Early stats point to Sviatchenko effect


Well done to everyone for the win against Morton. After a difficult week it was good to get the result sorted out before halftime. Fixing poor form is seldom a straightforward business, but yesterday’s win was our sixth game in a month, with the loss of only one goal in that period.

The five games before this run didn’t produce a single clean sheet. Erik Sviatchenko started only the last of those five games (at Pittodrie), so while the sample size isn’t enough to draw clear conclusions, it’s an early indication the Dane has tightened things up at the back.

One thing Erik hasn’t been able to do is turn Celtic into a team which looks like it knows how to defend a corner kick. A Morton corner fell into the six-yard box to an attacker’s foot (never mind head). We’ve seen dozens of these horror-show set-pieces this season. They have cost us in the Champions League, Europa League, League Cup and in the Premiership. The Scottish Cup is the only tournament we’ve got away with it, so far.

You are I are beyond despairing at this point, let’s just get it sorted, Celtic.

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  1. GREENPINATA on 7TH MARCH 2016 10:55 AM


    GlassTwoThirdsFull on 7th March 2016 10:40 am



    I can understand your reasoning, however We should never miss an opportunity to remind Scottish Football and beyond , that we are not daft and time will never alter the fact that the old Huns are like a Dodo and the new huns are a new club.



    If the truth hurts or inconveniences some, then tough.



    Hail, Hail.





    Shameless repost from last article.



    Paul 67. Let’s hope we can kick off from here, with the fans and support in tandem.

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    We’ve actually got a pretty decent record against Rangers down the years. P1 W1 D0 L0 F2 A0 ……..

  3. The Battered Bunnet on




    Sorting it requires that the sorters know how to, or are otherwise capable of finding a solution. The evidence suggests they don’t.

  4. Thought big Erik got away with a few dodgy moments yesterday when he was caught on the ball. Still think he lacks a bit of pace – but that may come good.



    Anyway, I know we drew with Dundee last week as MSM keep telling us. I assume they are also telling us Morton drew with Sevco . No ?. Ah well.

  5. Paul67


    Erik shows a good attitude, however he will have to improve his sharpness and speed, if we defend high teams will exploit the space as we have little pace at the back.


    Why no comment on Collum missing the high boot on SJ, he awarded a penalty against Aberdeen for much less and was demoted, SJ looks like he has a broken foot.

  6. weebobbycollins on

    KevJ…..sorry sir for slow response but dug took me for a walk. EWB was in charge of Glasgow City fitba team (the ladies) when I met him and now manager of a phoenix team, Airdrie. He had a stroke during Saturday’s game v Cowdenbeath but apparently is now recuperating…and for that I’m pleased. He is a Dundonian (not his fault) and as I said, a good football man.

  7. I see new Sevco and their media pals are talking up Sevco playing in Europe next season



    Just to remind them that they are ranked 267 in Uefa stats just ahead of Euro giants



    Zalgiris Vilnius


    Litex Lovech


    FC Vaduz

  8. Morning Timland from a cool and wet hun free mountain valley.


    Mr Pastry


    From last night.


    Why should I worry what I write, seriously ?


    Anyways, the club are imo staying silent cos it’s all about the money, they want the OF rivalry back.


    I don’t buy the club are staying silent because of the court cases, there have been numerous times for them to comment, they have chosen not to, the illegal registration of players should have been challenged, big time, the DOS scheme, when it has been wildly accepted that they were due this money and hasn’t been paid should have been challenged, that was blatent cheating.


    But most of all and I reckon that I speak for the majority of supporters is their silence on the same club myth.


    The old huns died, FACT, the phoenix version are not the same club, had our suits came out and quashed the myth that they are the same club, I reckon the majority of the support would be happy with this.


    The smsm printed that the huns died in their papers, even walturd, traynor et all stated that they died, yet we didn’t officially, why not, this is what I believe is sticking in the craw of the support.


    As for the stripping of the trophies they won during the EBT cheating years, I agree that the court cases will have to be over to decide, but I will wager even if they are proven to have cheated due to the EBT’s the club will still stay silent.


    Shame, cos the suits are all about the money, and speaking out would imo bring many supporters back into the fold, they are just too stupid to see this, or scared more likely, they don’t have the balls to stand up to the cabal.



  9. Erik is now an key player in the sieve.



    He’s deceptive ( slower than you think ) his lack of pace and lateness in the challenge has already earned him


    the full attention of the SFA, and he’s on a yellow a game.



    He’s non existent in the air, because he’s not the tallest and can’t jump.



    That apart he’s class act.

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    The corners are getting increasingly worrying.


    It’s not even just the corner itself – sometimes the second or even third ball. We just can’t seem to clear the danger area quickly or effectively.


    Needs some major thinking/training ground work. Goes beyond zonal vs man-to-man.

  11. glendalystonsils on

    Erik is the kind of player who would have made a good sweeper (in the olden days).


    I prefer my CB’s to be both pacy and commanding in the air.


    I look forward to a fit Janko replacing the diminished Lustig.


    Whether or not a fit Simunovic and Boyata can form an effective CB partnership remains to be seen.


    We were spoiled by Virgil and Jason, but you don’t need to spend a kings ransom to fing guys who can clear a corner kick.

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    By the way – with ES/CM playing in central defence, how many different pairings does that make it this season?


    Must be easily into double figures.


    Obviously Injuries and VVD leaving haven’t helped, but we really need to try and get a settled partnership.

  13. You dont need to be big to be a good defender Cannavaro was small for a central defender but brave and committed

  14. glendalystonsils on




    I thought Charlie had a decent game yesterday. Be even better if he could rediscover his free kick taking touch.

  15. Eyes Wide Open on

    I think Erik is ticking all the boxes we want and needed from a centre half, except obviously pace.


    Perhaps this is the reason he was overlooked by others until we came calling..



    His lack of pace in itself isnt a major inhibitor because Erik looks more like the stopper than the sweeper.



    The unfortunate thing for me, is of the 2 other central defenders I would partner him with (Simunovic and Mulgrew) both also lack pace, Charlie in particular is one of the slowest professional footballers I have ever seen.



    The 2 quick centre halves on our books are the two bomb scares – Ambrose and Boyata.

  16. weebobbycollins on

    BSR…wee Erik is still useful. he might be able, through his dad, to get you a good deal on a Picasso or a Monet. However, neither of them is a striker nor defensive mid.

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    glendalystonsils-I posted last week that IMO ,we are going to need the experienced guys to get us over the line,Brown,Mulgrew,Commons,Gordon,Lustig.I hope Brown starts to get back to his best soon,still a bit sluggish after his injury.Lustig is actually not used to being fit for this length of time,therefore not used to playing as many games,i still think he will get back to his best soon.Izzy could also play a part in the run in too.HH

  18. South Of Tunis on

    Erik Sviatchenko .



    I will reserve judgement . . I watched both of Napoli’s Europa League games v Midtjylland . Napoli won 5 -0 and 1-4 … . He looked very slow and clumsy .

  19. bmcd48 on 7th March 2016 11:17 am



    Unlikely since they don’t and won’t meet the criteria for a European licence.

  20. Never mind defending corners, what about looking at our set-pieces in advanced areas.



    We no longer look like scoring from free-kicks or corner kicks!!



    I remember some pundit saying how important set-pieces were in the modern game. We seemed to have missed that seminar.



    Árd Macha

  21. Doesn’t tell the full story on Erik. He has been exposed a few times for pace, yesterday and against ICT notably. When you play Ronny’s 4-2-3-1 and have full backs bombing on you need centre backs with pace to cover. Erik doesn’t have pace. He looks a decent defender though and is good on the ball.

  22. http://www.sfm.scot/look-back-to-look-forward/comment-page-12/#comment-29160



    The Ungrateful Dead 7th March 2016 at 9:55 am #



    After drawing TRFC in the Scottish Cup, will Celtic take the opportunity to point out the elephant in the room and say that TRFC is not the same club ( I won’t hold my breath I’m afraid). If they don’t , then any fan who buys a ticket will be condoning the corrupt narrative that’s been fed to us for almost four years. If Celtic sell all their available tickets the SMSM will be all over it saying ” just like old times, the OLD FIRM is back! If however, the CFC fans boycotted the match stating their reason, ie the media and governing bodies failure to acknowledge that TRFC are a new club, then it would send out a powerful message to the SFA/SPFL and CFC!

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