Eboue breaks signing guidelines


You will remember we track the number of appearances young players make before they sign for Celtic. We have a sweet spot of around 60 games (van Dijk: 62, Wanyama: 51, Dembele: 56).

It typically takes this number of games before a prospect will raise his profile enough to come to our attention, and for subsequent scouting to take place. Consider the process. Before recommending a player to Celtic, one of their in-country scouts will have to see him perform on a number of occasions and tested at a level comparable to the challenges faced by Celtic.

Alternatively, agents will need to produce DVDs to entice some interest. It takes time to differentiate a Kieran Tierney from a one season wonder.

Leave it later, say until around 100 games have been played, and a van Dijk is likely to flicker on radars in England or Germany. Celtic’s chances of acquiring the player would be considerably diminished, as even one season wonders can fetch £8m when an EPL club shows interest. Out of Celtic’s reach, but often still rubbish.

Kouassi Eboue breaks our guidelines. The teenager has made a starting line-up on 16 occasions in senior football plus three as a sub. He was red carded once and subbed off four times, so he’s only played 11 full games. 11 games is not a lot to base a £3m purchase on.

On the plus side, the quality of many of those games is reassuring. Five of his 90 minutes came in the Europa League against Salzburg, Nice and Schalke, so Celtic will have had the chance to see him perform against decent European sides – as an 18-year-old.

There are things I don’t know about this deal, where the recommendation came from being the most significant. I don’t recognise his agent, so not surprisingly it appears we’ve reached beyond the pools we were fishing in under Ronny and Neil. Kouassi also appears to be the agent’s most/only valuable asset. As such, I doubt the initiation came from the agent, or if the player’s profile was raised with anyone outside Russia before Celtic had the preliminaries signed.

Is a season in the Europa League the new sweet spot for a Celtic prospect? Stay tuned.

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  2. Staying up late @ 8.40



    I do remember those columns. McLean talking about his Southside club which was actually Heraghty’s.



    The football coverage post Ian Archer was always headed downhill – Ken Gallacher could have given lessons to Jabba in succulent lamb reporting- but the rest of the paper was good until about 7 or 8 years ago.




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    Dark and wet in old Clydebank



    Sin City Bhoy hope you are well


    A Happy New Year to and the family



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    Thoughts and prayers



    All the best to everyone hope you all have a Happy New Year



    Hail Hail




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  6. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    I’m now off on an official flounce until Feb 6th.



    Take comfort in the knowledge that Kebassi Eboue is 1.858437593802453204987m tall [approx].

  7. JIM PAYNE on 6TH JANUARY 2017 8:54 AM


    I have been away almost 12 years now but the decline of all ‘news’papers has been brought about by the rise of social media and widespread internet use. They actually don’t do news anymore!

  8. JIM PAYNE on 6TH JANUARY 2017 8:54 AM


    Staying up late @ 8.40



    I do remember those columns. McLean talking about his Southside club which was actually Heraghty’s.




    I was in Heraghty’s the other night and Jack was in. My mate said to him “I’m glad your still alive and looking well.” He replied ” Aye, I continue to defy medical science.”




    Brilliant…the Urban Voltaire!!!

  10. South Of Tunis on




    Happy New Year to you and yours .



    While you’re a flouncing , try this –



    Courtney Marie Andrews—Honest Life ( Loose Records ).



    Could be a young Joni Mitchell fronting a shit kicking Southern Soul Band .



    Well worth one of your record token thingies

  11. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Good Morning Bhoys from a wet Central Scotland. I am following the Dembele rumours and I believe Celtic are willing to part with him if the right offer comes in which I believe would be 30 million now wither they will get that or not is down to wither any of the EPL big guns come in for him.However,for Celtic that is a huge amount of money and could be used to strengthen the team so I cannot see them turning down a huge offer. H.H.







    Rarely in Heraghtys,I’ve seen him more often in Rogano’s. And I’ve only been in there twice!



    Rarely in Heraghtys,I’ve seen him more often in Rogano’s. And I’ve only been in there twice!




    A man with impeccable taste!

  14. Dembele on a 5year deal ?



    I don’t believe he will go this window or even the next window if we don’t want him too . End of next season is early enough to accept a big bid.



    We are in good financial position and may have money from van djik sale to come in so we have more than enough money to attract the type of football we want to Scotland.



    Dembele is perfect for Europe and Griffiths perfect for SPL.. keep them happy and we are onto a couple of great seasons.

  15. My friends in Celtic,



    Surely Moussa won’t go. Ffs I have only learned to sing the song correctly.



    However the quandary puts Celtic in a very difficult position if the bid of £20 m is correct. Could any team on the planet outwith a selective few turn down such an offer ?



    I hope the widely quoted bid is full of add ons and further development targets that will make it easier to blank at his time.



    I know Moussa will eventually leave, but let’s hope he leaves after a mutual agreeable timescale.


    He has dreams to make here, and we have songs to sing.




  16. !!Bada Bing!! on 6th January 2017 12:08 am



    Wearing smog masks in the winter going to St Thomas’ Primary Riddrie….about ’68.God i’n old ….






    A Tommy boy AND a firey.



    Good chance you both went to school and served alongside my big bro, Tony, retired as watch b at Calton 3 years ago come May just after his 50th, pally with yon Mr Dickson. The whole family went to St Thomas’. Although Mr McGuinness and Miss McBride were still there when i was going there in the mid to late 80’s. She retired about 86 or 87.



    I’m in Paisley enforcement currently, doing same Civilian role as Tam.



    I mind talking to him about the blog when we started together, said your name and that you were a mate. Lovely fella. I’ve no seen him since Tony’s retiral do.

  17. Dembele ain’t going anywhere til Jan 2018 earliest



    Ideally he’d stay and help us through the 2018/19 UCL qualifiers before moving on to further his career. Best thing for all parties.

  18. Even if WHU have bid £20 million for Dembele why would Celtic cash in 6 months into a 4 year contract when in all likelihood we’d get more than that in 18/24 months

  19. If we sell Moussa now it willbe against Brendan’s wishes as he has stated in interview recently. OK he didn’t state that exactly but basically he is saying he wants to keep him for now and it is would also be in Moussa’s best interest to stay.



    And West Ham? I seriously do not think West Ham is the team that would make Moussa consider or push fora move.



    £30M and I think he will go or £20m offer or more from a top 4 EPL team might sway it for Moussa.




  20. saltires en sevilla on

    SIN CITY BHOY on 6TH JANUARY 2017 12:50 AM






    This will be my fourth conference attendance. After the first visit in 2004, or 2005, can’t remember which, as it was a vague alcoholic haze–> ended up one night out in the desert somewhere with three other loons slurping copious amounts of Jack Daniels and singing songs that would have scorched Lizzie’s ears…




    I don’t participate in the organized events now. I prefer to drift around the periphery mixing with Tims from the four corners of the globe.




    Not to say the big events aren’t great, and if this is your first attendance I’d advise going. It’s all an experience not to be missed.






    Just caught your reply buddy – thanks.



    Seems there will be quite a few CQNErs in Vegas in June 2017.




    Should be a good party and will keep in touch.



    Thanks and HH

  21. Buick Makane



    Possible reasons for selling Dembele this window, rather than in 18/24 months (I think we all ageee he WILL be sold before contract ends)…



    1- his “selling price” can go down as well as up – due to long spell of poor form; long term injury;



    2 – in 18/24 months he will have less time left on his contract, which usually equates to a lower “selling price”.


    He’d need to improve vastly (not guaranteed) for his selling price to rise whilst his contract shortens.



    3 – a tempting offer is ACTUALLY on the table THIS window. There is always a risk of long term injury/ loss of form which could result in NO such offer EVER being offered again.



    4 – Dembele cost £500k only 6 months ago! And we get £20 – £25m profit in 6 months. On paper, that’s great business! ( I know we, as fans, don’t support the team “on paper”; but the. board have a duty to do what is best business for the club. Could they be held accountable if they knock back an offer which MAY never be matched in future?)




    I really would rather we got NO offers this window as I want him to stay.


    However, EVERY player (incl the best) has a price.


    Let’s say, hypothetically, we get an offer for £50m. Could we refuse it?


    Point being, what price would it need to be before we think it’s stupid to refuse?




  22. If we part with Dembele in this windo then we have nothing to laugh at Sevco about – same tarts with a slightly longer skirt.


    It would show where we are in terms of ambition – standing in the gruel que with the other urchins!


    A total disgrace if this happens!

  23. saltires en sevilla on

    Wee Jack in Mickey Joe’s



    What a boy.



    Often gave the LOL mob a firm spanking for their antics at Glasgow Parks, back in the day, they didn’t like him much, that mob.



    Lost count of the times the local feds came into the pub for a wee bit of Barney Baiting… up Jack would step in long black crombie and black felt fedora …fag in the corner of the mouth, wee glass of goldie in one hand and his A5 reporter notepad in the other…



    “Officers… can i just take a few details, maybe a wee question or two?…”



    Sharp Exit!!



    Gales of laughter…



    On the other hand, I remember he had written something that upset a few Liverpool fans and they were digging him up in the pub one Sunday afternoon. It was getting rather tasty and wee Jack did well to talk himself out of a belt on the moof that day. ( it may have been Hillsboro’ related)



    Glad he is still on the go!!

  24. I cant believe this site sometimes, we create the speculation about players, Brendan Rodgers is the man when he says its time it will be time, in my opinion if the plc decide that Moussa is being sold we will also be looking for a manager, so enjoy watching the lad develop he is happy here and has great potential as does Griff. The midfield needs a clear out though.

  25. CD on Kouassi Eboue: “Travelled out (to Dubai) but won’t be doing anything with us until hopefully he gets a work permit organised.”

  26. Moussa talking to Celtic View,



    But after helping to deliver derby delight to the Hoops faithful on Hogmanay, and despite the players having some time off, he was back out on the training field looking to hone his game.


    “I went home to keep training as the season isn’t finishing and I will come back even fitter than before I left – training is what I love to do,” he told the View in an exclusive interview with this week’s Celtic View.


    “It’s been a great year, though it could have been better, and hopefully I can take it into this year. My aims haven’t changed since the first day I came in here – they are to win trophies and keep improving. I am young and I keep improving every day so I can just be better and better.”

  27. Moussa must stay. No ifs, buts or maybes about it. The fans want him to stay, Moussa wants to stay and Brendan wants him to stay. He is staying!



    The smsm want him to leave, the team across the city and their acolytes want him to leave. More good reasons to make sure he stays.




    Oh, ………. (afterthought) ……………….. has anyone asked Wee Griff for his opinion :-))

  28. The speculation about Moussa, and that’s all it is, is good as far as I’m concerned.



    It means we are doing well and the huns are terrified of him.



    Loving every minute so I am!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Call me Gerry


    A risk worth taking imo,as for someone offering £50 million just now then that would be a no brainer


    Where would we be without hypothetical questions eh;))