Echoes of greatness in Imperious Celtic


There are good ways and bad ways to win the League Cup; yesterday was perfect. The atmosphere reminded me of the 1997 final at Ibrox, where a similar result was achieved against Dundee United. That was our first League Cup in 15 years, but there was a more substantial reason to be optimistic then. At that moment, we began to believe that this could be the start of something significant.

Contrast that with the sentiment two seasons later, as we left Hampden having beaten Aberdeen in the same final. We’d won a trophy but celebrations were muted. We were miles behind in the league and that season had splurged significant resources on players who failed to deliver.

Celtic’s performance yesterday was imperious. It was controlled, oozed competence throughout the team and subjugated the second best team in the land with little fuss. Dare we start to believe we are at the start of something significant?

We dare.

The “start” of something significant is an unusual phrase to describe five-in-a-row champions, but having plateaued as merely champions in recent seasons, the Celtic Movement is on the march again.

These are exciting time – enjoy them.

What did you like most about the win yesterday? I’m really pleased at how effective and important our central defenders are becoming. They helped deliver a trophy without the loss of a goal in any round, but, more importantly, Jozo Simunovic and Erik Sviatchenko regularly morph into deep-lying playmakers.

At the opening goal, Simunovic wasn’t so deep-lying. Having carried the ball into the opposition half, he won a tackle 30 yards from goal before feeding Tom Rogic. Can you imagine how disruptive it is for opponents to have to deal with a central defender that high up the field? Who picks him up and what are the subsequent consequences?

Those of you old enough to swoon at the great No. 14 will remember when the world first discovered Total Football. As I watched Scott Brown drop behind his own defensive line to create space for others to move into it all came flooding back. The concept which ‘did for us’ a couple of times in the 70s echoes in what you’re now watching. This is Total Celtic. It’s difficult to get right but if you achieve it, it’s very difficult to play against.

This is why we’ve won a cup without conceding. This is why we plucked a guy from Fulham who appears to have geometrically appreciated in value. This is why a guy who didn’t get a lot of football at Aston Villa last season was given special treatment by Barcelona and Borussia Monchengladbach in the Champions League. This is why Stuart Armstrong and James Forrest are looking like new, better, players. They’re not, they are just working in a vastly better system.



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  1. Don’t get me started on genome splicing.



    If Paddy wants to sign for Celtic, Celtic will smash their transfer record to sign him. We will find out in January, I don’t think he will sign….. I don’t understand that either.



    Brendan is only thinking of Celtic and Celtic only.



    I’m really looking forward to seeing more of our own home grown CL level players making their way into the first team in the New Year.




    Oh I don’t know, average goalie, average defence, very average midfield and uber average strikers and very respectfully average manager:))

  3. mike in toronto on

    so, Pope Francis will be visting Ireland in 2018 …. wonder if he will do like Jay Baruchel in Celtic Soul, and end his pilgrimage at Celtic Park

  4. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Mc.Coist has taken a gamble.



    He has gambled that Sevco do not have the power that RFC2012 had.



    Had he thwarted Oldco, by way of his abstention, he would have been finished, professionally and socially.


    That is the price you pay if you go against the Lodge.



    He obviously is banking on the new mob not being completely on the square.

  5. O the Popes coming over…


    O the Popes coming over….


    That would be an ecumenical matter.



  6. mike in toronto on

    okay … I will throw this out there …. if the Pope attends a Celtic match, then I may have to reconsider my boycott! If it is good enough for him…..




  7. Good evening




    Interesting reading folk on both Leigh Griffiths and Patrick Roberts.



    I can understand Leigh’s frustration at getting so little game time. In the past I can remember Celtic greats such as Stevie Chalmers, Bobby Lennox, Harry Hood and Big Yogi Hughes being out of the team when they had done little wrong and I guess Leigh will just have to bide his time. However having watched Brendan’s Liverpool nearly win the Premiership with 2 strikers playing most weeks I am surprised that we have not seen our two strikers play together more often.



    I thought Patrick was going to have a sensational season before it started. He was brilliant post the semi final fiasco and I had visions of him landing 30 goals by the winter break. Injury early on did not help but at the moment he looks both too slight and not quick enough. I wonder if he might be better playing inside rather than stuck out on the wing where he reminds me a bit of Joe Miller-nice touches but peripheral. Patrick is I think a more talented footballer than wee Joe ever was but he is not any more effective. Hopefully he will come again- he can take inspiration from one of his current team mates.



    After a really wretched display against EK Thistle in which both his play and general demeanour were abysmal I was prepared to almost disown James Forrest but right now that wee player once again looks like the player he looked 5 years ago. Patrick has not sunk to the depths James did 9 months ago but he is going to have to improve a fair bit.




    Anyway I am still happy after yesterday..



    H x 2




  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on







    No harm done Pete.






    Some kid you are , H.T.

  9. As he walked around the pitch and drank in the acclaim of the fans, Rodgers said that it was an honour to share the moment with the Celtic fans – “my people” as he called them.



    He didn’t mean to sound like a messiah in the midst of his disciples, but on that lap of honour, it had the look of it.





    This Tom English is the worst sort of Neymar..



    Insidious little Neymar



    O how they squirm…




  10. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    So why is Salary being targeted by level 5 ?



    The Easdales were not going to vote according to Level 5 due to in being “good money thrown after bad” but they voted against King



    Malcolm Murray voted against King



    Both of the above parties have more shares than Salary (I think)



    If I remember right 5% of the Blue Pitch holdings/Margheritha were suspended so they didn´t vote … or can they now that it is not listed ?



    But how did the cardihun vote and why is this not be publicised ?



    The SMSM are now torn between Level 5 and loyalty their former masters voice moonbeams. Now that no MIM brown bags are being dished oot. I expect level 5 to win this one. Does this mean we are about to see some succulent harm dished out to salary ? let´s hope so @JimWhite



    I have been told to expect that this weeks court case by Ashley against King is Ashley actually doing a favour for Puma



    And with the huns up against the baby huns twice this week it´s going to be a schadenfreude week for sure.




  11. Petec.


    Fair play to you.


    Big enough to apologise. Show me any mortal who hasn’t made a mistake and I will show you a liar, and I’ve made plenty.


    Well done.


    I hope that doesn’t sound patronising in any way as its not meant to be.


    Hail Hail.

  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Early Morn. Oz.


    Trolling thro` the ” kids homework. ”


    Ready to correct the politically incorrect ( A major task ) .


    Stimulated to find more info. on Bertie`s indiscretions and came across this from Birmingham City site.






    Re: Bertie Aulds ”best moments”


    Postby muffin » Fri Oct 28, 2011 6:55 pm



    Mekon wrote:


    I was going to put this on the ‘’Best Moment’’ thread, but I altered its content as I need some clarification on the incident below, and I don’t want to be accused of hijacking, but admin should put it where they like.


    Well, best moments may have differing connotations. I don’t know about an absolute footballing best, but for the most memorable – and I remember it like yesterday, I’ll go for Bertie Auld laying out the Fulham pair Johnny Haynes (the England ball playing Brylcream boy and the London press favourite) and a centre forward called Cook. After seeing Haynes get done, Cook came over with aggressive intent. Bertie Auld just leant over and planted a Glasgow Kiss. Both Fulham players dropped like drunken sandbags! Never seen anything like it before or since… Wasn’t a ‘’best moment’’ in footballing terms – but those in attendance will certainly remember it – Auld was sent off and Haynes stretchered off. It brought the baying house down, and we all loved it!!!


    It was ‘proper’ football in them days, with the ball flying about in the 6 yard box, lots of ooh’s and aah’s and the crowd swaying forward several yards like a human tide before amazingly returning to its original position, like those bottles you can’t knock over. Technically it was crap, but more exciting! Now you can see games being played out to some mathematical formula – and the ball hardly enters the box at all, what a bore! Most of you out there will never know what you missed!!!


    PS. And the clarification is: Are my recollections of that day correct – or is my memory not as good as I thought. What put Haynes down? A left, a right, or the nut, and WAS Cook the other player involved? It seems there are differing recollections of what happened…


    Anyone out there know for sure? I need such for my grandsons Blue’s folklore……… :twisted: :uk





    Our Bertie was a bit of a case and loved for it!



    After he left Blues he won a Europen Cup medal with Celtic (where he was moved by Jock Stein from traditional left winger to an inside left (CM in today’s jargon) and I remember cheering him every step of the way – especially the final in Lisbon.



    He certainly laid out Haynes who went down like a sack of spuds – I think it was a left hook but my memory may be playing tricks – and nutted another player who I think remained on his feet but was wandering around like he was on a different planet.



    Bertie was always good entertainment (not that I am condoning mindless violence of course).



    I also remember other Bertie ‘moments’ – such as him waiting for a team mate to come and support a short corner. When no one appeared he simply kicked the ball out for a goal kick and gave them the verbals! Loved the geezer!!!





    Posts: 618


    Joined: Sat Oct 01, 2011 7:21 pm

  13. mike in toronto on

    Help needed ….



    just loaded this week’s LMS schedule into my computer program … normally, it takes about 3 days to run all the various permutations before selecting my choice …. this time, because of the limited choices available, I suspect that it will take less time ….



    However, in the meanwhile, I figured that I would have a bit of fun, and try to decide using good old-fashioned brain power …. but I am not adverse to taking advice …. so, fire away!



    so, my available games seem to be



    St. J v ICT …. I cant select St. J … who would seem to be the heavy favourite …. but their home form has not been great anyways … but neither is St. J’s away form …. so may give this one a miss



    A surprise may be had with Bournemouth v. Liverpool …. I always liked Boruc,but not sure if he will be playing. if he does make it …., and Liverpool may be a bit discombobulated without Coutinho …. maybe a sneaky draw?



    Otherwise, it is



    Hamilton v. Partick … home record okay … but draw speciaiists v. partick who are not great away … so a tough call



    Killie who have been poor at home v. Dundee (wildly inconsistent) …. tough one to call as well



    Thoughts? Advice welcome!

  14. mike in toronto on

    Dessy … I think we have both picked Pool, so neither of us can pick them again … but I think we could select a draw.

  15. MIke In Toronto,



    And to add to the spice I already know who the other remaining stander has chosen ;-) So when you do decide, make sure you’re confident enought to commit it to email, cos there’s no changing your mind!

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