Easy and important acts


The events of this week will be scant consolation to the bereaved of Hillsborough, but it is nonetheless important that football paid appropriate respects, as fans and clubs across England did this weekend.

When Celtic offered to host Liverpool for their first game after the tragedy they took a step to demonstrate solidarity with the people of that city.  In presenting a wreath on behalf of the Celtic Movement at Anfield today, Peter Lawwell carried on the spirit of that week.

It’s often the easy acts which are the most important.

Loved the Scottish Cup semi-finals. perfect result-performance combination which allowed Super Salary, Glib and Shameless, Newco and fans of every other club in Scottish football to take something from the first game.

Seville – The Celtic Movement

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  1. *THE KING VIC 67* on

    jonny the tim- do you have a link to “falling masonry”?



    Thanks in advance

  2. Parkheadcumsalford



    17:15 on 13 April, 2014



    I’d imagine most Celtic fans will be hoping for a Dundee United victory.

  3. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    ernie lynch


    17:12 on


    13 April, 2014


    thomthethim for Oscar OK



    17:09 on 13 April, 2014



    I thought that was going to be the joke about working for Cunard.





    If my experience of the set up on the QE2 is anything to go by, then no one worked for Cunard!

  4. I was at that game and in the old coo shed, as there was only one exit at the Celtic end I was still there when people were dieing.



    About 3 weeks later there was a benefit match between a Celtics/deid club select and Scotland, the former was managed by waddell. It was supposed to be 5 us, 5 them and George Best.



    However the following appeared that night:



    Bonetti (Chelsea) Jardine Greig Murdoch McNeill Smith Henderson Hughes Charlton (Man U) Johnston Best (Man U).



    Scotland chose Cruikshank Hay Gemmell Stanton McKinnon (Craig) Moncur Lorimer (T McLean) Gemmill Stein O’Hare Cooke.



    As it was they still had their 5 plus 2 in the Scotland side while we had 5 in total.



    During the game which was arranged for the benefit of their supporters the chant of “Gemmell is a bassa” could be heard and it wisnae wee Archie they were chanting it at.

  5. For a bit of fun I looked at a hun forum, The Bears Den, as someone mentioned it on here a couple of days ago. Reading it shows the difference between them and us. About 95% of the posts would be deleted on here as unnecessary abuse of their Queens language. I can’t access FF as I was banned sine die after the Queen Mother died but I have grown up a bit since then but still I am denied the entertainment.

  6. thomthethim for Oscar OK





    17:01 on



    13 April, 2014








    I never knew anything either, until I picked up my wife, on her way home from work.



    “that was awful”, she said.



    I thought she was referring to the last kick of the ball equaliser.



    *I was the same, got hame and Mrs. TT and the weans wear at her mother’s in Dumbarton. Phone went and it was my da going on about the tragedy, Aye I know I said imagine scoring in injury time, thought he was going to go through the phone at me.



    Went up tae a local hun pub and their worst fears had come true as I walked in. They then knew it was at their end.

  7. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Your memory is better than mine.



    What was the Us/Them Select that played at Hampden on a Friday night, but was abandoned, due to fog?

  8. iPaddy McCourt Supports Wee Oscar on

    Pleased to see Liverpool win the big game today, always had a soft spot for them. Rodgers seems a really good guy and has them playing some outstanding football. Would be great to see them go on and clinch the title

  9. McCoist felt he could take some small positives from the game despite an overwhelming feeling of bitter disappointment.



    “I thought we were the better team for the majority of the game but poor decisions cost us,” he said.



    “I thought we slit our own throat with the goals we lost and our level of finishing wasn’t what it should be.





    Eh…. Slit your own throats, yet I don’t recall any blood squirting all over the show as arteries were severed, is what I thought to myself….Then it hit me! Zombies don’t bleed.



    So was this another poor attempt of Sally McMoist trying to steal Dundee United’s thunder with his public admittance to being Zombies or was it just another example of whats so commonly known in Scotland as “The Honest Mistake” on the part of the doomed one?




  10. thomthethim for Oscar OK





    17:28 on



    13 April, 2014








    Your memory is better than mine.



    What was the Us/Them Select that played at Hampden on a Friday night, but was abandoned, due to fog?



    *can’t recall this one

  11. Stringer Bell on

    thomthethim for oscar ok



    17:09 on 13 April, 2014


    I got injured working on the QE2 and was off work for thirteen weeks.






    What the hell were you doing to Auld Betty to get so hurt? She is a only a wee wummin after all……..!

  12. Jack Regan @ 17:27


    “I can’t access FF as I was banned sine die after the Queen Mother died”



    I can’t access FF as I was banned sine die after complaining about an anti-Catholic remark made by “superloyal” – the remark was removed and I was barred simultaneously.

  13. Posted last week.



    Conduct of THEM in lead up to and during game itself would never have survived courtroom scrutiny.

  14. Count down to administration for Sevco.


    I’m still saying admin in April.


    We should run a sweep.

  15. Now that the semi finals of the Scottish Cup are out of the way, it is worth noting that the two games should have been played elsewhere. Yesterday’s match between Glasgow and Dundee clubs should have been staged in Edinburgh and today’s match between clubs from Aberdeen and Perth should have been played in Dundee. This would have ensured no home advantage was available to any club and that the traveling involved, especially for Aberdeen fans, was reduced. These venues would have been common sense choices when the semi finalists became know.



    In their haste to help Sevco the SFA once again put fairness on the back burner.

  16. BRTH


    Actually an explanation is necessary.


    Please tell me you did not wear those red boots.

  17. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Ha Gordon



    yes I have worn those red boots — quite often wear them to business meetings too!






    The table did not come from M&S lol

  18. Ernie Lynch @ 17.19.



    Just read that Falling Masonry article, very interesting. Sheriff Irvine Smith was a real character. Hated Neds. Jailed one for three months and the reply was, ” Ah’ll dae that staunin on ma heid”, to which the bold Sheriff said, ” Well here’s another three months to get you back on your feet”.

  19. squire danaher on

    jack regan



    Think you may have your Sheriff Smiths mixed up



    I think you are thinking of Sheriff David Smith – ex-Kilmarnock Sheriff Court and “sash” fame

  20. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Jack Regan



    Irvine Smith was a funny wee bugger.



    I have been in his house on Bute quaffing his Whisky in the early hours of the morning when he suddenly starts to play recordings of himself reciting poetry!



    To be fair it was WB Yeats — an incongruous choice of poetry while you are being looked down on by photos of the wee Sheriff and his pal Enoch Powell.



    Irvine is small in stature and he was once standing at the pier with a visiting Procurator Fiscal who was much taller and who sported a large bee hive hairdoo a la Dusty Springfield.



    The lady’s hair was brilliant white — and this prompted a wag to shout from the approaching ferry ” Hey Snow White — where are the other six?”



    Irvine wasn’t best chuffed —- and the guy who made the comment near pee’d himself when he learned that the dwarf concerned was the Sheriff!

  21. What year are Sevco FC waiting for season ticket money to balance the books?



    Are they wanting 2018/19 payments now.



    Hard to keep track.

  22. BRTH


    ‘They seek him here they seek him there


    his clothes are loud but never square


    It will break or make him so he’s got to buy the best


    cause he’s a dedicated follower of fashion’.



  23. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    PF Ayr



    Aye the Red ones are a bit mental — but sometimes you have to do something a bit mental and I do it with boots amongst other things.



    The Green ones are at the back — If I get to the states later in the year I suspect that there will be more mental ones to follow.

  24. Living_in_the_Love_of_the_Commons_People on

    St. Johnstone wins against the mighty Aberdeen.



    More evidence of armageddon…

  25. Living_in_the_Love_of_the_Commons_People on

    Apologies for reporting from previous thread, but this deserves another wee look.









    10:13 on 13 April, 2014


    mornin’ – just reading back…



    Pet Navan and Huge Kevin are not the story – its what causes them to have and hold prominence that is…Especially those that purport to work for a respected national organisation with a contracted responsibility to everyone.



    As a supporter of this Dear Green Place I will trust that our Bhoys chase down the story…..


    …and take it to its conclusion. ( progress on this should be addressed)


    What might clog my gears is if we are seen to be just a


    …..”$h!7 Disturber”…..


    ….we all know that Shortie aint straight ……no story there.


    Substantive proof needs to be forced home and out in the open with the perpetrators brought to book. Finish the job for the good of….all of us.



    If Pet has openly contradicted himself, it might at least be worthwhile asking him the necessary questions as a follow-up. ( who knows, his headphones might have been screwed on to tight, or his apparently brainy napper a tad too big to hear properly…?)



    So, for the avoidance of doubt follow up on Pet, follow up on the backstory and get a result we can all share in – the game is dutched enough, and the pitch has been narrowed for too long.



    ( …and there are very obvious and some sleekit blog bashers who are out to spoil the blog – that’s to be expected in any social medium, they’re not hard to spot)




  26. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Should Sevco go into Administration ……will they be able to get out of it before the start of next season …if not then they would be subject to an automatic points deduction at the start if the season



    Surely , removing all hope of promotion.

  27. Squire Danaher @1754



    Can assure you it was Sheriff Irvine Smith. Glasgow Sheriff Court for years.

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