knockout ties in the Euros.



    The rule is “Your pick will be scored at the end of regular time or the end of extra time if the match is drawn after regular time. If a match goes to penalties it will be scored as a draw.”



    So I reckon it’s the end score at 120 minutes (or 90 minutes if there’s a winner then). Penalty shoot out matches are counted as a draw

  13. bigrailroadblues on



    I have all the correct scores until the end of the tournament. I gave you enough money to sort that. 🤨

  14. Celtic Football Club




    🍀 We are delighted to announce that Season Tickets for our 2024/25 campaign have now completely sold-out!



    Your continued support ensures that Paradise will be full to capacity once more 🏟



    We look forward to welcoming supporters back to a sold-out Celtic Park! 💚



    We realise offcourse that not everyone can attend every game, but as long as you have paid upfront for a seat then we dont really mind,



    thanks for the contiued finances our christmas lunch is now booked.



    Cheers and on to a trable.

  15. the rumour mill , (not the steel mill) now claiming that a confidential client has approached a real estate provider to search the market regarding a new build stadium.



    celic plc in order to keep them alive have offered up parcels of land they own in robroyston and cambuslang.

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 27TH JUNE 2024 10:46 AM
















    Opening weekend, Huns at home Saturday 12.30,we are Sunday at 4.30? Champions…











    Not like you to get it wrong.







    What are you on about?

  17. And as for our supporters who cannot attend the ” Rangers” games.



    Tough, suck it up.

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The point was,as others have said,they are on a Saturday, meaning thousands of our supporters and ST holders, won’t make a game at 4.30 on a Sunday

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Genuine question.



    Season ticket money just scooped up immediately followed by catastrophic news about the stadium.



    Are their fans kicking up merry hell?



    Seems too quiet as Shrek might say.

  20. !!BADA BING!! on 27TH JUNE 2024 3:38 PM


    The point was,as others have said,they are on a Saturday, meaning thousands of our supporters and ST holders, won’t make a game at 4.30 on a Sunday



    trophy presentations hhave been on sundays.


    flag days have been on sundays.


    huns games have been on sundays.



    winning the league games have been on sundays.



    next season will be no different,



    1500 or so season ticket holders who paid for a seat will not attend.

  21. thems podcasts, bloggers, web forums (literally thousands of comments) are in meltdown, like a big metalworks foundry everything is turned to liquid gold.



    i can help laughing, goodness me it is funny, and the stupidy of many a contibutor is legendary.



    it is a worldwide shortage – have we tried everywhere/



    i see we are in for that german full back , shudenfraude

  22. meanwhile, Celtiic PLC have confirmed that becuase it is no fair to our business partner what is happening that they will play next season without a goalkeeper.

  23. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Victoria Bar. Only 38 days to the Kilmarnock game. Help ma boab. 🙄

  24. !!BADA BING!! on 27TH JUNE 2024 3:54 PM


    SS- and……? All have been on Saturdays as well…



    it doesnt matter what day of the week or indeed time they are played at, the same season book holders will not be attending, they might turn up for huns games but that is it.



    hogging a seat, not giving a monkies.



    its theirs and that is the end of it.



    until someday the board comes calling

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