Edinburgh twice in a week, tough fixtures loom for Celtic


I wanted a home draw but while Hibs deservedly beat Celtic in December, the fortunes of both teams have moved in opposite directions since then.  We know the challenge at Easter Road and should be prepared for it.

News that the three teams competing for second spot in the league are also competing for the same place in the semi-finals is welcome.  We knew they would take points off each other in recent weeks, and they did.  They will weaken each other’s title challenge with the focus which will inevitably fall on these cup games.

The one concern I have is that this game against Hibs will be our second visit to Edinburgh that week; we are at Tynecastle the previous Wednesday, scene of another defeat this season.  Before then, we are at Kilmarnock and face Valencia twice.  It is a good job we have players returning from injury.

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  1. Hi Paul67,



    Yes, I’m not sure what’s going on over at Easter Rd but it’s not good…



    We are playing some sublime football



    But, our home form was never a doubt, we need to be playing the same football away.



    Interesting article posted by AULDHEID @ 12:40 AM,



    The demise of Sky and its effect on EPL wages has often been predicted but this article carries indications it might actually happen.






    Hail Hail

  2. Cannot see the demise of the EPL anytime soon. Digital Streaming may be the future but that seems a generation away yet. Demand for tickets for most matches is still phenomenal too even in light of extortionate ticket prices and that adds to the idea it’s a must watch. Personally I’m a bit turned off by the whole thing but I’ve still got Sky and I still watch most games when they’re on. Instead of waiting for the bust maybe folk need to realise it’s just a really well run business.

  3. FRIESDORFER on 12TH FEBRUARY 2019 9:02 AM



    16 Roads,



    Valencia game is on Thursday J…! But I hope your sentiments prove to be the case. Hope you are well.









    Not too bad thanks A lhad.



    Couldn’t get the day right, but very confident my prediction shall be the correct one.



    Enjoy the game mo chara.



    HH. ?

  4. What is the Stars on

    Before Sky


    Muddy pitches


    Squashed like sardines on terracing






    Hooligans causing mayhem inside and outside of grounds ( inside safe now but outside still a problem)



    So yes ….


    lets go back to the good old days

  5. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on

    Greetings from Costa Rica. Does anyone know of a friendly watering hole in San Jose where I could watch tomorrow’s game?

  6. WITS


    If you want your point to be taken seriosly, you musn`t pick just the good points from pre-SKY.




  7. ….and if I want mine to be taken seriously, I should spell `seriously` correctly.




    David 17


    I think you are missing the point.


    That world class product is not good for football in terms of an even playing field.




  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “We know the challenge at Easter Road and should be prepared for it.”




    Not really, Paul. They will have a new manager in by then and we will be facing something different.


    Also they will see the cup is their chance to salvage something from a disappointing season.


    A very tricky tie I would say.

  9. HOT SMOKED on 12TH FEBRUARY 2019 1:02 PM



    It’s been good for Celtic and many other Clubs that have had a slice of the pie or many millions of pounds if you put it that way. It’s also driven up standards in sports science, facilities and conditions, many of which we as a Club have replicated and implemented. The custodians of the game in England have done a lot better at improving their product than their counterparts up here. I totally get that many players and coaches are overpaid but my point was that i don’t think it will go bust any time soon.

  10. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on

    Bognor, the wife plans major trips from time to time working our way around countries on local buses and staying in b& bs. We landed in Panama just before Papa Francisco and are now in Costa Rica. Mexico follows.

  11. What is the Stars on

    Hot Smoked



    Of course the down side is that the rich clubs get richer and those outside of the “fat cats club” find it hard to compete

  12. Ask yourself WHY Sky got the monopoly in this country? Remember squarials? What happened to them?


    Also, when you go away on holiday every bar seems to have umpteen boxes underneath their Tele’s, do you think they’re paying for all of them? We asked one bar owner in Lanzarote how much, he just laughed. yet we pay through the nose, and any bar found streaming illegally over here is hit with a massive fine.

  13. David


    Good points and I share your opinion that it won`t go bust anytime soon.


    Cheerio for now,




  14. The Level of punditry on Sky is remarkably poor, there is a paucity of sentient characters and insight into the game. I like Jeff Stelling when I hear him. The rest o’ thum are mediocre and their commentary akin to that ye’d hear in most pubs of a weekend. The Scots ones are good examples…………a bit like, the Francie an’ Josie…. Cow and Cos…duo, but with better travelling expenses…………..


    The technology taken to point a big camera at a football park and hit record hasn’t exactly changed much.



    Charlie Is The New Fat Ron. CSC

  15. Sorry to keep banging on about it but the camera work at the games on that Netflix Sunderland documentary is brilliant and much better than any Sky coverage I’ve ever seen.

  16. And while it may not go pop in the short term, the model will be broken and a better product will present itself.


    We love our football and our football teams, we don’t love Sky. Thankfully.



    Even the movie choices are rank!

  17. The Sky Pundits and commentators who are ex players are very poor in my opinion. They turn up in front of the camera for which they are unprepared. Souness for example doesn’t know any background of the players and teams he is commenting on. Comments about the “Number 9” are commonplace.



    Garry Neville was the exception but he is not often on now



    With the amount of money they get paid, then you would expect them to prepare for the job. Learning players names, checking their CV’s and looking at previous matches but it’s obvious that they don’t bother

  18. POR CIERTO on 12TH FEBRUARY 2019 12:05 PM







    The first Cup Final I can remember attending was the Jock Stein Dunfermline one, which went to a replay and Dennis Connachan (?) who had the game of his life to beat us.







    JOE CUNDY on 12TH FEBRUARY 2019 10:49 AM



    This was my first game as well. My second game was the replay :((



    First Game, just me and my Dad, Enclosure in front of the main stand at the Celtic End. Replay North Stand with my Dad and 2 older sisters por cierto.

  19. The Sunderland Till I Die is an excellent documentary. I’ve also watched all those American Football ones as well. There is a couple of series about up and coming high school QB’s trying to make their way to college football, worth a watch too, por cierto

  20. I don’t think the Sky chaps are paid as much as some think, and the grunts who go round the grounds even less…………..The faces will be on some retainer, but will be made aware at contract negotiation time that each and every one of them can and could be replaced withooot too much issue.



    I’m not tunin’ in to watch Phil”Tommo” Thompson or Souey the taciturn Thunderbirds “puppet”…..I’m just tryin’ to get the game………anywhere and from whoever…………often a dodgy sausage from Karachi with the sound turned doon is a better alternative.

  21. Huddersfield














    Crystal palace






    In my opinion there are too many inconsequential clubs in the Epl To make the EPl the top league that some people believe it is.


    I don’t beleive it is a great product.


    Too many pointless games.

  22. Capitalism in general and SKY tv in particular aided the killing original Rainjurz, it helped force them down the EBT road to ruin, in their fraudulent pursuit of ” players they couldn’t otherwise have afforded ” © Minty Moonbeams. All part of the Champions League nights, floating pitches and casinos we were made to endure for years, whilst we were having our pants cheated off in backwater Scotland.



    Scotland and the SPL where SKY tolerate rather than triumph Celtic’s unshiftable dominance at every conceivable point, the leaders off, of the TV companies with BBC and the rest trailing in their wake, in the ‘anybody but Celtic’ legions.



    BT Sport was a breath of fresh air and at least mounted a challenge to an empire that changed football forever


    in 1989, no money for SKY to make from Scottish football, so we get paid less than Gary Neville.



    How does that work? CSC

  23. DAVID17


    The emergence of young talent like Sancho at Dortmund is a good example of how Sky’s cash infusion helped the English prepare for the future.


    Their centre of excellence is proving to be a sound investment as their under 17s and 20s have been very successful in international tournaments.


    The fact that Bayern tried to buy an unproven Chelsea youth product for over 30 million speaks volumes.


    The fact that many English youngsters are being looked at by European teams has given them a pathway to the top that was being denied by the EPL’s purchasing of foreign superstars.


    It bodes well for their international team.


    And if Brexit changes the make up of EPL teams due to permit issues there are plenty young talented players to fill the void.


    The English authorities used some of that money wisely.


    If Scotland had received a decent financial windfall from tv it would only have been gobbled up by the self serving blazers who have resisted any attempt to drag Scottish football into the present.


    The Icelandic model would be a good start as country with similar climate and small population.


    I find it an damning indictment on Scottish society and politicians that these charlatans have been allowed to preside over forty years of terminal decline in our national sport.

  24. I’m generally a glass half full kind of guy, but I would be careful of writing off Valencia, they are no mugs that’s for sure. if we and I hope we do obviously, beat them , then hopefully we can hold out when we play the return leg.


    Always hopeful.


    There’s a nice wee ditty my mate in Spain used to sing, VA Lencia, put your head between your knees and kiss your Barcelona, very infantile I know, but it made me laugh.




  25. FAN-A -TIC


    Hear hear, BUT, we keep on moaning and moaning about it and do absolutely nothing. As once said, for evil to succeed all it takes is for the good people to do nothing, or something like that, sure you get my drift.




  26. WESTCRAIGS on 12TH FEBRUARY 2019 2:02 PM


    Bang on, although I’d omit Leicester and Southampton from the list.

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