ECA, Interpol, another day at the office for Scottish football


Pleased to see the Club recognised for CelticLive, the stadium WiFi and content imitative by the European Club Association.  Anything which builds our profile at the ECA is welcome.

Today’s Telegraph assures us Newco Rangers chief executive, Graham Wallace, is set to  leave the club with his plans to raise £4m at a pending share issue still in the balance.  The newspaper further asserts the club is a “toxic brand” and is trying to secure an emergency loan from Newcastle United owner, Mike Ashley.

The club, which informed the Court of Session on Friday that it had only £1.2m cash left, and last night informed the Telegraph it was losing £1m per month, requires vastly more money than the £4m they are struggling to raise in order to finish the season.

Some credit is due to the Daily Record for their splash with photo and leader, “Rangers director Sandy Easdale and a criminal wanted by Interpol tried to negotiate an Ibrox bailout yesterday”.  They are reporting two years after Paul McConville’s blog initially broke the news of said Interpol-interested character, Rafat Rizvi.

Rizvi, who can take refuge in the UK as we don’t have an extradition treaty with Indonesia, is allegedly wanted for corruption, money laundering and banking crime, denies the charges, which he has already been convicted of.  He should fit in quite well.

As we said at the weekend, irrespective of short-term events, the long-term fundamentals remain unchanged.  The only thing to be decided is which of the characters hovering around the carcase will get to pick on the bones.

All credit to Sir David Murray.

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  1. “Kind of a scary thought!”






    Well not really. Not if you are used to it.



    I’ve had to take visas with me for years on family holidays.



    And a good few mastercards too ;)

  2. ernie lynch – it’s very simple.



    At the moment, Standard Life and other financial services firms in Edinburgh handle billions of pounds in pension and investment funds from customers based in England and elsewhere.



    If Scotland leaves the UK, it will not be able to afford to bail out Standard Life in the event of another financial crisis. If RBS had imploded after a Yes vote, it would not have been rescued.



    So all these companies currently entrusting their pension funds to firms like Standard Life will ask themselves, in the event of independence, whether or not it’s worth the risk.



    In a world of freely flowing capital and a world class financial services hub just down the road in London, the answer to that question will be “no, it’s not worth the risk”. Goodbye, thousands of jobs in Edinburgh and all the taxes the SNP were hoping they’d pay.



    If people in Scotland still want to press ahead and vote yes, that’s their choice. But they shouldn’t kid themselves that it will be pain free. The rest of the world still gets a vote in where they put their money. (thumbsup)

  3. PJBhoyNYC:



    If Scotland gained her independence at the cost of stagflation, and as a nation unable to retaliate using conventional interest rates since they’ll be controlled by The Bank of England’s monetary policy committee, do you think that the Scottish Establishment would recourse to higher mortgage rates than those householders in Scotland would expect to see, and would this, in your opinion, force a downward pressure on house prices and a fast lane to negative equity?

  4. I wondering and have been all week, if it’s a yes, why do the yes voters think that England will help them, ie the Bank of England, the English people would be up in arms if they did, if your voting to be free from England, why would they help you? your on yer Todd are you not? And if the Bank of England just say for talking sake did help, your Scottish Pound, will prob. Be worth about €1:00, it’s a disaster, and it’s all going to end in tears IMHO if it’s a yes vote.

  5. Scotland is more likely to see an influx of financial fund managers in the event of a YES vote.


    Non EU based financial companies, US, Asian, Australian mainly, need to have an EU base to trade easily within the EU.


    Since there is a distinct possibility that the remnants of the UK will retreat from the EU, then these companies will have to relocate their London based subsidiaries.


    The simplest places to relocate would be an English speaking location within the EU.


    Dublin, Glasgow, Edinburgh are the most obvious.


    English speaking…….Check


    Existing financial experience ……. Check


    Good communications infrastructure ….. Check


    Educated motivated experienced employees ….. Check


    Add in relocation incentives, a friendly corporate tax structure and the allure of Scotland in US eyes, with their admiration for our history, castles, golf courses and struggles against an oppressive neighbour, and you have a recipe for a friendly financial invasion.


    The Yankees are coming. The Yankees are coming.

  6. Just as I thought we were approaching the end of the all the worn out for and against arguments on the referendum for the 17th time, I go and think up a new issue that hasn’t be addressed yet…



    The issue in mind is of course the EC Regulations 1935/2004 and 2023/2006. Oh yes dear reader, I went there. JAM JARS!



    For those of you who have been living on Mars, these European regulations forbid the use of used jam jars when selling homemade jam at your local village fete. The cost of buying brand new jam jars costs the homemade producers hundreds of pence extra every year.



    Now, if Scotland wins its independence, will the SNP discard these tyrannical regulations drawn up by the Brutes of Brussels and release the jam makers from their shackles? Only to readopt these fascist directives when seeking entry into the EU?



    Westminster has forsaken the homemade jam merchants, will the SNP do likewise in the name of a fairer society??????



    I need this to be answered!



    How will our jam today compare to our jam in independent tomorrow?



    This lack of clarity really grinds my gears.



    It’s enough to make a man move to Norway where such regulations do not enslave the jam industry…..and to take Jo Inge Berget with him!


    See! It was actually a football post about Jo Inge Berget!

  7. b2k


    13:28 on


    10 September, 2014


    It’s fascinating that the naysayers on CQN insist on ignoring the fact that there is a huge swell of support for Yes that has nothing to do with nationalism or the SNP.



    Oh Really?



    It truly is about social justice and taking control over our own destiny.



    With NO control of currency, how does THAT work?



    Many of our friends in England recognise this and some of the best articles about the campaign have indeed come from English newspapers. They are hopeful that what happens in Scotland will open up England to similar movements where people campaign for a better society and don’t follow the current political parties unthinkingly.



    I agree, Will Hutton in the Obeserver on Sunday (I posted it on here) wrote the best article I have read on the debate.



    hope that too and should there be a Yes vote I will most certainly see England as a neighbour with who I’d be happy to be friends with.



    A yes vote will be a disaster.



    I’m assuming the insistence of the No campaign that you must refer to Yes supporters as nats or even racists and make out they don’t like the English stems from some edict from central HQ.



    I have never been anything but polite and engaged in the debate, I am simply a citizen with an opinion, you ARE a nat (nationalist).



    It really is a poor show though and at a time when something so important is being decided, to base an argument on lies and inuendo is kind of sad. #hopenotfear



    How is it a lie to say that if you do not control your currency it is not independence.



    It is not a lie to state that if you vote YES Scotland will be OUT of the EU.



    These are not negatives, these are truths which are being denied and/or glossed over. I cannot believe my people are buying this, it is collective madness.

  8. the pantaloon duck – it’s great to be back on CelticQuackNews (thumbsup)



    gg – I don’t think any major investor or financial services firm has said they’d welcome Scotland leaving the UK, but I salute your indefatigibility. (thumbsup)

  9. I hadnt really noticed before that “no” is such a mean ,nasty ,frightened pathetic word.


    Where-as the word YES is strong ,brave and open-minded and freedom loving.

  10. Davidopoulos



    13:50 on 10 September, 2014



    …The cost of buying brand new jam jars costs the homemade producers hundreds of pence extra every year…



    Discraceful, down with this sort of thing!


    They’ve made a right curd of it!

  11. bamboo – what if somebody asked you “would you like to ride a bike without a seat?” (thumbsup)

  12. Coneybhoy



    13:56 on 10 September, 2014



    Davidopoulos 13.50



    Surely a ‘conserve’ative govt wouldn’t get itself in this jam?





    Government insiders have been hinting at a Downing Street preference for Marmite. Hartleyless monsters.

  13. Dear God.



    The unionists really are in trouble.



    The 3 amigos are dispatched to Scotland and philvisreturns is ordered back to CQN to help out a toiling Ernie Lynch.



    Help ma Boab.

  14. ‘GG



    With independence would Scotland not have to re-apply to join the EU???



    How long could that take, especially if we tried to pick an economic war with any of the existing members?




  15. Glad to see a reminder about Paul McConville. His was a fine blog and he’s sadly missed. I don’t suppose the Record gave any acknowledgement to the source of their background on Rafat Rizvi?

  16. Mon The Hoops!



    13:58 on 10 September, 2014






    13:50 on 10 September, 2014



    …The cost of buying brand new jam jars costs the homemade producers hundreds of pence extra every year…



    Discraceful, down with this sort of thing!


    They’ve made a right curd of it!





    The reach of these incursions into our traditions and way of life is ‘spreading’.

  17. So it turns out that the 3 main parties can, when they see fit, collude in an agreement for a programme for change.



    Not only that but it can be endorsed in weeks, the process can begin in months and a bill can be passed by whoever is next elected.



    Because they see the will of a significant number of people.



    Will there be a three line whip for this wonderful expression of bowing to the will of the people and will that be enough to control the Little Englanders of Westminster?



    They are still very real and very in power when all is said and done.



    Over a million marched in Edinburgh to say NO to war in Iraq.



    More than that marched in London and elsewhere.



    It didny matter. This won’t matter by the next parliament.



    Change the system.

  18. bamboo:



    Edinburgh Judge…



    “Did you do it?”









    Jury Foreman…



    “We find the defendant Not Guilty”

  19. Looking at the current political situation in Eastern Europe, I think Germany in particular is highly dependent on Russian energy supplies, pipes through Ukraine.


    Any disruption in that supply would sorely press the German economy, the power house of the EU.


    An independent Scotland is sitting on a Barra load of oil and gas.


    It would be in Germany’s best interests to secure supplies from a friendly cooperative nation.


    The timetable to ensure Scotland’s membership would be fast tracked especially in the event of London pulling out in 1917.

  20. fieldofdrams



    14:06 on 10 September, 2014



    Is jam jar regulation currently devolved, or does it remain the preserve of the Westminster Govt?





    Preserves? Only when we are in a pickle.

  21. Option 1 in ” Independent Scotland = The Bank of England


    Option 2 in ” Independent Scotland = The European Central Bank


    Option 3 in” Independent Scotland” = Renege on the debt , print a currency and then set up a credit facility with Wonga .



    Option 4 ———–The Yankee Dollar–



    ” Since the Yankee came to Trinidad


    They got the young girls going mad


    Young girls say they treat em nice


    Making Trinidad seem like Paradise ”



    Go down Point Koomahanah


    Both mother and daughter working for the Yankee dollar ” .



    Rum and Coca Cola / Prince Buster CSC————FREEDOM !

  22. Does anyone seriously think that Osborrne has any say in how interest rates are set?


    The technocrats control it.


    Obama has no say on international finance.


    Neither will the next Scottish leader.


    The currency issue is a total red herring.

  23. Philvis – can I be the first to say I’m not that glad to see you back on cqn.



    Having read your last few posts I’ll give you a few days practice before I get stuck in. You seem a bit rusty.



    Congrats on the bambino by the way. Real life is so.much better than the Internet.



    Vote yes

  24. Nat Know



    To pursue a new career and avoid interference in his duties from CO is what I heard second hand but in an honest context.

  25. I’ve let myself be drawn into the YES NO debate.


    I said I wouldn’t since I’m overseas and don’t have a vote.


    I hope this is my final contribution.


    Off out shortly to rehab. Hopefully it will calm my jets.

  26. traditionalist88 on




    Whatever you think of Salmond his name won’t be on the ballot paper next week. Think about that for a minute…

  27. Anyway



    new age nationalists versus overnight economists is bad enough



    now the shoutings started.



    Vote for whoever you like, ma heid is burst. am scunnered wi it.



    Mon the Hoops

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