Easily best transfer window in 6 years


Brendan Rodgers brought five players to the club this transfer window: Moussa Dembele, Kolo Toure, Scott Sinclair, Dorus de Vries and Cristian Gamboa, two defenders, a wide midfielder, a striker and a goalkeeper.  Moussa has been used sparingly so far, but there’s a decent chance four out of the five will be first choice for our key games this season.  Kristoffer Ajer also arrived but was signed up by Ronny Deila earlier this year.

The leavers over the summer were mostly deadwood, with honourable mentions to Charlie Mulgrew and Stefan Johansen, both former Player of the Year winners.  Our best wishes go with them.  We also saw Saidy Janko escape on loan to Barnsley, Scott Allan head to Rotherham for the season, while Aidan Nesbitt will continue his apprenticeship at Morton until next summer.

You would be hard pressed to identify a better transfer window than this since the ‘Robbie Keane window’, which looked good at the time but was ultimately unproductive.  Try naming one.  Peter Lawwell’s adage about coming out of the window stronger than we went into it, was unequivocally achieved.

We also managed to achieve something you and I have debated here for years: spend early in the window in enhance your chances of reaching the Champions League.  No one should be in any doubt that the reason we were able to achieve this, this season, was down to the personal pull of Brendan Rodgers.

Kolo, Scott and Moussa would not be here for any other manager, and without them, we’d not be in the Champions League.  It wasn’t a decision to spend early this year that we didn’t want to do in earlier years, we’ve simply not had the drawing power to get the targets we wanted.  That included Teemu Pukki, who wasn’t prepared to walk among us until we’d delivered Champions League football for him to enjoy.  This is the reality, even for everyday-jobbers like Teemu.

Those of us who like the scientific approach to football won’t like this.  Success shouldn’t be about reputations, it should be finding good managers or players who are undervalued, and giving them a platform to shine.

What the last two years demonstrated more than anything else, is that a football dressing room is an incredibly difficult place to get scientific.  Brendan’s reputation as a top manager helps him deliver success, which we’re all happy about.

I spoke to someone last night who felt “cheated” by the window. “Why?” I asked. “Because we were promised a major spend. Dermot was raging at that other lot after the semi-final and we were promised a big spend. A week ago we were promised James McCarthy.”

Honestly, some journalist writes a complete fantasy and we’re jumping off cliffs after one of the best July and Augusts we’ve had in years. Don’t confuse media output with actual reality. It’s mostly nonsense. Dermot left the game in question before the penalties, there was no overreaction from the other lot.

And Celtic told anyone who asked that they had no intention of signing James McCarthy.  If a fan told you otherwise, his taxi driver-source was misinformed.  It happens.  If a media outlet told to this, they either wanted to run the story without checking, or didn’t care.

Did we want more from the window?  Yes.  We all did and we all always do.  That’s why Celtic were still on the hunt for a deal or two yesterday, but the manager’s primary bases were all covered.  Celtic will continue to do what they always have done financially – spend all the money that comes in over any business period you care to mention.

Enjoy this season, I think it’s going to be a memorable one.


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  1. flower it.





    You are aware of the underlying implications of your use of the phrase and it took 1 week and 4 days for you to find someone intelligent enough to give you an out and provide what appears to be a reasonable response.





    Your use of the phrase says more about your personal traits than it does anyone or any group you apply it to.




    I’m aware Whois using the underlying implications, and I’m also aware why they are doing it I said that last week, and I also said that the pack in here are also using it too, I’v not used the word once in the context they are, and have no intentions of it either, yourself and the others use it daily, so what does that say about yous? Or it it just me that gets it in the neck for NOT using it but people implying I did with no proof what so ever?


    Dermot left that cup game before it was over. Seems all the events since were mere fortunate happenstance.



    Fair enough.

  3. TIMALOY29 on 1ST SEPTEMBER 2016 12:25 PM


    WEEMINGER on 1ST SEPTEMBER 2016 12:23 PM



    From previous – yes. That’s the main reason I think they were always unlikely loan him. Especially to a ‘lower’ league. Would have totally devalued him.





    Well that’s a very good question mate. I didn’t see a single player we were linked with who WAS exceptional … all but one.




    I heard very early that we had asked Man City about Nasri. On a season long deal, with a big fee upfront to offset some of his wage costs, because he was not for taking a wage cut. Unlikely? Definitely, but there was reason to believe it might be doable.




    Fantasy football stuff? Yeah of course it was, but worth a punt considering the good relationship that definitely exists between the clubs. Any chance of a deal like that happening went by the boards the second we drew City in the Champions League.




    Even the rumoured intention of bringing back Denayer would have been in serious doubt.




    I’ve said that I think Brendan will be the manager who breaks our transfer record; someone will be, and I think he’ll do enough to get that kind of latitude. I would still support breaking it for Patrick Roberts.




    But no, I don’t actually think McCarthy is in that class. He would have been expensive, even to bring on loan, and he would have ticked a few boxes … but a marquee signing? Nope.




    Just a very good one.

  5. Magnificentseven on

    That can’t be right, I read on here yesterday that we hadn’t signed anyone and it was a disgrace ;-)

  6. Our most effective result last season was losing to the Hun on penalties. New manager, sell-out ground, Champions League football.




    RES 12 statement, HMRC result on the Big Tax Case, then Liquidation still to come.

  7. West End of East End on

    West End of East End on 1st September 2016 12:26 pm



    Thanks Auldheid for the link to this article, some food for thought on here RE planning ahead and not getting caught up in the SSN ticker tape showpiece





    The paragraph below sums it up for me…


    One of the more curious phenomena of recent windows is it seems to be those supporters whose clubs are most active in the final few hours who are most content. Pre-planning, concluding deals weeks and months ahead of the frenzy earns no admiration in our age of instant, immediate, ceaseless gratification. Forget those who nabbed a bargain in June. It is the chief executive who beats the clock by minutes whose negotiating skills earn most applause.

  8. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Homelessness is a modern day curse.



    We can do something to alleviate the missery or we can spend the money down the pub, the bookies, or on a new pair of boots!



    But what if you already have boots while someone else has no roof?



    Help me help the Celtic Charity Foundation, The Simon Centre, The Invisbles and many more to get some boots and blankets on the ground.




  9. Afternoon Timland from a very hot hun free mountain valley.




    I think we all know that the players you mention wouldn’t be here had BR not been the manager and you quite rightly state that we prob wouldn’t be in the CL without said players.


    If we get down to the brass tacks of things, it shows how flawed our scrimp and save policy has been for the past number of years, yet those who implimented the policy are still drawing huge amounts out of the club.



  10. Paul67


    If this has been our best transfer window in the last 6 years then the last 6 years windows must have been dreadful.


    We have been crying out for a quality holding midfielder since Wanyama left, which was essential for the champions league this season. It was glaring.


    I don’t believe that you really believe what you wrote as your headline.


    It seems almost Level 5esque, but straight from the boardroom at Celtic Park.

  11. “LUBO WHO ” made the Italian fitba journos’ World Cup 1990 Players of The Tournament thing .



    The man from Fitba Pink said — ” two footed , fabulous skill and a scalpel of a football mind .. A true inside forward “

  12. Bit of perspective needed.




    Brendan has consistently praised the board and the owner for the support he has had and said so publicly.




    See ETIMS today for actual quote.




    He was targeting one more player, we didn’t get him for whatever reason. Not one person on this blog knows the reason(s), not one, so all opinions are just that, opinions and supposition.




    We have strengthened in key areas albeit Kolo Toure for me is a stop gap signing for one season so we need to establish a centre half pairing that does not include him for next season.




    Ajer may be the answer in front of the back four, six foot five and showed up really well against Inter Milan, time will tell. Henderson in my opinion is a good ‘un as could Christie be but they need game time to see if they are or not, all of them.




    Time for the management team to get coaching and find a system that works away from home in the Champions League.




    3-5-2 would be my preference in that case but lets see what they decide.




    To copy a by line from the Celtic Blog




    “In Brendan We Trust”

  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Paul – I’m pretty much a happy clapper, but the need for a defensive midfielder has been clear for at least a year. It shouldn’t have been down to the last day.


    If Brendan doesn’t think we need one then that worries me.



    Summer 2011 was a good transfer window (barring Bangura and El Kaddouri) and was subsequently the most profitable the club has had.




    Just saying…






    El Kaddouri was alright. He was a loan deal as a backup for Izzy.



    Did exactly what it said on the tin.

  15. Brown, Bitton and McGregor give me the fear at ECL level. 6 games watching from behind a sofa with that trio playing at the same time – eek.



    The massive hole in there needs addressed with players in the squad now – which means playing new systems and players in new positions to be more secure. I would have prioritised that signing from the get go but can understand why quality is elusive…..

  16. timaloy29



    This is true – we forget his squiggler at Ibrox. Still, the main point was that Wanyama, Matthews, Wilson were signed, and Forster was signed on loan with an option buy at a bargain price.

  17. ‘Celtic will continue to do what they always have done financially – spend all the money that comes in over any business period you care to mention.’









    Since 1888?

  18. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Poor, poor excuses, which nobody is buying.


    Sad that you cant tell the truth.


    All mouth, with nothing to back it up.


    No evidence, nothing.


    Just vile accusations about Celtic supporters…..with no proof.


    Id watch what you are saying….because someone, sooner or later, will pull you on it.


    You are responsible for what you say, like everybody else on the blog.

  19. LAMBERT14:



    To be fair, the last six have been pretty dreadful and underwhelming, albeit the one where we signed Amstrong. Thank God he’s still in the building. I still think we’ve got a top player there.

  20. garygillespieshamstring on




    Don’t want to sound flippant about a very serious issue but when I first scanned your post before reading it, the bit that caught my attention was “someone else has no roof”.


    To my shame, I immediately thought it was a dig at the state of the stands at pounndland.

  21. Finished early; back hame; some vinyl on (Realty Tour Box set); Hunky Dory next.



    Happy days!




  22. As I said TD67



    flower your language and use of it how you like.



    There is no excuse and yes it does say more about you.



    Glad I touched that raw nerve.



    And no I don’t wish any of your soiled nickers sent to me in the post. Another strange thing to ask someone and even stranger that at your age you can’t control your bowel or bladder and/or wear protection to save your embarrassment.




  23. Paul 67



    I would agree with most of that. Nearly half a team of new signings.



    I See Our CL opponents Man City were again the biggest spender. No surprise there, but we still have more first team players than them. We must if possible offload the players who have no future with us.



    Despite the money differential, I expect us to take something from the game at Parkhead and possibly sneak something away.



    Big money signings, doesn’t guarantee automatic success.




  24. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Yeah, those top class businessmen on the PLC….brilliant at their jobs eh.


    Chancers more like.




  25. oneofthe70percent on

    we really had no intention of actually spending any money again ,we were scuppered in this when torino tried to get simounovic on loan rather than stump up a measly 3 million quid,we needed another proper penalty box striker,and a creative central midfielder,our central defence would look threadbare if simunovic had been sold(to preserve pirate pete,s bonus).obviously the board conned thousands to return ,and we are nowhere near good enough for the champions league.i think the dumbass that writes these articles is a board member or a celtic employee

  26. the glorious balance sheet on

    I don’t think that the “Robbie Keane transfer window” can be held up as a success. I think, in the longer term, summer 2010 proved to be a far better transfer window.



    Mulgrew, hooper, izzy, Forster, Ledley all in, Mcgeady out for big money that actually was – shock, horror- largely reinvested in the team.



    we had a massive rebuilding job that summer because of the amount of stop gap loans (Robbie Keane, Kamara, braafheid, nguemo) and utter dross we had accumulated (Rasmussen, hooiveld, fortune) in the previous 12 months including in the “drunken man in the shops at 450pm on Christmas Eve, Robbie Keane transfer window”.



    This last week was a great opportunity to fill a gap in midfield and bring in a longer-term solution for central defence given kolo’s certain absence from next season’s qualifiers. It’s called forward planning, and you do it from a position of strength, such as when you’ve just accumulated 20 million of CL money.



    Factor in Patrick Roberts return to man city and all of a sudden CL qualification next season seems much more difficult than it need be.



    We will likely enter CL qualifiers needing a central defender, a replacement for Roberts and the midfielder Brendan spoke about this past week.



    Bragging about it being the best transfer window in 6 and a half years just highlights the wastage and dross accumulated by the club in recent years.



    A decent transfer window but possibly a missed opportunity that could come back to bite us in the backside next year.

  27. PS.






    The proof is on these pages. You typed it up. Unless of course you have priveledges that allow you to delete post your words are there, logged on Paul67’s server until it goes pop.



    So proof. Yes. It’s readily available. No matter how you flower it!




  28. Hugh Bonkle fae Dallas on

    Nah Sorry Paul 67 not buying it. We, relatively speaking are in a stronger position than at any time in those 6 years. I believe we have a real chance of turnover exceeding £100m this year. We are always told we don’t budget for being in the champions league so this money is over and above the budget. If we always “spend all the money that comes in over any business period” when is this money going to be spent?



    I don’t want the club to spend £30m now but we can all see that there are key areas of the team needing strengthened. It’s all relative and we didn’t deploy our resources as well as we could have. We are used to this by now. I think I dread the transfers windows as much as Peter.

  29. TD67



    A couple of definitions of grooming:



    Oxford Englis Dictionary



    prepare or train (someone) for a particular purpose or activity.



    “star pupils who are groomed for higher things”



    (of a paedophile) prepare (a child) for a meeting, especially via an Internet chat room, with the intention of committing a sexual offence.



    Cambridge English Dictionary



    the criminal activity of becoming friends with a child, especially over the internet, in order to try to persuade the child to have a sexual relationship



    You were either mischievous in using the term or ill-advised. Either way you try and cut it, the implication is there. Can you at least be up front and admit which it was and, in consideration of others in here, refrain from using the term again in acceptance of its vile implication?




    Thank you in advance!





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