Easy and important acts


The events of this week will be scant consolation to the bereaved of Hillsborough, but it is nonetheless important that football paid appropriate respects, as fans and clubs across England did this weekend.

When Celtic offered to host Liverpool for their first game after the tragedy they took a step to demonstrate solidarity with the people of that city.  In presenting a wreath on behalf of the Celtic Movement at Anfield today, Peter Lawwell carried on the spirit of that week.

It’s often the easy acts which are the most important.

Loved the Scottish Cup semi-finals. perfect result-performance combination which allowed Super Salary, Glib and Shameless, Newco and fans of every other club in Scottish football to take something from the first game.

Seville – The Celtic Movement

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  1. Hail, hail from the Holy Land, where it’s a pleasant 12C and rising. Blue skies, a few wispy clouds and a gentle westerly breeze.



    Bethlehem today, before sundown (Pesach tomorrow) …




  2. Bright start here……short week with a long-weekend to look forward to……


    It’s good to be a Tim.




  3. Re pitch width



    Anybody yet know if Sevco have been playing on this narrow pitch this season or only for this match?





    The narrowing of the pitch is a good story,but I think it is wrong to say that it was done only for this match.



    The worn part of the goal-area is still central,and checking the far side of the pitch,their centenary stand,that touch line has not been brought in.



    Obviously the pitch is narrower than it has been in the past,but it doesn’t seem to be a recent thing.

  5. I was on here and on facebook over the weekend condemning Sevco for narrowing the pitch, because it certainly looked that way to me. I am not trying to defend them. Just trying to find out if it has been admitted or denied by Sevco or SFA.

  6. Morning all. Lovely down here at last at the moment. Big, big change from our normal weather. Hope we get a couple of days at least.



    Just wanted to say that I was sorry to hear WC and BRTH were getting grief for their contribution to the CQN Magazine. Please keep up your great work, lhads. I was wondering about whether I could cope with M Johnstone sullying the pages but I reckoned everybody deserves a chance to put their side to things. In that vein, I was wondering if you might invite the Justice Minister to defend his stance on thon game when he was so fulsome in his praise of bigotted hordes. You might also ask why the Policeman (Corrigan?) backed him up. You might then go on to ask our First Minister about those statistics that were so conveniently “destroyed” but are still in fact extant.

  7. Brief visit before Golf, the recent talk on here about soup takers & Legends makes me appreciate all the more my all time favourite Celt, Tommy Burns. What a man, what a Bhoy.

  8. Billy Bhoy 05 on

    I was working at Kishorn and sitting in the bar with two scousers when the news broke about Kenny going to Liverpool.


    The scousers hearts were breaking as Keegan had recently left. I said that KD was twice the player that Keegan was and they didn’t beleive me. It definitely turned out that way and I have often wondered what those two think now.


    I don’t remember Kenny angling for a move and it was a shock when he was transferred for so little: £440k. It took me a long time to get over him leaving and I never ever forgave the board.


    Removing Jinky from the equation Kenny was easily the best Celtic player since the early seventies to the present time. He was much more than a midfielder and he was much more than a striker. He scored many goals and he made twice as many as he scored.


    Souness was right when he said Kenny was right up there with the best such as Platini.

  9. Bmcuw..



    Thanks…that’s what I thought.



    Didn’t know for sure ’cause I never watch them on TV!!!!!!

  10. BMCUW –



    Thanks for that mate. That’s proof enough for me. No way was the pitch narrowed for the semi-final. Saturday was the first time I had watched Sevco, so wasn’t familiar with the pitch before that.





    Saturday was the first I’ve seen them this season.



    I got my local to show it,my sides are still sore.

  12. googybhoy –



    We can act like Huns and make unfounded allegations, or we can be decent enough to say we were wrong. I was wrong to accuse Sevco of narrowing their pitch for the semi.



    I now move on.

  13. bmcuwp….



    I sort of followed it by combination of radio and cqn updates.



    When I got home from being out with the mrs, knowing DU were 3-1 up only then was I prepared to switch on.



    Lots of lol’s then!

  14. The size of pitch question.


    It is so easy for SFA just to say No.


    Unless the answer is, in fact, Yes.

  15. gold coast tom



    08:42 on 14 April, 2014


    googybhoy –



    We can act like Huns and make unfounded allegations, or we can be decent enough to say we were wrong. I was wrong to accuse Sevco of narrowing their pitch for the semi.



    I now move on.






    If it’s any consolation I listened to the match on RS and the pitch def sounded narrower, so don’t be too hard on yourself :))

  16. Its nice to know they didn’t narrow the pitch for the semi.



    They narrowed the pitch much earlier because their players are not very good.



    That my dear friends is much much funnier!!!

  17. I may have been away for a while but some things never change…



    “Dave King has accused the Rangers board of attacking his integrity.”



    That auld glesga humour. Gets me every time. :)

  18. Morrissey the 23rd



    06:48 on 14 April, 2014



    FAC goes to Aberdeen and gets a Section 12 Notice: Day Two




    Top of the morning to you all from a Fife where the sky is blue and a lovely day beckons.



    Thanks for the report back Morrisey 23rd and pity about the small turnout and the Section 12 hassle.



    The sad fact is that most people seem to be resigned to the OB Act and it is doubtful whether or not the SNP government see it as a vote loser.



    Celtic fans seem to be the only ones still protesting, probably because it doesn’t affect other team’s supporters as much as it does us, if at all.



    IF YOU KNOW THE HISTORY. 100 years ago today the newspapers were reporting our nap hand victory over Queens Park with The Sniper getting 2 & “Gyp the Blood” & three of his gang were electrocuted in Sing Sing!







  19. Ha Ha Justafan , was it narrowed for the Aidrieonians Scottish Cup game or the epic Albion Rovers tussle. Oh the ragers (2) are sh1te. King Dave integrity is as solid as an SFA referees honesty. Ask Hugh Dallas. Ma poor face , can it get any funnier. : )

  20. It struck me that, reading kings four questions to the Sevco board, they are very similar to a set of questions posed by Phil a few weeks back, wonder if he will get the same answer as Phil :))



    Maybe the bold G&S liar is a frequent visitor to Phils blog, but he’s surely not Phils mole!!! :))

  21. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    I posted yesterday that the pitch looked the same on Saturday as it did when I watched a bit of a recent match there.



    However, this information obviously didn’t fit in with the blog narrative, as it was ignored.



    It gives less room for visiting teams to avoid the assaults from Black, L.Bowes, et al.





    Although I was pretty sure that it hadn’t been narrowed specifically for that match,I still used it against my hun mates on Saturday.



    As a result,most neutrals in the pub automatically wanted the cheating bassas to lose.



    Never let the facts get in the way of a good wind-up,particularly where the thingmies-TM JHILDAY-are concerned.

  23. myboysnowatim on

    Regarding Ibrokes and the Hun, it’s their minds that are narrow.



    Deathhun 2 can’t come quick enough.

  24. stpatricksbhoy on

    Sannabhoy and 2000 kids say Hail Hail to Pablo’s family


    09:49 on


    14 April, 2014


    TET , sorry to hear about Peter.



    Sannabhoy, I saw TET’s post last week about Peter I knew him form my days in St Michael’s Boys Guild,he was from Brucehill and had a brother Joe.Please keep us posted on him,prayers being said.


    Hail Hail.



  25. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    BMCUW ,



    It’s fair game misinforming the misbegotten, but many on here jumped on it, with much frothing of mouth.

  26. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Good Morning All.






    I don’t think myself or Winning Captains see anyone giving us grief over the magazine.



    Some posters have said that they are not interested in what Pat Nevin has to say or that they disagree with his take on things or are disappointed in what he has subsequently said or done.



    There is nothing wrong in that at all.



    Further, some may not like what Neganon has to say in his alternative CEO article. Some may not like what Neganon posts on here — or rather they disagree with what he posts here. Once again that is their right and prerogative.



    Within any organisation, committee, board, club, group let alone a blog with thousands of readers and hundreds of contributors, you will always get a difference in opinion — which is different to a difference of opinion and which in turn is still very different to anyone giving you grief.



    Winning Captains highlighted some of what we have in the forthcoming issue. It will be a good read but remember that CQN Magazine is still a fledgling voice. Some people in the big outside world are a bit wary when you introduce yourself as being from Celtic Quick News.



    They may not have heard of the magazine– have no idea what its agenda is or if it is going to be run by a shower of crazies who put a slant on everything that suits their agenda.



    So — we have to persuade some people outwith our own wee troupe to give us their time, their point of view ( in so far as they will go in speaking to a bunch of strangers or a single stranger ) and then prove if you like that we will not twist their words or leave any kind of false impression or hidden meaning surrounding what they have said.



    Paul’s watchword has always been not lazy journalism.



    None of us are de facto journalists in the professional sense and so to get anyone to speak to us outwith our own readership or the general wider Celtic support is actually a bit of a coup and a lot of it relies on one’s own– ahem — magnetic personality!!!



    Paul, of course, can and has gotten pelters from folk who support other clubs ( one in particular ) and from sections of our own support for supposedly being too close to PL.



    One of the reasons that Neganon is ” being given a platform” is so that people who disagree with some board decisions can in fact air their alternative views and the rest of us can ask questions of that view, test it, ask if it is reasonable or practical and then decide if he has a point.



    Last night the question was asked if the piece was edited?



    If that means edited as in sanitised or changed then the answer has to be no. There is no point asking for someone’s considered opinion and suggestions if you are simply going to change them.



    Within the magazine there is a place for dissenting opinion, for bio pieces, match reports, stories, interviews, accounts of past matches and so on — I personally believe that we should do some features on other sports as other sports are also of interest to Celtic fans.



    In the issue after this one, I would hope to have some interesting comments and information regarding matters which are not about football, should not be related to football but sadly are in this country.



    As you will gather, we now work on and prepare work for the magazine that is two issues out — with lots of things being done way in advance. That is the only way that the magazine can get better, be sharper, gain more access to folk in the public eye and just as importantly gain access to fans and others who are not in the public eye at all but who are interesting or doing something interesting– whilst all the time following the issues surrounding the team and the club.



    Sports reporting and writing in this country is not the best ( euphemism anyone? ) and while there are good journalists and writers in the mainstream press as often as not they seem distracted and sidelined by editors who want to follow a certain agenda and a certain type of journalism — lazy and more ( Craig Whyte is a Billionaire- Dave King’s tax problems are over — Martin O’Neill only had a year’s rolling contract — The Big Tax Case in it’s entirety– and so on ).



    In our own small way we aim to be different to that — and that means lots of different opinions on what we should be doing, who we should be speaking to and what about — and of course we try to do all that in between earning a living and holding down real jobs.



    So — I don’t see and definitely don’t feel that anyone is giving me or us grief — far from it. Further, when you decide to interview the likes of PN or anyone else controversial you know that some people will disagree with that or not like it — that is no more than the barometer of public opinion. I would be worried if everyone agreed with our stance on all things ( bearing in mind that “our” stance is one which might not be privately unanimous in every aspect ) and part of the great advantage of this blog is that there are people with all sorts of knowledge and experience who can and will turn round to other posters and say ” Did you know that… ?” or ” Sorry I don’t agree with that because…..” or have some knowledge that can change your perception.



    The Amsterdam incident is one such example where we were able to report on the steps taken by the Amsterdam Mayor in terms of the law. No one in the MSM even mentioned that until we did. To this day certain papers have never reported it and of course there is very little coverage as to what actually happened in the end to the Amsterdam 6!



    There is a good question — just what happened to the guys that were due to go back to Amsterdam and stand trial, and whatever happened to the appeal of the two that were convicted?



    I wonder if the Dailly Record know? And if they do know — why have they not told anyone?

  27. There are people on here saying they are pretty sure the pitch wasn’t narrowed on Saturday so we should move on from that line of attack



    However that assumes that we deal with the facts



    That is a very dangerous precedent and should be avoided at all costs



    This is a blog, not the BBC.



    We deal in rumour and speculation and make our judgments based on those, and that’s the way it should stay



    Those trying to peddle a truth based agenda on here are ruinous subversionists and should be excluded from the site



    When you realise both teams were forced to play a 2-2-2-2-2 formation on saturday tells you how narrow the pitch was



    That’s all the evidence i need